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Lets re-discover our capacities of magic

Re-energize and re-discover your extra -ordinary Capacities

I invite you to a magical exploration:

What are the magical abilities and capacities we all knew as little children that we have buried and forgotten, that if we were to retrieve and remember them could make a huge difference to what we could change and create as this reality?

Can we be alchemists with molecules?
Can we be magicians affecting and creating reality?
Can we co-create with the intelligence of the elements way beyond what we thought possible?

What could we create together?

With everything that is happening all around the world I would like to energise what we can be as vibrational alchemists who can create in collaboration with Nature, the Earth, the Elements and the quantum entanglements of the Universe for the greatest good of the planet and the whole.  


I have been co-creating vibrational morphic fields of possibility through sound and vibration with individuals and groups over many years and through last years study we really noticed how much we can change and create through being the question, following the energy and creating the vibrational field of possibility.

With the help of 2 friends I recently remembered myself as a child knowing that we had capacities way beyond what we commonly are using at this time – in my inner playground we were able to change matter, levitate and fly, co-create with the consciousness of nature – changing the very nature of matter and molecules to create more with the Earth and with what is here.

Does this sound familiar to you?

In my inner playground of creation and exploration it was about creating more with the amazing plentitude of what is here on this wonderful planet – out-creating rather than fighting any destructive forces.
We created more beauty, more joy, more collaboration, more possibility and consciousness using creativity for greater collaboration, more amazing fine-tuning of  what is here.
We brought life into desertified land, we levitated rocks and materials to build and shape space, building shelters with the consciousness of the materials and the space itself. We were in communion with wind, rain, earth, sky and sea -using our extra-ordinary  capacities for the good of the whole including ourselves and the earth and intelligences from beyond the Earth.
And so much more….. !!!
I wonder what it is you might be able to remember and access of your own knowing and magical capacities?
Who are we really? Beyond the mask of the small self?

I realised that my greatest gift for now is to be the space of that inner playground of knowing and exploration and invite you all to join me in rediscovering our capacities.

Can we be the alchemists with the molecules in co-creation with all the forces of nature through vibrational alignment following the language of energy?

And can we be the questions that open the doors for new possibilities.

Who would like to join me?


What: A large group of us started with 7 days of exploration in October 2017 –
each day for 7 days had questions to guide the exploration and a sound vibrational field to work with, experiment with new ways of being and explore how we can be alchemists of consciousness and matter.

Making use of my magical capacities to create sound vibrational fields from my playground capacities allowed everyone to access their own inner playground and discover the gifts and capacities that are ready to be rediscovered to contribute to the world and to their lives at this time.

If you were not part of our 7 days in October but would like to catch up and join this exploration, I have made this experience available as a 7 part course taken in your own time:

Here is the link to get access to the 7 day course.  re-discover-your…inary-capacities



In January 2018 we will continue this journey of uncovering our capacities for a longer period of time:

I invite you to

7 weeks to deepen our exploration into uncovering our extraordinary – becoming ordinary and/or magical Capacities

beginning: 7th January 2018 – until the end of February 2018

A similar but little more elaborate format as in the 7 day exploration, the weekly sound weaving would be a little longer – about 20 mins – with a question/ theme or enquiry to be with for 7 days – the sound weaving facilitating a question or enquiry that we all explore and be with for a week.

With two live zoom calls, in which we share and explore questions and experiences,
one close to the beginning of the 7 weeks Sunday15th January2018 and one towards the end of the 7 weeks – sunday 18th February2018

A facebook group where we share and build the energy.
and some surprise bonuses inbetween.

I offer this facilitated journey of exploration and expansion for the magical exchange of £77

Sign up: 


If you are on Facebook you will have access to the Facebook group where each day’s message and sound track is also accessible and people’s interactions with them.


I look forward to exploring and creating with you!!

Thank you for being you here and now on this beautiful planet, at this crucial time when we are all asked to step up into more potency to create in communion with the Earth and all of Life! x



Some of the Feedback and Experiences from the 7 day exploration

‘..I have been transported to a place of 100% wonder, and I think I want to live here for the rest of my existence….’Helen

‘It was fantastic. Really exciting journey with the sounds. I connected with and entered realms of vibration where being „magical“ is simply as it is, normal, where form is not as solid as it is in this physical reality. so familiar, and yet, I found my physical structure was not always able to fully open into and become these vibrations, I met the „inertia“ of matter in my awareness, of very slow vibrations that feel stuck or fixed, my nervous system was challenged …. I want to go through the 7 days again, to deepen and give the listening and being with the vibrations more time and space. Its a sense of slowing down in order to accelerate, if this makes sense.

The sounds themselves were magical, carrying the power of pure intention, merging with patterns and harmonies of creation, opening and transforming as many layers as they could touch within my (human) field of consciousness … And it´s also brought me „back“ in time or „forward“ or to a higher possibility or potential whatever you like – a memory of sounding with or through the elemental, spiritual, angelic, devic dimensions, birthing new ways, playing with creation, while being in a much less physical body, much more etheric, fluid, vibrant … pretty much what you are doing here . Beautiful magical being. thank you for your GIFTS!!!’Ilona


‘..we are children of the forest, learning to return there..’ Marie



‘I listened to it twice and I found myself each time on a different playground of magic, loved it ? The first time it moved me to my tears as the sounds touched the deepness of my soul while for the second time the resources emerged and it was sooooo empowering! One dimension was working on my cells and the other on my relationships with people around me. AND I HAD A FANTASTIC BUSINESS MEETING AFTERWARDS! ? Such inspiration,  I am so grateful!’ Sabina



The Bowl of Creation and The Creation of the Blue Earth Bowl

When the reactor at Fukushima started this ongoing catastrophe of radiation pollution on the planet, we had a very strong  question about what it was we could do to assist the Earth and the consciousness on the planet  for this dis-aster to become a contribution to the evolution.

We saw that our greatest contribution at that time was to craft instruments in conscious co-creation with the Earth and the consciousness of the universe – creating vibrational morphic fields of possibility that would
invite new organisms, able to deal with and transform radiation and pollution,
enable shifts in consciousness that would allow humans to live in partnership with the Earth and other species.
invite new ideas, inventions, possibilities, solutions … from a different level of consciousness.

Seven of us came together for a week of crafting at the beautiful Allanton World Peace Centre – home of the peace-poles and first peace pole henge… in September 2014 to craft instruments in conscious co-creation. We were held by the community and land of the centre in a wonderful supportive field.

One of the singing bowls I crafted during this time was a medium large bronze bowl that took me on an amazing journey during its creation process.
It took me right into the creative force present inside the nucleus of a cell and an atom – and at the same time out into space where stars are being birthed and to the field of creation – by some called ‘the white field’. The consciousness of the white lions joined me there and they contributed to the crafting of this bowl, which occurred in the auric field of a glorious cedar tree.
The sound and vibration of this bowl is making the creative field available

This bowl has travelled around the globe with me on our songlines journey – blessing us and the Earth with its presence and vibration.

Yet when it returned to its place of birth in 2016 for  singing bowl making retreat at the Allanton World Peace Centre, its energy seemed to open up to another level of vibrational presence – s if more of its potency had woken up.

Several people were deeply moved by its tone and the vibrational reality it created.

I realised that bowls can not only change but also grow in their potency and emanation.


Inspired by this bowl 2 more bowls were called forth.

One was a commission from an elder from the Findhorn greater community who asked for a bowl for the Earth. During the process of its making it received the name : The Blue Earth Bowl.



Review Silver Threads of Starlight Sound, Elven Wisdom & Dragon Tales. Avebury

Reviews of recent events:

Friday of last week 16/10/16 found Gabriella SongbirdHeather Cowen and myself preparing to open a weekend of wonders in Avebury. On the eve of World Dragon Day we invoked the creative forces to ignite fresh pathways of light for New Earth, through strands of sound and words that express the Cosmic vibrations.

On Sunday Gabriella & Heather were the last to share their gifts at the Silver Threads of Starlight Sound, Elven Wisdom, and Dragon Tales event, with a story about an ancient dragon egg hatching in our time to birth a new era.

More of their amazing sounds were woven, to pull together all the strands of expanded consciousness that had been expressed throughout the day, reminding us of the possibilities for further evolution. Aspects of the Full Moon alignment in the solar system amplified the transformative properties within us all. As new waves and ways of being were welcomed, the old was highlighted, calling for its release.

I, for one, feel truly blessed to have been a part of this co-creation. As I looked into the eyes and heart of those who were drawn to join us at this gathering, I know I was not the only one. We were all touched by the beauty and vibrational content of our time together.

