Review Silver Threads of Starlight Sound, Elven Wisdom & Dragon Tales. Avebury

Reviews of recent events:

Friday of last week 16/10/16 found Gabriella SongbirdHeather Cowen and myself preparing to open a weekend of wonders in Avebury. On the eve of World Dragon Day we invoked the creative forces to ignite fresh pathways of light for New Earth, through strands of sound and words that express the Cosmic vibrations.

On Sunday Gabriella & Heather were the last to share their gifts at the Silver Threads of Starlight Sound, Elven Wisdom, and Dragon Tales event, with a story about an ancient dragon egg hatching in our time to birth a new era.

More of their amazing sounds were woven, to pull together all the strands of expanded consciousness that had been expressed throughout the day, reminding us of the possibilities for further evolution. Aspects of the Full Moon alignment in the solar system amplified the transformative properties within us all. As new waves and ways of being were welcomed, the old was highlighted, calling for its release.

I, for one, feel truly blessed to have been a part of this co-creation. As I looked into the eyes and heart of those who were drawn to join us at this gathering, I know I was not the only one. We were all touched by the beauty and vibrational content of our time together.

(A review from: Silver Threads of Starlight Sound, Elven Wisdom & Dragon Tales. Avebury. 16.10.16 by Sue Coulson)


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