Peace-trails offers journeys, pilgrimages, workshops, concerts, events. online sound focused meditations and programs designed to reconnect us more deeply with the natural world, the cosmos, the Earth and with our Self 

Through sound and attunement we refine our listening beyond the realms of the 5 senses, feel the interconnectedness of all of life and live in the spirit of collaboration

Sound – Weaving    What is it?

‘… This is way beyond what I’ve ever experienced… There are no words to describe it..’


‘I feel more connected with my true self, like I am awakening from a deep sleep


One to One Mentoring and  Sound Healing

‘Within minutes of my time with Gabriella I opened my voice, heart and body


 Global Online Focused Sound Weaving Gatherings / Meditations

It was such an experience I find it hard to describe to friends, it just has to be experienced! Thank you both so much for sharing your creations. I am very familiar with gong baths which I find very cleansing and healing…but this was yet a further journey!


Upcoming programs and events 


 Wednesday 21st September 8pm BST global online sound weaving 
An online focused meditation gathering with sound weaving

At the time of light and dark being equal can we dance with polarities as creative forces?

‘Can we  invite chaos as a friend for creation, that we can actively invite to assist new organisation to arise?


Can we be the potent sovereign creator principle co-creating with both chaos and organization  to continually empower the emergence of what is becoming possible and hasn’t been before -inviting coherence and possibility for co-creating the seeds for a future with the Earth beyond what we can imagine now?
for more information and to register go hereglobal online sound weaving gatherings or register:     Email: gabriellasongbird@peace-trails.com

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Welcome to the peace-trails of the Songbird

weaving a Care-First World of Love


through sound and song, vibration and frequencies of Source, Healing and  Wholeness, Peace and Joy, Harmony and Beauty in co-creation  with the Family of Life on Earth and beyond.