(A review from: Silver Threads of Starlight Sound, Elven Wisdom & Dragon Tales. Avebury. 16.10.16 by Sue Coulson)


The magical journey of a new bell

The magical journey of the birth of a new frequency / bell


A few months ago, I set out for a retreat at my favorite healing center, “Bridge Between the Worlds” in Keswick, Virginia. While this space has held vast transformational healing experiences for me, among the most memorable were the time I first met Gabriella while on retreat with my mom and sister (oh the stories she shared) and the time Mom and I had the privilege of hearing (and feeling) Gabriella and Heather weave sounds together.

Mom passed a month after that concert, the sacred vibration of the evening I believe was an invitation for her to surrender, to carry the music into the ultimate grace of Oneness.

My mom was my mirror and my microphone. I saw and heard myself through her affirmations of light and love. Now that she has crossed over, I wonder, who am I without my mom’s vision of me and what is the sound of my voice without her to hear it?

On my most recent visit to the Bridge, I sat down with Maggie, my most gifted healer, and unloaded the weight of my grief, my fear, and my hope for the next chapter of my life. On her table, Maggie’s hands peeled away the dense layers of my suffering until she reached my core. And there, unburdened by the density of living in form, I was free.

In this raw and vulnerable place, I opened to my guides’ message. Through Maggie, they explained that the human race is like a band of musicians and while I’ve often sought out to be the drummer in this life, my frequency is really that of the smallest bell. It is quiet and gentle… and oh so powerful. Maggie was guided to play this instrument, made by Gabriella, over my body and I was immediately brought Home.


Yes, that is my sound. That is my power. That is my voice.


Maggie let me borrow her bell for the length of my retreat. I played it often to remind myself of my gospel, the truth of it washing over me like a prayer and becoming deeper with each strike. While the bell may be overpowered by louder instruments, it has an ethereal magic that can break through the noise of the world and be heard by those who want to hear it. Maybe that’s what writing is for me, the mighty little bell.


Upon my return home, I reached out to Gabriella to share my experience, my revelation, and my gratitude for her part in it. And I asked if she could craft a bell just for me… what she did was more than I could have ever dreamed.


After a lengthy phone chat that included a beginner’s education on crafting sound pitch and tone, Gabriella sent me a variety of sound bites to determine which most supported my being. Together, we fell easily into the metaphor of sounds that felt most like Home and those that felt like places I might like to visit. A masterful reader of energy and vibration, Gabriella loved me through this process with deep intention and patience.


Once we identified my “home sound,” Gabriella approached its manifestation with sacred tenderness and grace. She co-created with the elements throughout the bell’s journey and sent me images of the physical process and explanations of the accompanying energetic alchemy. Instead of attempting to describe the power of her poetic interpretations, I offer a few excerpts…



….Then my awareness moves to the vibrational reathumb_img_1703_1024lity of your home star / planet place of origin….I sense your lineage and tribe, those of your vibration come close to assist and contribute. A strong yet light presence – as all the rainbow colours move over the metal – more etherial than I am used to. Pink and gold is prevalent and at some point silver – mixed in with the hues of green, purple, orange……

…On the second round of hammering I sense more deeply into that frequency of your home: It feels way beyond what we here create as our reality of form and structure, in fact it feels outside of form and structure, outside linearity, concentricity and definition.

Energetically I perceive no limitation to creativity – the imagination is flying, birds and insects are flying and clouds are moving fast through the sky. The environment is a perfect match for the frequency as the soft breeze keeps everything in constant movement. Wow, what else is possible?


…Then yesterday I continued with the hammering and deepening of the bell. I felt that what was being asked for was that the frequencies and vibrations that had been accessed and poured into the bell from your home planet wanted to be made available and integrated in tangible way into your life and body, so that what you can bring forward with those frequencies can create something totally new on this planet for this Earth and all beings of Earth and this universe img_1721– as you embody the frequencies


…I experienced during the hammering that there was quite a bit of recalibration required. For a long time the sound was pulled in different directions while the different frequency ranges were trying to adjust to each other to create something that would be a match but not diminish and reduce anything. I asked the atoms and molecules to adjust and shift and allow a new way of vibrating….


And then a most unexpected gift… the invitation made by Heather to include Mom in the alchemy. As Mom added a “drop of elixir” to my bell, Heather and Gabriella were moved to sound, capturing their weaving for me to hear later. Oh, Mom was so alive in their vibration! Can you imagine a greater offering of Love? And the sound of the bell after that final transmission is like liquid love, a baptism of rebirth and possibility.
Now, with great anticipation, I wait for the bell to arrive at my doorstep– just in time for my mom’s birthday. My sister and I have decided to bring our sounds to the labyrinth to honor Mom on her day. I will bring my bell and Holly will bring her drum. And we will meet each other in the space between the sounds we make. That’s where our Mom is. Reminding us of the beauty and boldness of both of our voices.

Thank you, Gabriella and Heather, for assisting me on my healing journey to wholeness.


Your Lightwork is boundless.


With infinite love and gratitude,

Nicki Peasley







Creating Coherence and Gold Consciousness at a time of breaking unions and huge change

What is the true meaning of being sovereign?

The UK has voted to step out of the European Union. What does this symbolise and mean to the larger picture and to many of us personally? one thing is sure; it will have huge ripple effects worldwide. Unions are dissolving into smaller units….

What are borders? and how did we make them real? The land , the Earth , the sky has no borders but transitions into different states of being where Earth meets sky or sea, river or mountain….

So many who are displaced and seeking new places to be.
The vast migrations are continuing and amplifying.

I heard two voices in the last couple of days that stood out to me:
One spoke of our response to any situation creating and shaping our reality. So if we focus on the despair and sadness and what might be wrong we could create just that. Yet if we respond with openness and questions as to what can we create from here? What new possibilities might present themselves that have not been here before? What could and can we create and shape?

Another voice spoke of the splitting of the worlds of those who choose to live in harmony with the Earth and consciousness being asked to be completely fluid and unattached to any forms and boundaries, while those trying to hold on to form and preserve structures might create more tightness.

How do we navigate this ?



Gold Consciousness: the pure vibration of gold and the consciousness it represents

We have been shown through our attunenements that the original purpose of gold in the place of a crown or in the hands of rulers, kings and queens was to assist them to attain and maintain a vibrational state of consciousness that would act and think for the greater good, for the good of the whole – the earth, the nation, the cosmos and all of life. We were also shown that throughout the ages the vibration dropped and has not been able to be maintained – in fact has been distorted and turned on its head making gold the symbol for personal gain and power over.

As described in the blog about our songlines journey -especially through South Africa we have been invited to work with and retrieve the true vibrational essence of gold.

So at this time of countries and nations going tribal and wishing to become separate and sovereign, we invite the true meaning of sovereign as being fully responsible (response able) and acting and thinking for the good of the whole – including the Earth, All Beings, Nature and Future generations.

On the day of the UK referendum regards the UK’s relationship to the European Union I was moved to craft a singing bowl of pure gold with the intention to invite the consciousness of Gold.

You can access the sound of the golden bowl here:


Utterly stunning, in the presence of the sound of the golden bowl i feel the irrepressible joy of embodied, sentient life on such a precious, gorgeous planet. I feel the pull of YES WE CAN!!! and the clarity of opportunities for more love, compassion, empathy and wisdom in the post-making-of-the-golden-bowl future.
You truly chose an auspicious day to make this bowl. H.TB

Wow!  That’s stunning,  It makes me feel vast.  I hear a calling in its sound, a quality that demands attention – wake up!!.  My skull has gone all tingly, and I realize I was holding my breath with my mouth open.  I love the birdsong accompaniment.
Thank you for co-creating it.  I wonder what it can contribute to the future of our planet? J.G
Wow. I’ve never heard a sound like this:

Opportunity to be part of exciting Study

A bold idea shared with my world wide community. –

What can be created through sound and vibration beyond what we know so far that would contribute to a world in change and crisis? ?

A Study and Enquiry Project .

Would you like to explore the exponentialization of the work and effects possible through the creation of sound vibrational fields?

What can we contribute to a world that is fastly moving into more chaos and huge change? .


As many of you know I have been working/playing with sound and vibration – weaving strands of consciousness and frequency into sound vibrational morphic fields  of new possibilities for the last 14 years and have seen some amazing things happen.

Sound Vibrational Weaving as it has evolved over these years is really a co-creative process involving a state of conscious attunement with time and space –  co-creating with the intelligence(s) of nature, the Earth and the spirits of place and time.
This also includes the alchemical work with the crafting of singingbowls, which anchors new  vibrational possibilities  into an instrument of sound.

Many of you have felt and experienced the effects of sound vibrational weaving and have told me/us about the way sound weaving can really shift things physically as well as energetically – you have spoken about alignment and coherence, pain disappearing, blocks shifting, perspective changing , and the whole field changing energetically and more.
Similarly you have reported how powerfully transformational and alchemically creative the work of the singing bowls can be.

