History of the bowl making project

A few years ago I had the privilege of meeting a coppersmith and singing-bowl maker Ton Akkermans from Holland who has been teaching me the art of making my own singing bowls and healing instruments which now accompany me on musical meditations, sound-weaving concerts and in sound healing sessions.

Ton has worked as a copper- and blacksmith most of his life. He recalled his experience as a blacksmith in other lifetimes and cultures, creating singing bowls and metal instruments in ancient Tibet. His memories as a master bowl-maker in Tibet showed him how each bowl was made very intentionally in deep meditative work – each for a very specific purpose – be it to accompany one monk on his spiritual journey of awakening or for a specified use in a temple or village. Some of the larger and very powerful bowls were hammered by several master craftsmen – maybe even over generations – only at certain times – imbuing them with special vibrational tasks for different times.

Ton was guided to start crafting singing bowls and other healing metal instruments that specifically vibrate with frequencies needed for this Time now, which now he dedicates his life to. He gives bowl making workshops, sound healing concerts and sound workshops with his many handcrafted instruments. He also teaching about re-tuning the old bowls that have been brought from the east to the west for new purposes in this new time we are in now.

Ton at the forge

Ton at the forge


I have trained with Ton for many years now and he has asked me to assist with the teaching of the crafting of  bowls and sound instruments. A few years ago I have been joined in the bowl making passion by Quentin Cowen and we set up a bowl-making forge, project and school together near Salisbury, UK

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