Peace-trails offers journeys, pilgrimages, workshops, concerts, events. online sound focused meditations and programs designed to reconnect us more deeply with the natural world, the cosmos, the Earth and with our Self 

Through sound and attunement we refine our listening beyond the realms of the 5 senses, feel the interconnectedness of all of life and live in the spirit of collaboration

Sound – Weaving    What is it?

‘… This is way beyond what I’ve ever experienced… There are no words to describe it..’


‘I feel more connected with my true self, like I am awakening from a deep sleep


One to One Mentoring and  Sound Healing

‘Within minutes of my time with Gabriella I opened my voice, heart and body


 Global Online Focused Sound Weaving Gatherings / Meditations

It was such an experience I find it hard to describe to friends, it just has to be experienced! Thank you both so much for sharing your creations. I am very familiar with gong baths which I find very cleansing and healing…but this was yet a further journey!


Upcoming programs and events 


21st December 2016 5.45pm -8pm

A Solstice gathering

At:The Ilkley Healing Centre
8 Nelson RoadIlkleyWest YorkshireLS29 8HN

A Celebration and Ceremony with Sound Weaving
creating a vibrational field of new possibilities.

The points of the Solstices and Equinoxes are precise times of astronomical alignment, where all of nature experiences a shift and change of direction.

We would like to invite you to join our energies to make use of this cosmic momentum to direct and invoke new possibilities for the Earth, for humanity and all beings of Earth?

What seeds of creation lie ready to be activated at this time of the longest night?
Who would like to gather with us for the marking of the festival?

contribution £12 / £8 (unwaged) , children free

please RSVP if you wish to join us as spaces are limited


1st January 2017 5pm UK Time worldwide online with Gabriella and Heather

This year we’d love to invite you to join us by our cyber fireplace and in our Zoom Room as we share the writing of a letter and coming into the space of communion and gratitude with the Nature Beings of the Earth and Cosmos who would like to contribute to the year ahead.

Through a Sound Weaving we invite the sound vibrations to build a morphic field that facilitates our greatest dreams – communion with a sustainable living Earth.

for more details see:  http://peace-trails.com/events-calendar/global-online-sound-weaving-gatherings

For more events both online, live in the UK and in other countries see here:

Calendar of events






Welcome to the peace-trails of the Songbird

weaving a Care-First World of Love


through sound and song, vibration and frequencies of Source, Healing and  Wholeness, Peace and Joy, Harmony and Beauty in co-creation  with the Family of Life on Earth and beyond.