This is also an invitation to be in active co.creation as the recipient – partnering.

I wonder what else sound vibrational fields might be able to create?
If we combine our focus and energy what is possible beyond what we might have been able to imagine so far?

In dreams and visions I have seen myself with a team and groups of people in areas of desert and devastation weaving vibrational  fields that assist regeneration, growth and life force – returning deserts and wastelands to green healthy vital places, where life could once more exist and flourish.

I have also seen sound vibrations awaken sleeping aspects in people – activating deep remembering of soul, spririt and being – often beyond this physical existence.

I wonder what sleeping parts could be awakened in humanity  to activate us as conscious galactic and earth citizens with empathic intelligence and limitless creativity contributing to the whole – creating more for all?


Before taking the application of this work out into the world more widely, I would like to substantiate the research of the effects over a period of time.

I would like to study the effects more systematically, both as they apply to places and to individuals as well as work with groups.This would be carried out over a period of time.

If this impulse inspires and resonates with you I would like to invite you to  join me  and become a creative part of this study.


 Would you like to be involved in this study and or contribute to it?




Areas of this study include:

  1. Studies of the effects of sound vibrational weaving on spaces
  2. Studies of the effects of sound vibrational weaving on individuals and groups
  3. Studies of the effects of vibrational fields of groups working together over a period of time
  4. Anything else you might come up with?


What’s involved?

1) For studies of the effects of sound vibrational weaving on spaces:

If there is an issue in your location you would like assistance with or bring attention to this would be a great way to bring energy towards it:
This could be your house, your land, your town, neighbourhood and anything you are aware of in your vicinity that you wish to bring attention to.

  • Option A)  Working with a place on location: You would host me for a sound vibrational weaving.
    (We could check in whether you would like me to come on my own or whether it would be beneficial to have 2 sound weavers, in which case Heather could join me)
    Together we would tune in with the space and co-create with the spirit(s) of  the space an intentional vibrational field through the sound vibrational weaving.
  • Option B) Working with a Place at Distance: We would do the prep talk and attunement for the place together by phone or skype and would then create the vibrational field from wherever we are at a given time.

Then you would keep a record of what happens over a period of time in relation to what we asked for and invited.(record sheets provided)



2) For Studies of the effects of sound vibrational weaving on individuals 

If you would like to bring attention to an issue that you are dealing with physically, psychologically or any other that you would like assistance with and be a part of this study:

  • Option C: In Person: You would have a one to one session with me. Through our attunement we address the issue and I co-create a sound vibrational weaving for and/or with you. You would receive a recording of the session if you would like that.
  • Option D: At distance: We would have our prep talk and attunement by phone or skype and – either create the sound vibrational weaving while we are online together
    – or I co-create the sound vibrational field at a given time with you present and attuned wherever you are and then send you the recording.

You would keep a record of what happens during the session and over a period of time in relation to what we asked for and beyond.

I am also open to working with groups. Please get in touch.


3)For Studies of the effects of vibrational fields of groups working together with sound weaving over a period of time:

We would offer a sound vibrational weaving workshop for a group teaching the basics of the creation of vibrational morphic fields through sound weaving and a group would then form to continue working together with intention and sound on a regular basis over a period of time.
the group could apply themselves to issues close by or far afield
I would mentor the group both from a distance and in person


What you get out of it:

You would receive whatever harmonization, changes and awareness we can bring and co-create for you, the land, the issue, the earth. –
A perfect way to bring energy and continued attention to a personal or environmental/land issue.

If you have a personal issue you wish to bring attention to as part of this study you would receive whatever healing, harmonizing, aligning and change we might be able to co-create.

The observing, tracking and recording of the effects brings more energy and awareness to the issue than would be available with a normal session and could exponentialize the effects.
What possibilities might open up?

What you agree to:

You would agree to:

1) write/record the initial issue brought to the session /process and your experience of the work

2) observe, track and record the effects over a period of time  (Record sheet will be provided)

3) agree to me using the data of this study publicly with or without your name/ location.
This is not a scientific clinical but an experiential study

4) Financial contribution/exchange: For the  context of this study I will make my sessions      available at a lower rate) : Applies to Options:  1) B and 2) C&D
90 min Sound vibrational Weaving session  £60  instead of  £85

study project session

(includes mp3 recording. Add £5 to receive a physical CD to work with)

(this does not apply to coming to location in person – see below)

– For option 1 A) below – in person on location.
For me To come out on location we would negotiate and see what we can create. If you wanted to be a host for land we would work it out together as to how we can make it work creatively. To raise     funds For this option you/we might consider getting a group together as in a sound weaving evening but for a very specific purpose. Everyone would be benefited by the field created and would contribute to amplify the field.
I would like to raise at least £100 plus travel expenses to come on location, so creating a group sound event would assist this. 

For option 3) Working with a group on an ongoing basis:
There would be a charge for the preparatory workshop  – a training  session in  the fundamentals of creating sound vibrational fields to get the group started and for long term mentoring. ( If you are interested please get in touch and we can negotiate time frames and rates)


If you are interested and you would like to propose a different arrangement I would also like to hear from you. please get in touch


Other ways to contribute:

If you have any other creative ideas that could contribute to this study project and/or make it work for you and more, please let me know. Bright new ideas and even way out ideas are welcome! please get in touch, I’l love to hear from you!

If you have feedback from previous sound weaving experiences or bowl making experiences you could write or speak (record) about, that could be really helpful.

If any of you have information about ways of measuring and compiling these data that could be hugely helpful ,i.e. I will investigate ways of tracking immediate effects – i.e measure bovis units of energy, Kirlian photography e.t.c.

You could make a financial contribution to support  acquiring  measuring  equipment, travel and contribute to scholarship places for people and/or places wishing to be a part of this research. (see donation button below:)


If you feel called and inspired by this opportunity, please get in touch and please don’t limit what may be possible.
What else can be created that we haven’t yet conceived?

email:        put ‘study project’ in the subject line
or call me on +44 7759 636803
I look forward to hearing from you and co-creating with you! Thank you !

The Flight of the Songbirds – a Songlines Journey Australia

Australia land of the (now hidden) dreamtime.Uluru

If we thought that Africa had shown us everything about our origins on this planet, we were in for a surprise. Very soon it was shown to us that the culture of the aboriginal lineage – although not as old in time as human life on the African continent – held something very different and special for the consciousness of humanity. There is a stream of consciousness of star connection similar and different to the one we experienced in Africa with a purity that held the connection to our cosmic origin undisturbed for over 40thousand years.

We learnt of a beautiful equinox gathering of lightworkers that was happening syncronistically in Uluru at the same time that we landed in Australia, which we connected with on our journey.

We were moved deeply by the channelled messages by Kryon through Lee Carrol about the very specific and special energies and consciousness held here by the aborigines uninterrupted for ten thousands of years: If you would like to hear this very moving message, see here:


We arrived in Sydney descending into cloud and rain. Lightning and thunder were close to follow.

Temperatures much lower than what we were used to. Autumn had arrived. IMG_4767

Our first leg took us to Canberra, Australia’s Capital city – seemingly placed in the middle of nowhere. But soon we learned that this area had long been used as a site of council and gathering of elders, so the energies would be perfect for parliament and continuing council. Was the site chosen consciously?

We were welcomed by a beautiful new friend – Michael – who the next day took us to a place of gathering and council of the ancients and aborigines. A IMG_4717site of iron rocks – a small hill in a vast bowl in the landscape, where we proceeded to do our first ceremony to honour this land, the ancestors and all beings of this land.

From there we followed a beautiful invitation to a coastal area of New South Wales – the Sapphire Coast, where another new beautiful friend Sarah had extended a warm invitation to be introduced to the land that she now works with. Along yet another dirt road at the moment the sun began to set we arrived high up on a hill on land of green hills with horse and cow pastures, eucalyptus woods and beautiful views.

We had just enough daylight left to set up tent – our first time to sleep on the land. The stars were bright and autumn winds had cooled down the temperature, but what glorious joy to sleep out with the horses around the tent, the cicadas singing and the stars bright – woken by the rising sun and Australian birdsong.

Sarah had received clear guidance in night that she had to take us up the mother mountain Gulaga –IMG_2097 a major sacred site of the aborigines and ancients connected with the energies of creation itself – a major pilgrimage of 4 h ascent and 2 h descent, for which we had to get ready.

We left precariously late for the mammoth task –midday had passed – to set off towards the mountain of many legends and a sacred site of millennia  – gathering place for sacred ceremony and teacher of many tribes and ancestors current and past.

We started our pilgrimage in silence – allowing ourselves to get into the rhythm of climbing a mountain – not having done it for several years! – While enjoying the smells, sounds and sights of the forest, we were also pushed physically….

