Peace-trails offers journeys, pilgrimages, workshops, concerts, events and programs designed to reconnect us more deeply with the natural world and with our inner nature

Through sound and attunement we refine our listening beyond the realms of the 5 senses, feel the interconnectedness of all of life and live in the spirit of collaboration



‘I feel more connected with my true self, like I am awakening from a deep sleep

One to One Mentoring and  Sound Healing

‘Within minutes of my time with Gabriella I opened my voice, heart and body


Upcoming programs and events 

This month:

25th June 2015  7.30pm: Sound Weaving in Concert with All of Life
in the Roundhouse, the Chestnuts, Whepstead, Bery St Edmunds, Suffolk

26th – 28th June    ’Craft your own SingingBowl as an Alchemical Process’ 
 Firing of The Hearth  The  Forge @ Whepsted Suffolk  


Welcome to the peace-trails of the Songbird

weaving a Care-First World of Love

through sound and song, vibration and frequencies of Source, Healing and  Wholeness, Peace and Joy, Harmony and Beauty in co-creation  with the Family of Life on Earth and beyond.