Lunch was had perched on a huge rock with views of the distant sea when we spotted a huge red-belly-black snake at the bottom of the rock. Giving thanks for the snake medicine of transformation we continued to ascend. For the last part of the ascent both Heather and me had crisis and doubt come up when we realized how far we still had to go , how late it was and that most certainly part of our descent would be after sunset.

Sarah held firm with her knowing of the guidance so we kept going – processing our doubts.

For me I was with several pilgrimages I had undertaken back in 2001 and 2002 in Scotland – climbing the mountains: Ben Hope and Ben More on my birthdays while my Mother was sick with cancer – and both times I had not made it up to the top due to circumstances of weather (mist, fog, rain … e.t.c.) and even though I had been ok with the choices I had made , when we kept pushing on beyond the point of comfort, I realized something else was happening and something else in me was activated and at that point.  I had the opportunity to feel and to let go of shame, inadequacy, regret, remorse and any sense of guilt that my turning back then might have contributed to my mum’s departure – feelings I hadn’t even known that I had. It also felt like I was releasing these for many who were carrying these feelings, emotions, thoughts and patterns…..



For Heather the process of crisis was even more dramatic, where she physically ran into a breathlessness state – gasping for breath – like in an asthma or panic attack. She took the opportunity to process some very deep patterns of family, lineage, ancestry and many more. Huge grief and rage from ages and eons…. She kept giving and surrendering it to the Mother Mountain until she was able to breathe again normally.

Shortly after we passed a major guardian stone and the rest of the ascent seemed much faster and shorter than anticipated.

But nothing prepared us for what awaited us:

Incredible rock beings – huge naturally sculpted – holding court.

Each rock had its own story in the creation of being part of the council of creators – snake stone, dolphin stone, past , present and future rocks balanced on top of each other.

In the last warmth of the late afternoon sun – just before it was preparing to set – we communed with the stones, held council, honoured the ancients and played our instruments with prayers for the Earth and all beings – honouring their rightful place within all that is…


We felt deeply honoured to be here – even though our descent was looming with the sun close to setting and a steep path ahead.

We descended the Mother mountain with gratitude in our hearts – enjoying the evening chorus, the views of the sea, the colours of the sunset and then the gloaming.

But as the light faded Heather fell badly 3 times on her knees and we invited assistance for the last part of our journey in the twilight and then dark. I made a walking stick , we slowed down rather than speed up and had our eyes and feet adapt to the dark. We made it – walking the last stretch in the dark with the stars of the southern cross getting stronger – an epic journey – welcomed but also stretched and moulded by the Mother mountain.


We slept again under the stars – deeply and well – knowing that the next day would take us on a new pilgrimage down the coast to bring Heather to the place of her ancestry and family – a long way south.

In the morning I found that in the dark the night before I had lost or left my jacket before getting into the car, so we needed to retrace our steps and head a half hour back up north. As we were there we decided to just visit the dolphin beach with view to Gulaga mountain that Sarah had highly recommended to us. We let go of the last remnants of whatever we had carried – giving thanks to the mountain when we saw the snake. Dead but incredibly beautiful at the edge of the water of a small inland lagoon between the beach and the mountain where black swans held court: A diamond back snake confirming the transformation! This gave us the blessing to continue the journey south.


Since then we have been staying close to Heather’s sister – spending holy week together – allowing hugely deep healing, opening, softening, melting of old patterns that have been carried for generations.

So here we are on Maundy Thursday preparing for the Easter transformations…

3 years ago my dad died on palm sunday the Sunday before Easter Sunday 2012 and we spent the holy week of transformation with my family in Germany. How awesome is that? Not that we usually pay much attention to this festival, but it’s a strong field in the collective consciousness that can and has been facilitateting huge shifts!


Easter Saturday – the day when the bells are silent – we went out to swim with dolphins, but they had other business to attend to, so we ended up swimming with seals, which was fabulously wonderful – watching them dance and spiral in the water, play with each other and when they swam right underneath me releasing a load of bubbles, it felt like being tickled by joyful giggles from below all along my body.

We were in the extraordinary situation of being able to see the total lunar eclipse from the front of the house we were staying in.

We held space for the duration of 3 hours while the shadow of the earth moved across the moon.

During the time when it was total  we walked down to the beach out of reach of streetlights. I felt myself joining heartflames with many beings around the globe in many dimensions – holding the Earth in a golden ball  of heartflames during the transit through  the window of dark with the prayer that the dark womb may give rise to the creative chaos of more possibility for the Good of All.

An awesome experience! The window of darkness lasted for over half an hour while the tiny sliver of light on the edge moved from one side to the other side of the moon. We were surprised when the news said the next day that this was the shortest ecplise and only lasted for 10 minutes! Where were they? Did time expand or stand still for us while the deeply internal shifts happened?

Easter Saturday is symbolically and historically celebrated as the time between death and resurrection – the time in the ‘underworld’, so what incredible timing for this event to occur?

Easter Sunday found us celebrating with a sound weaving for transformation….in a small intimate circle of family and friends.


When we left the Mornington peninsula we took in the amazing beaches, cliffs and Eucalyptus bushland as we headed west and north.  On our way we had chance encounters with people telling us the stores of the land we were moving through and we ended up as our next stop in the Geriwerd mountains sleeping at the foot of a mountain on the edge of the forest. Kangoroos greeted us in the morning just outside the front door.


In the Geriwerd mountains we learnt about the dreaming of this area – one of the creation stories, which included a giant Emu and her vast egg. The interactions of the Emu with the human braves of this land in ancient times sculpted the landscape and is still to be found in the stars. Every landscape has its own creation story, which is now still to be found in the land and the stars. It is the Dreaming of the land….  Many stories superimposed creating a living tapestry. Walking these mountains we could feel those who had populated these areas for thousands of years… They are still part of the land – even though now different races walk upon it and use the land in very different ways than has been done for many thousands of years before the last 200 when the white settlers from Europe arrived.


One of the Dreaming stories of the Adelaide landscape is about an elder who in grief carries his dead nephew across the land along the shore and everywhere he stopped and cried, a spring sprang from his tears. The sacred springs can to this day be found.


On our return to the east coast we chose an inland route through the outback – following the river Murray – one of the main arteries of this continent – as much as we could. This river highlights some of the huge issues facing Australia now. Being a main source of life to many communities, plants and animals for hundreds of miles across the south-eastern part of the continent, so many take from the river, that it is losing its lifeblood and vitality towards the end of its long journey to the extent that it is so small at its mouth that the pressure is not enough to stop the incoming sea from silting and salting up the land. We walked on the salty mud and sand – a sensation not to be forgotten, the crunch of the salt crust with every step.

Even further upstream in the middle of the low lying landscape we found vast areas of salty white planes where dead trees are the visible remnants of a once fertile landscape. The salt planes are spreading with every year as the vacuum of sweet ground water is filled by the encroaching seawater.

We saw the impact of a big dam of the river, which markedly improved the landscape upstream into a verdant fertile landscape of wine and fruit growing –creating a marked contrast to the impoverished dry and struggeling land downstream.


This formulated a very powerful question in our consciousness:

How can each person – each community use the natural resources of their environment in away that contributes to the health of the whole – not depleting the system but adding to it!

Out western approach of ‘each man for himself’ supported by the system of capitalism and competition rather than co-operation visibly depletes the natural environment allowing individuals and corporations to use resources unsustainably, leaving vast areas and the majority of the world population empoverished while the few flourish.

This contrast was made so amazingly visible and obvious by this one river and the health of the land/ population surrounding it at every point.

4 years ago We met a fantastic example of how a community can use resources sustainably –even create more for themselves and at the same time create more and add to the whole district and land around them – when we lived at Tamera Biotope peace community for a month in 2011.
Alone in their water management project the community has successfully created 3 large lakes at different levels by capturing the yearly winter rainwaterfall that used to simply run off, erode the land and flow into the sea. Those 3 lakes not only provide community of 170 heads hundreds of guests and students with all their freshwater needs throughout the year –growing food and trees but has also raised the ground water table of the whole region. It literally reversed the desertification process that had started to kill the vegetation of the land , which had progressed from the highest points on the land, the hilltops, from where plantroots could no longer reach the receding watertable and hills became bare deserts rather than the forests they had been.

Within a few years of the Tamera lakes filling up, the hilltops were able to sustain trees again and an area of many miles radius around the community revived due to more water being available and a new seepage spring feeds a brook that now runs through the year – even in the dry season.


It takes a shift of attitude from ‘I look after MY needs and MY livelihood first’ at the cost of others and the environment to: ‘How am I part of the Whole Organism that is Earth her multitudes of ecosystems and as such how can my livelyhood contribute to the Whole and increase the Wellbeing of All while also caring for me?’ allowing all to thrive.

What would it take for us to wake up to this truth that unless all cells are well in this Earth organism of ours no one can be completely well.



We had to complete the first half of our Australia journey by returning to Canberra – Australia’s city of government. We spent a night in a cabin by the river Murray and then went north. All day I felt that there were stories and the spirit of aboriginal people around us.

When we tuned in, we could feel shock and grief in relation to what had happened to the land and the original people of the land…. We felt and realized that it was different to how we often feel that souls that have died in Trauma need assistance to move on and release this plane of existence. We could sense that the aboriginal people – having lived with this land as part of this land for thousands of years undisturbed were literally part of this land and it wasn’t about moving on.. All we felt to do was to deeply honour, give respect and deepest gratitude and apologies as we stopped in the highpoint hill in the middle of a bowl surrounded by mountains at sunset near . The colours in the sky and earth displayed the aboriginal flag of red and black with the circle in the middle being the golden orb of the setting sun.


We reached Canberra in the dark and our friend Michael took us through the promenade which in the same way as in Washington DC is layed out from parlament through a layline directly to the highest point in the land…. We played the bells with a prayer and connection to the heartflames of All Beings holding the Earth in a golden ball of heartflames. Michael saw an aboriginal Elder in spirit form wave us to come to a sacred spot on the top of the mount, where we sang for the land and the Earth…

A beautiful completion of the first half of our Australian Songlines Journey.


The second half of the Australian Songlines Journey took us to Byronshire and Southern Queensland.

Byron Bay is the most easterly point on the Australian continent, where the Australian day begins when the first rays of the sun light up the tip of Wollumban (also known as Mt Warning). This mountain is another sacred mountain around which many stories and myths live in the land and the original people  – the Bundjalung far and wide within its reach. Wollumbin has more than one dreamtime legend attached to it.  Some dreamtime legends say Wollumbin means ‘cloud catcher’ or ‘weather-maker’, others say it means ‘Warrior Chief’ or ‘Turkey/ Eagle”. In the sacred traditions only initiated men in ceremony would go to the top of the mountain for ceremony with the Warrior Chief .


We experienced him as the male counterpart to the Mother mountain we were taken to in the beginning of our journey down under.  His presence can be powerfully felt and seen for many miles into the country and the coast.

When we approached him, we felt to stop and tune in a good few miles away in full view. As we opened our minds , hearts and awareness, I suddenly saw a face taking shape in the top part of the mountain and the eyes open – looking at us – to begin with seemingly serious and enquiring and over time as I introduced myself and my heartfelt wish to approach in respect and honour I perceived a smile and joy in the eyes of the mountaintop face. I felt the invitation to come and be with the heart of the mountain.

We stopped in a little town at the foot of the mountain to orient ourselves. An elder Aboriginal man greeted us and we felt moved to ask how and where best we might connect to the heart of the mountain. He seemed to read and check our energy fields for a little while and then said that we should walk into and up the mountain as far as we felt and we would know when we were connecting with the heart. We had no business at the top but we would know and feel where to be.

He also shared with us that his lineage was in part from this land – the bunjalon , which is lush and rich rainforest country– and in part from the very north of the continent – from the desert and he alternates between living here and out in the desert as he is called. We felt utterly welcomed and received by the mountain and the land through him.

Being in the rainforest on the mountain was an experience of being surrounded and bathed in the most beautiful sounds of nature, the song of the birds unlike any I had known or heard in Europe, the silences inbetween and the heart of the mountain…….


The coast and beaches of Byron are extraordinary places of beauty. We witnessed 2 pods of dolphins milling  and then surfing the waves – a display of total joy and exuberance.

New friendships evolved in this glorious part of the world.

Our last week took us north into Queensland. The glass house mountains – the inner core magma of a volcano of which the rest of the outer sandstone landscape has eroded over 25 million years, leaving only the harder magma core from inside the volcano as witnesses of a very ancient past of this planet. Each mountain has an aboriginal dreamtime story. Many of those stories connect us back to the stars.

Without conscious effort, we found ourselves again and again at places where gold or other precious metals had been found and mined connecting a large web of the fine strands of gold consciousness.


For the culmination of our songlines journey we were invited to co-create a sound weaving in Brisbane with another beautiful sound healer who opened the door to us and assisted us to allow the sound to bring together all the strands of this journey in celebration and culmination on the Beltane ‘wesak’fullmoon, weaving them together as a tapestry for a new vibrational platform of being and possibility.  Over 20 people gathered to receive the energy of all that had been a part of this journey. The message we received about this fullmoon: possibility for re-setting.

Deep gratitude






The Flight of the Songbirds – a Songlines Journey South Africa

South Africa

I am forever changed in my feeling of who I am on this Earth in relation to all of life through meeting  IMG_1060the wild animals, that I had only known from zoos, myths and picture books in their own habitats – the African bushveld. Even though these meetings have been largely reduced to the spaces of national parcs and private game reserves, the experiences of seeing large herds of elephants, waterbuffalo, antilopes, giraffes, baboons and many others roam in their own territory and being able to hang out with them took me to a very different sense of being in my body.

This journey really started a couple of years ago, when I heard the call from the wild on the inside and then  elephants turning up in many different ways catching my attention: see my blog ‘Animal communications’  here:

The messages I received were profound and created a new momentum.

As I deepened my communications with the elephants , other animals started showing up in my meditations including lions – golden lions and white lions which led me to follow the trails and find out more about the white lions of Timbavati.
I heartily recommend Linda Tuckers book: ‘The Mystery of the White Lions’ ,which really is an incredibly important work for our time!

When in march 2014 I was told that my magical home of 10 years needed to be sold and the next day Heather received an invitation to fly and follow her dreams, the question stood in the space: what next? A huge opening of potential and change.
The morning after we received a message from a friend in South Africa who we met the year before inviting us to South Africa as she woke from a dream in which the land of South Africa and the animals asked for us to come here. She extended the invitation to us to be our host.

This created its own momentum of YES, which resulted in the Journey of ‘The Songlines flight of the Songbirds’ around the Southern Hemisphere for a number of months beginning in late 2014.
3 continents extended invitations: South Africa, Australia and Brazil.

We ended up with Brazil as our starting point , continuing to South Africa and lastly Australia

What follows are summaries of our travel blog: from South Africa:

Our first week in Johannesburg was coloured by safety concerns our host was drilling us with – always locking gates, doors, windows  … giving us the feeling that even though apartheid was officially no more, it’s blueprint of separation was well alive. We experienced distrust from all sides towards the ‘other’ although we made great friends on all sides. Separations exists  not only between people but fences everywhere keep animals out or in – all ‘wild life’ now is contained in private game reserves or national parks – meaning that the ‘tamed world’ has made the ‘wild’ of Southern Africa into game-parks and or large expansive landscapes with very little wildlife.

Reading the words of the great African medicine man High Sangoma  Credo Mutwa who is one of the few carriers of IMG_2444the deeper knowledge of the African Tradition the Umlando we can get a small sense of what has been lost,

In Mutwa’s words: ‘What many people don’t realize is that huge wild herds existed because the native people of Africa regarded them as a blessing from the gods – as something unbelievably sacred and vital for the continued existence of human beings. .. No one ever interfered with these great migrations because they really believed that wildlife was the soul, the very life blood of Mother Earth.’ (from mystery of the white lions by Linda Tucker p78)

Witnessing some of the large and small herds in the bushveld I could feel the truth of this statement.
Where these herds were present, we all could sense the aliveness in ourselves, in the frequency of the land and the body and well being of the Earth. It reminded me of the experience the elephants had given me a year ago in preparation for this trip:

We  felt that where the animals are not present on the land,we needed much more consciousness to create the frequency of aliveness. We used our instruments and sounds to assist us – expressing appreciation for All that is without judgment.

IMG_1237The spectacle of a dung beetle rolling the elephant dung as beautiful balls of manure compost is as magnificent as the hyppos bathing, waterbuffalo grazing, Giraffe pruning the trees from above, hyenas hunting and the kudu watching nearly unseen through the bush.
Meeting many of the animals in the bushveld of the Kruger and Addo national park and spending much time just being in their natural environment I felt that each animal species showed us a frequency of our own original nature and their place in the wholeness of the fabric of life.


One of the gifts we received was the visit to an elephant sanctuary, where the rescued elephants were allowing us to touch them, ride them and be close to them. What an incredible priviledge!

Did you know that an African elephant’s ear is the shape of Africa (while an Asian elephant’s ear is the shape of Asia? I immediately was shown that the elephant carries the awareness of the total continent and the shape of the ears reflect this. Sitting on the back of this magnificent being I became part of the rhythm of nature and the Earth.

In the beginning of our time in South Africa we made a pilgrimage to the Eastern Cape to see a Sangoma John Lockley to assist us with local plants to drink and wash to enter more deeply and easily into the land of Africa. One of the practices he gave me that I cherished deeply was that of sitting wrapped in a blanket on the land for even a few minutes or half an hour, to listen to my own heartbeat. From there I started feeling the land and expanding my perception – hearing and sensing the wildlife around me and the Earth below me.

We had the great fortune to have a wonderful guide take us to the oldest stone astronomical calendar in Africa – Adams Calendar – initiation site of high shamans as well as ancient site of ceremony, wisdom and celebration. Different energies of this active site are and have been activated and deactivated at very particular times for very particular purposes.

IMG_1520We had the honour to create a ceremony of sound and vibration that invited the gathering of the consciousness of all Beings through their heart flames in one golden ball – honouring also all those who are unseen, unknown, displaced, forgotten.

Credo Mutwa – the High Shaman also speaks about the star origins of all creatures including humans and of the great importance of the gold of Africa and its relationship to lions and lion consciousness as those of the protectors of the land/earth.(See ‘mystery of the white lions; L. Tucker)

Before we set out on this journey we felt the theme of gold being a vital part of our explorations.

Africa’s history was shaped by the presence and later the mining of gold .
We were shown in inner vision that gold originally represented a state of consciousness.
A state of consciousness of seeing and caring for the whole, like a true leader would care for all in his /her care – looking after the ‘We space’ rather than the Me. That’s why it was associated with royalty but it seems that by the time that physical gold was used and mined it was to assist this already fading consciousness . Isn’t it ironic that gold in its inverted disconnected state has become the opposite – the very symbol of ‘personal property’ / ‘mine’ of the ‘Me’ consciousness.

In our attunement I saw that energetically the gold needed to be returned to the Earth, to Africa in order for the Earth/ the land herself to be in balance and for the collective consciousness to be able to raise into the We space that acts from the heart for the Good of All.

I had also seen that the white lions of Timbavati were here to assist. Being and playing the frequencies of gold and of gold consciousness was part of our journey.

When we first saw and met the white lions at the white lion protection trust where they roam as wild in a large protected area – protection necessary to stop them being hunted by poachers and trophy hunters – I was not prepared for the huge heart opening experience that the energy field of these magnificent beings create.

the resting lionSitting with them even as they sleep is a deeply moving experience and as the days went by we found some of the lions actively interacting with us, exchanging cat blinks and heart energy. We witnessed the lioness chasing a jackal, the male lions patrolling the land – after a powerful sound-weaving during a thunderstorm we went out to find the older lion brothers frolicking in the field, climbing up treetrunks, playing, The most moving moment was when we were about to leave the reserve, two lion brothers positioned themselves close to the road so we could not miss them forming a gateway between them.

Being in the presence of the white lions we sensed the frequencies of gold consciousness alert and relaxed and hugely generous and wise at the same time – very fine vibrations that asks for total presence

IMG_1680Being and sleeping in that environment of the bushveld where animals roam in the wild and where lions roar, baboons shout and wonderous exotic birds sing lullabyes and morning chorus, something very deep awakened in us – roots long forgotten and gone to sleep, an alertness and awareness that encompasses the land – feeling the pulse and breath of the earth – being a part of her…
One night in Mapungubwe national park I awoke in the middle of the night, went outside on the deck in the soft rain and dropped into a stillness of being where I felt a bushman was close by in spirit. He showed me how through my consciousness I could change a drop of polluted water into clear water and then absorb it through the skin. Mapungubwe combines the borders of Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa into an incredibly expansive and unifying field, which expanded our awareness  and our sense of time. Stillness and presence became time fullness. We feel moved to facilitate others to have these experiences of sensing our roots and Source connection on the Earth within the wholeness of Creation.


In the last week of our journey we were taken to the southern most tip of Africa Alghulas,IMG_4384 where east and west meet in the indian ocean from the east and the atlantic ocean from the west… Our instruments assisted us to weave with the energies of polarity and contrast putting out a prayer of coherence and joyful dance of recognition

On the last day we visited the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point where only 2 weeks ago fires had after the firebeen raging. In contrast to the beautiful varied green and lush flowering ‘fynbos’ shrub flora on one side, the burnt side had become a black and white and eerily bare – and unprotected by vegetation the wind was whipping thin layers of soil and sand, so we found ourselveos on bare rocks and sand in a virtual sandstorm in an eerie black and white landscape with its own intense beauty. Stood amongst the black silhouettes of the burnt shrubs we played our instruments, sounding for the phoenix rising from the ashes. We held the invitation in our hearts that all of the new lives coming through the earth would come to assist us in our waking to greater consciousness. Our hearts were filled with gratitude and awe as we saw tiny shoots of green and a couple of singular red flowers emerging from the burnt ground.

We give thanks for this rich experience of many colours. We are called back and carry the wish to introduce others to sense of origin and place in the wholeness of where we come from as a species.

The Flight of the Songbirds – a Songlines Journey Brazil

The Songlines journey of the Flight of the Songbirds   

On the 29th December Heather and I started our Songlines journey of the flights of the Songbirds through the Southern Hemisphere.

elephantsThis journey has been inspired over a couple of years , when I heard the call from the Wild on the inside and then elephants turned up in many different ways catching myattention: see my blog ‘Animal communications’  here:

The messages I received were profound and created a new momentum.

As I deepened my communications with the elephants , other animals started showing up in my meditations including lions – golden lions and white lions which led me to follow the trails and find out more about the white lions of Timbavati. the resting lion

I heartily recommend Linda Tuckers book: ‘The Mystery of the White Lions’ ,which really is an incredibly important work for our time!

When in march 2014 I was told that my magical home of 10 years needed to be sold and the next day Heather received an invitation to fly and follow her dreams , the question stood in the space: what next? A huge opening of potential and change.
The morning after we received a message from a friend in South Africa who we met the year before inviting us to South Africa as she woke from a dream in which the land of South Africa and the animals asked for us to come here. She extended the invitation to us and offered to be our host.

This created its own momentum of YES, which resulted in the Journey of ‘The Songlines journey flight of the Songbirds’ around the Southern Hemisphere for a number of months beginning in late 2014.
3 continents extended invitations: South Africa, Australia and Brazil.

We ended up with Brazil as our starting point , continuing to South Afirca and lastly Australia/ New zealand. What follows are summaries of our travel blog:

December 2014 – May 2015

Brazil 29th Dec 2014 – 5th Feb 2015 IMG_0633

The flight of the songbirds began on the 29th December 2014
Our journey began with an emergency closure of Gatwick airport just before we were about to board our plane due to an emergency landing, which fortunately occurred without further serious incident but left thousands of people stranded in the airport, which soon began to overflow as more and more people arrived and no-one was able to leave for hours. Every corner of every hallway was occupied – every seat taken and floorspace along walls became popular – especially anywhere near wall sockets to charge phones or computers for the lang wait ahead. Our own airline company tried to reroute us through Stanstead and gathered us all up to be bussed to the other side of London. We were taken through the back alleys of the airport – usually only accessed by staff – collected all our checked in bags again and stayed in a waiting line on another floor for a couple of hours. This resulted in making contact with many lovely people in the same situation – beautiful exchanges with strangers – the magic and human contact that are facilitated by situations outside the linear workings of best laid plans. We were beautifully taken care of…and ended up with a 24 hour stay in Madrid – where we were swept up in the preparations of New Years Eve celebrations and then rerouted through Salvador Bahia – being welcomed into Brazil by its northern shore of beauty and warmth.

Arrival in Brazil on New Years Eve 2014:
Being embraced by the warmth and energy of Brazil…. – we were able to let go and become like lizards  drinking in the warmth of the country, the people , the sun – releasing …. letting go to join the New Years Eve celebrations at the dragon centre in Nazare Paulista. A small town in the countryside nr Sao Paulo where our friends Ana and Antoinette have created a sanctuary of co-creation, Nazare provided us with the joys of  cicadas singing through the night, rainforest birds and monkey calls lulling us to sleep and waking us in the mornings.


Eating tropical fruits fresh from the local markets enhanced our appreciation of Nature’s generosity and pharmacy. Intense heat was interrupted by massiv thunderstorms , downpours and lightnig that regularly knocked out the power supply – leaving us with candlelight and gas for cooking.



Aguas Da Prata – The Silver WatersIMG_0428

2 hours north of Sao Paulo we travelled to a small Spa town – a place of pilgrimage for the healing mineral springs – many different combinations of healing mineral waters that are found in and around this town of the ‘silver waters’. Sadly Nestle /CocaCola has bought the springs and is now selling the water not in its pure natural form of the mineral combination but with additives. But many of the springs can still be accessed in their original form.
We were invited to play at a ‘celtic’ brazilian wedding and christening – cocreating it with our beautiful friends Ana and Anto from the dragon light centre who officiated the ceremonies.
During the ceremony which was held under a giant grandmother mango tree who from time to time dropped beautiful yellow ripe mangoes, 2 monkeys appeared out of the forest hopped over the grass into our mango tree and started throwing mangoes to the ground like golden blessings of abundance and celebration bringing lightness to the christening. They spared us and just threw the fruit on the other side of the tree away from our crowd of 30.


Rio De Janeiro

'The Redeemer' Cocovado

‘The Redeemer’ Cocovado

Five days in Rio de Janeiro gave us access to life on the beach, where much of Rio Life seems to happen. Everyone appears to come to the beach at some part of the day and into the night – swimming, meeting, playing football, trading….
The greatest and most moving event on Ipanema beach is sunset when the glowing ball of light gets a round of applause as it dives red behind sea and land. Our relationship with the sun as a benevolent being and intelligence was being acknowledged and celebrated and  palpably strengthened through this brief but very moving daily practice. It was a total wonder to behold this non religious act of gratitude.

The grand statue of Corcovado –  Christ the Redeemer – oversees the town – exuding an amazing energy of strength and benevolent beauty. At the top of a high pinnacle this is a gathering place for many, a place of prayer for others and  a place to gain new perspective whilst overlooking the vast vista of sea and land.
Being driven in a taxi or bus through Rio we had to just surrender to the wild race and trust in angels and road spirits.

Sao Paulo
In Sao Paolo water shortages and days with no water have become common place. As the high plateaus of scrubland are being built up and the Amazonas rainforest is being diminuished each day,the natural cycles of rainwater and rivers that bring water towards the Sao Paulo basin has been disrupted, leaving an evergrowing population of 22million citicens with not enough water. The water gets simply turned of on certain days to rationalize.

Much of the focus of our work in Sao Paolo was with the human relationship and honouring of water: sound weavings and co-creating with water and a magnificent abundance ritual with the Dragon Light Centre.  We were strengthened in our work by a gathering of sixty or more people who gathered for a monthly Abundance Ritual.

We also took part in Ana and Antoinette’s fabulous Dragon Energy Workshop – meeting many wonderful people, beings and dragons and co-creating with many energies.

GuarujaIMG_1012 - Copy

Out of these new connections and meetings we received a spontaneous invitation to a weekend on a beach in the ‘Atlantic Rainforest’ where we enjoyed the incredible sound scape of birds and cicadas, the richness of the forest, the beach and the fresh waterfall pools in a Cathedral of Nature.  A sound weaving was co-created with the birds and sounds of the forest as our friends sat in the sun around a swimming pool and the giant raptors, the Urubu gathered and circled as if to take up the energy from on high.

BraziliaBrasilia Cathedral

The ‘new’ capital city of Brasil. Much anger is projected by many at this city where congress meets and government is based and where many feel the focus of corruption that pervades  some of the strata of Brasil.
Brasilia’s Cathedral is an amazing archtectural work of beauty and vision. It was consistent with the open and spacious quality we experienced everywhere in this city of form and structure, light and dark ever present but with allowance somehow …all aspects represented.

morning mists on the Chapada

morning mists on the Chapada

waterfallsAlto Paraiso

Our last week took us to Alto Paraiso – ‘High Paradise’ and yes that is what it is with its incredible richness of natural waterfalls, national park and a town where people have been drawn from all corners of the world and the market is filled with incredible food alchemists of all kinds – honouring the gifts of nature as medicine. Artisans and crafts – a thriving little community…


There is a legend about this area of the Chapada as the land of renewal from where – as the water rise and it becomes an island – a new culture will emerge.- This legend also connects to the old celtic legend of a sunken island of the westcoast of Ireland called ‘Hy Brasil’. This island , which can still be traced under the ocean is said to be the land of renewal and abundance and carries this same frequency of a thriving culture of co-operation and co-creation with all life.
We came away with the Knowing of the frequency of this new culture and will attempt to create and co-create with this frequency wherever we go!

moon rays

In Support of Africa’s Lions

Having had the wild animals reaching out for help in my dreams and attunements, the plea for the lions is close to my heart:
Join the United March for our Global HeritageLions are the world’s most iconic animal, King of species, directly associated with leadership, dignity, pride, and good governance. Yet this majestic living heritage is brutally destroyed by international trophy hunting syndicates treating Africa’s dying heritage as a commodities market, at a rate that will not survive our generation, let alone our children’s.This is a very urgent appeal on behalf of South Africa’s lions and our world heritage, which is on the brink of an international disaster even greater than the rhino crisis.On March 15th 2014, 45 cities around the world will march to raise awareness of the plight of South Africa’s lions and to shed light on the notorious Canned Lion hunting industry, which slaughters tamed lions in cages. Canned Hunting is now a widespread, merciless, and unpoliced malpractice which breaks every conceivable law in animal rights despite years of dedicated campaigning against it by our organization and others.

Now, organizations around the world are uniting behind this cause.

The Goal of the Global March is to increase the international pressure on the South African government to finally prohibit:

The abomination of captive breeding/captive killing of lions
The large-scale export of lion parts to China
The importation of lion parts and “trophies” to USA and EU

Join the March at the city nearest to you, and send this posting out immediately to your mailing list.

3 Global movements are converging:
Global March : 15th March 2014
A worldwide campaign led by the international advocacy organization AVAAZ, which has already gathered nearly 1.5 Million signatures worldwide calling for a prohibition of South Africa’s death-trade in lions and lion parts
On the back of the above two campaigns, an international call for a boycott of South African tourism. Should this 3rd campaign gain momentum, the threat to the South African economy and tourism is extremely serious.

Animal Communications

Long Distance Visits and Messages from the Elephants

The visit from the Elephants and the developing relationships with the elephants

Summer Solstice 2013

The day before Solstice I was getting ready for pilgrimage. A yearly trip I take with a group of people that I guide on Pilgrim’s Path (St Jacques de Compostelle in France). I picked up a book that fell into my hand, which was given to me ages ago.  It was called  “Silent thunder- The hidden voice of the elephants”. As I was reading it on the flight, I realized it was about elephants communicating through the Earth by infrasound; low sounds that are like rumblings beyond the hearing of the human ear. I learnt that the elephants have an intricate communication system through the Earth and that they can communicate with each other for miles and miles in an incredible sophisticated way that we don’t really understand yet.

For some reason this awareness needed to be with us as we were walking the path, the ancient pathways and tracks that have been walked for thousands of years in Europe. Of course elephants are from a very different part of the world, which was a riddle for me “Why are elephants with us when we are walking in Europe?”

On the Solstice we gathered as a group to collect the strands for this particular journey. We decided to use the resources in the space we were meeting in – a bookshelf full of books in different languages to tap into themes beyond our consciousness. Each of us blindfolded took a random book from the shelf, opened it at a random page and read a random paragraph to see what messages we would receive from beyond what we were consciously carrying.

When my turn came, I blindfolded picked up a book from the top shelf. It was a very big book called “Elephant Song”. This was just quite incredible to me – a second message from the elephants – letting me know that it was really important that I connected with them and that they were coming with us.

The paragraph I read was : “  Here was a warm, loving and lovable people, pictured against the awe inspiring grandeur of the great forest. A merry people, wonderfully in tune with nature, expressing themselves with songs, dances and impish humor.

So here a picture was being painted about a culture of people living in harmony with nature, with the forest, with the Earth, which was exactly one of the strands that we had been with and that the elephants were confirming.

During our walk we ended up feeling as if elephants were walking with us and it was a strange  feeling because, for our minds, it didn’t make sense, but somewhere we just trusted. In many places elephant pictures turned up as if to confirm the connection.

On the last day of our 7 day journey,  we visited one of the ancient caves of Southern France. Pech Merle is one of the caves that is 25000 years old displaying the original cave paintings from atime that predates what we usually call ‘history’.
One of the paintings on the wall of the cave was that of a woolly mammoth and in an instant we all realized that the elephants had been the messengers of this time, for a species that had lived on this land a long time ago, but was still here energetically and was reaching across space and time from 22000 years past. We had the sensation of the consciousness of the Mammoth making contact with us from a time when there was another shift, an epoch came to an end, an epoch of Earth changes – the end  of the age when the mammoth existed on the earth in physical form. I felt as if the mammoth had come back to walk with us at this time when the Earth was going through another huge change. They were letting us know that they are with us, that they are still here – their energy still connected with the pathways of the ancients they had been walking eons ago.

We were deeply touched and we knew there was more to this.

Mammoth cave painting

Mammoth cave painting


So at the end of the journey I was left with an open question.




Winter Solstice 2013

In late December 2014, six months later, the journey with the elephant continued.

Shortly after Solstice, just before the New Year, I was deeply, deeply moved to drop into a place where I connected with the wilderness inside me, with the wild animals, with the wild places, the places that are not tamed.

Most of our environment is tamed in our culture and there is hardly any space to access the wilderness in ourselves and in nature. Fewer and fewer places of wilderness or wildness truly exist on this Planet anymore. So this energy, that raw passion and power, that really is intrinsically connected to the deep, deep Earth knowing is less accessible to us. IT seems veiled from us in the western world.

And so as this really deep calling rose up in me around the winter solstice 2014 I began to look at how I can more deeply connect with that part within me.  I was guided to do some animal communication training and start communicating with animals, both tamed and wild.

On the last day of 2013, in a particular meditation, I became present in my inner sanctuary in which I meet the animals. I opened myself to whichever animal wanted to come forth at that time and immediately the elephant showed up. I knew this was the elephant that has been calling me and had wanted to make contact for a while.

So in this inner sanctuary, the space changed and opened into a wide, spacious dry savanna. A large elephant entered into the space with a force, a huge presence and I recognized her as a matriarch. She was walking around pulling up trees and generally moving in a way that seemed quite angry and forceful as if she wanted to let me know her incredible strength, determination and power. I also felt a huge amount of clarity and awareness of her region and of the Earth as a whole.

When I asked her where she lived, she showed me a vast area of forest, savanna, desert, but also many areas on her ancestral path, where humans have insensitively encroached and cut off essential song lines, pathways that the elephants used to walk and take care of that were part of their habitat. And she showed me how many areas on most continents that used to be walked by the elephants were no longer being able to be walked by them.
She then showed me how elephants take care of their areas. She showed me energy lines that are like meridians of the Earth. I saw the elephants walking in measured rhythm along these lines that I could only describe as song lines. I perceived that as the elephants moved along them energy was able to flow and move and even adapt in intensity or volume. It’s very hard to describe, but it felt as if they are an intrinsic part of the health of the landscape.
And so the Matriarch showed me that – as elephants heard walk on the Earth, they have this beautiful function that feels like stroking the Earth that keeps subtle energy moving in a healthy way in any landscape. I could see the comparison with the human meridian system and the meridian massage that some healing modalities use to move blocked energy and re-establish balanced flow.

So at that point I was really moved and I asked the elephant why she called me.
In that Moment for the first time, she turns and faces me directly in a way that she shows me her forehead and she invites me to join her consciousness. She picks me up with her trunk and puts me on her back so that we are more closely connected. Then, I feel her opening her consciousness to me and I merge with her as best as I can, while still maintaining awareness of myself. I feel her/ us sensing and feeling the Earth as a living, beating heart beat and pulse. It is so powerful, I can hardly contain the energy. And as I scan that pulse, I can feel the vitality at the core of the Earth and I can also feel the many woundings in many, many areas. It is nearly too much for me to hold and to stay present with, but I sense as the elephant walks I become one with her. She walks in harmony and rhythm with that pulse of the Earth and along the energy lines, following the pulse. It feels like a beautiful joining and enhancing the rhythm and the pulse of the Earth herself.

I can now sense how the walk of the elephants as the herd moves the energy along the meridian lines , and how the sound of the elephants move energy along the song lines. It is like as if the land is being tuned by the sound.

And so, as I leave the consciousness of this beautiful matriarch elephant, she invites me to come back and nurture this connection. I realize I need to expand my capacity which will allow me to join the efforts to assist the Earth , the flow of energy and the tuning of the song lines of the Earth.


5th of February 2014

Continuation of communication

As I enter into my inner sanctuary in meditation I am feeling that I need to reconnect and continue the exchange with the elephants. This time, the matriarch elephant enters wagging her head eagerly approaching me. She comes towards me and I feel a greeting and connecting. She offers to pick me up again and as I adjust myself on her back she starts to walk.

The rhythm of her walk puts me into a very open trance like spacious consciousness and I hear the lilting melodies of what might be other elephant riders. The scene changes, as she walks into what seems to be an atmosphere of cold, fear and violence. I see a scene of elephant hunters with dead elephants. The men are taking the tusks.

I find that what is required of me is to be in a state of consciousness that is a witness; a witness that has compassion for the human state that is so disconnected. Compassion for humans who in their disconnection, desperation, pain and emptiness harm and kill, grab and destroy. I realize that the elephant is asking me to hold this consciousness of witness and compassion, which is very hard. But I feel a shift in the vibration of the cold, the fear and the violence and I feel that, as I am holding that compassion, a warmth and a different possibility is coming into the space, just through this other presence. So I am challenged to the core to hold that greater consciousness while feeling all the pain.

I ask the elephant what she would like to ask of me. She is taking me to a place in the woods. I feel as if I need to let go of resistance and receive whatever is asked or shown.

I hear: “Come, follow the invitations.”


26th Feb 2014

In the last communication, the last message was: “Follow the invitations”.
An invitation has come from South Africa. I will follow.*

 Now I enter my sanctuary and I feel the elephants coming in. Not just one, many! As if they have been waiting. They are storming in and stop, creating a half circle around me. I sense there are other people with me. I am aware of them, but don’t see them. The elephants invite me/ us on a journey. We are riding on their backs, a whole herd of elephants. As we walk or ride, I feel the Earth’s heart beat. I hear it and it is getting louder as if we are walking towards it. We are walking through a dry landscape. There are trees and this heart beat. It is getting louder and louder until it is nearly deafening.

And suddenly we come to a huge chasm in the Earth. There are machines, noise, there is mining going on. It’s a big wound in the body of the Earth. I don’t know what exactly is being mined here, but I feel and sense that here, where it is so raw, so seemingly horrid and disconnected, we are invited through the wound to connect. Through the wound of the Earth, through the wound of the body of the Earth connect! Be present and connect more deeply than ever to the Heart beat, through the wound.


For more information, beautiful elephant connection stories and how we can assist them see Christine MacDonald’s beautiful blog:

And also:


Do we create from the past, from addiction or for the future?


When at the end of 2013 I heard that all but one county in the UK has given the ok for fracking (hydraulic fracturing) the land, I was struck by such grief, pain and despair that my body went into a sobbing fit – shaking and burning in me. I felt the Earth, I felt the very fabric of the land, of the crust, the delicate systems of water and life being blasted and destroyed and polluted as if it was happening in my own body.

My vision of this possible Future showed me that there was no more safe place for any life form – animal or human, no more clean pure water.  Albion – the spirit of this sacred island – and the Earth as a whole organism sick to death…….

After letting this pain burn through me, I was left with the question, what does it take to change this possible Future into a different one, one where we as a collective become a caring group of stewards, one where those who are in positions of power have the long term welfare of all in their hearts and minds?

A friend recently told me that she had a conversation with a business man at an energy gathering where she pointed out the fact that the problems and destruction cause by fracking both short and long term hugely outnumber and out-weigh any benefits that may be derived from the energy gained in the very short term – leaving future generations with a legacy of destruction and and liability. In the conversation it turned out that he didn’t want to let in her point of view because he had invested a large sum of money into the fracking companies, so wasn’t even open to hearing the quiet voice of reason, warning, conscience and truth.

I want to ask the question: where do I and where does each of us have invested energy or money or whatever else into a direction or way of life that would make me/ us close our eyes, ears and hearts  to hearing the voice of the Earth, the call of Nature, the deep sound of our own soul’s knowing?

What does it take for us to wake up?

What is needed from each of us to shift the energy within our own internal ‘community’ to hear and follow that sound/ voice rather than the many strong embedded and well-known tracks, where we have invested our energy in systems and ways of living that destroy?

More awareness is trying to bubble through the cracks of the very tight matrix of our consensus reality. I see it happening everywhere.

My wish for the year 2014 is that we may individually and collectively pull back our energy ties from the investments into destructive, uncaring and life-denying habits and ways of life – even when their effects are not seen or experienced by us but by others thousands of miles away in sweatshops or destroyed landscapes e.t.c.  .  Can we create and live from a new place?

Rather than live and create in and from habitual past patterns can we learn to create and live from the Future and for the Future? Can we create from and for a Future of Caring for a world in mutual support and co-creative partnership with all of life? Can we create from possibility rather than limitation and destruction.

I feel moved to  support  movements and organisations that work on changing the framework for  the values of our culture driven by the addiction to money: (see this very powerful article describing the addiction to wealth, which gives an insight into the energetic much of our society is driven by:)  is a movement to acknowledge ecocide not as a normality but as a crime and give voice and status to the Earth and Nature.

I also feel moved to create and join global groups who hold the focus of being in the heart and create coherent fields of love, care, possibility, non judgement , joyful co-creation and connectedness with all of life .

see here as an example the global coherence initiative:   and

and sacred activism prayer circles: