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Co-Create with 2018
5th January 2018: ‘Co-Create with 2018’
world wide online with Gabriella and Heather: 
Like last year, we invite you to write a letter of gratitude to 2018 and invite the elements of nature , Earth and Cosmos to co-create with us in communion vibrational fields of possibility for the year to come.

Through a Sound Weaving we invite the sound vibrations to build a morphic field that facilitates our greatest dreams – communion with a sustainable living Earth. Book here: global-online-sound-weaving-gatherings

on 7th January: we begin a 7 week online program:
 Re-discover your ‘Beyond Ordinary’ Capacities
: You don’t have to be present for those dates, just receive the content and work with each session for one week or in your own timing:


26th January 7.30pm Imbolc Sound Weaving at the Clophill Centre, Bedfordshire
Saturday 27th January 2018 Access Energetic Body Processes? Addressing Trauma in Bodies &
Sunday 28th January 2018 9 30 am – 6 00 pm: Access Bars Class
One day Practitioner training
with Heather Cowen at The Clophill Centre, Bedfordshire


A Sound in Landscape Collaboration with The Apricot Centre – Well Being Org, Dartington Devon

April 22 – A Ceremony for Earth Day
In Gratitude for the Metals of the Earth
Final details to be arranged – this will be a global awareness event in collaboration with our Totnes Community of makers, friends and the wider global community. Please let us know if you’d like to be a part of this creation team:-)

April 28 – May 2nd                                                                                 
Transforming the Chalice and the Sword 
Forging with Beltane Fires
nr Callington, Cornwall
A five day workshop in and with the land of Copper and Tin Mining in the UK.
Full Details Here



18th – 22nd May 4.5 day Sound Weaving Retreat on the coast in Donegal , Ireland
fully residential
Come into a Greater Communion with the Earth and with each other.

We will bring some of our favourite toolbag into action and through the days offer and create from the following

  • learn the basics about sound weaving, tuning yourself and be your unique contribution within the greater whole.
  • create circle space – listening and presence with Heart IQ
  • sound weave with each other, develop new pathways and possibilities with frequency and vibration
  • sound weave with nature and the land – applying our sound-weaving attunement
  • create space with bodies to receive and gift some beautiful energetic processes
  • create food through attunement with bodies and questions
  • include our bodies in many more of the daily considerations than any of us may be used to
  • enjoy the wider landscape for the sheer joy of exploration and embodiment!!Please get in touch for more details and to book:

Craft your own Singing Bowl 
An Experience of Alchemy in Ireland
The Wild Beauty of the West Coast Flows
May 25 – 27th Bundoran, County Donegal                                          
 3 day fully residential workshop
at a still space Retreat Centre on the Atlantic Coast of Donegal.
more details here:

1st – 11th June  The Celtic Call – Beyond Borders with Elizabeth Smith
a journey to Special Sites in Ireland – starting in Co Donegal 
This journey includes a 3 day bowl workshop 1sr – 3rd june forging an instrument in co-creation with the thrum of the ancient land that we then take on the journey – visiting sites north and south of the border between Northern and Southern Ireland. We will be weaving between north and south – east and west – sounding the instruments in resonance and communion with the hum of the land. There is magic available as we open ourselves to this journey.
You can join for the west coast part of the journey until the 7th – based in Donegal –
or for the whole – including centre, north and eastern sites – until the 11th june.
for more information on this journey see:


28th June Mid Sound Weaving Co-creation with the elements, the dragons and the bees  – igniting the flow of Earth Energies this Mid summer with fire ceremony at the Clophill Centre 
June 29th – July 1st
 A Glorious residential Summer Retreat
Forging Instruments that awaken Earth energies from deep within the Earth and allow them to flow like nectars revitalising the land. –   Mid Summer Fires to Forge a Singing Bowl
A 3day residential camping retreat to craft your own singing bowl at a land based centre that works in harmony with nature and celebrates and nourishes life.
The Clophill Centre, Bedfordshire  –
To Book and for more details see


12th – 18th July – A Fully Residential Singing Bowl Retreat Experience in Orkney  more details to follow
This year’s Summer in Scotland calls us back – in 2018 we will return to Orkney.
Woodwick House and the wider lands of the Orcadian north.



21st – 23rd September 2018 Peace bowls at Wadhurst, East Sussex
For World Peace Day on the autumn equinox we are invited to craft instruments of Peace
3 day non residential workshop £355.-




January 2017

1st January 2017 5pm UK Time worldwide online with Gabriella and Heather
Start the New Year by creating the Tone for the Year

This year we’d love to invite you to join us by our cyber fireplace and in our Zoom Room as we share the writing of a letter and coming into the space of communion and gratitude with the Nature Beings of the Earth and Cosmos who would like to contribute to the year ahead.

Through a Sound Weaving we invite the sound vibrations to build a morphic field that facilitates our greatest dreams – communion with a sustainable living Earth.

to find the recordings to assist you create your furture see:



14th February starts a new series of online Sound Weaving Attunements/ World wide Frequency Transmissions
similar to online sound weaving –
we introduce the Resonance Rooms of
A Space of Communion,
A Space of Creation,
A Space of Being and
A Space of Becoming and enter together into an attuned space.
A musical journey with the being of the inner earth…Songs of creation that enable the new.
In communion with the Earth – A Symphony of Creating, Being and Becoming.
The invitation is into a greater communion with the Earth and with our own embodiment, allowing a molecular and cellular shift towards greater coherence and awareness – together creating a powerful vibrational field amplified by all of us through which more becomes possible for us and for the Earth .
To receive all the recordings of this series of attunements go to:

15th Feb 8pm EST / 1pm GMT Gabriella and Heather featured as  guests in conversation on the Inspired Choices Radio Show with Christine McIver

replay is available here:

The radio show with Christine McIver at Inspired Choices Radio show: Co-creating a Resounding Earth. Gabriella and Heather speak about their work of sound, alchemical instrument creating, magical unfolding and co-creating a Resounding Earth. What a beautiful weaving of gifting and receiving energies! So grateful. People in the chatroom were crying and becoming part of the magic. If you wish to listen back Enjoy! and become part of the magic! xxxxxxx

Saturday 22nd April 2017 3pm
Earth Day Celebration in the Avebury Stone Circle
A Sound Weaving creating communion with the Earth and All of Life
We are moved to co-create the energy of communion with sound and the land of Avebury on Earth day and would love to invite you to join us in the stones  for a couple of hours – where we weave sounds and attune with the stones, the land, nature and the cosmos – creating and being communion.

If more of us would live in and from communion, what reality could we create?

We invite a contribution of £10 – £15


Sunday 23rd April A Resounding Earth Wave
with Janine Greaves, Heather and Gabriella
Pewsey, Wiltshire,10.00am – 4.30pm £55- £75
we are inviting you to a day of a field of being with our singing bowls, gongs and bells  – attuning with our instruments at a deeper level, receiving them and creating with them – resounding the Earth..


Thursday 27th April 9 30 am – 6 00 pm: Access Bars Class
One day Practitioner training with Heather Cowen

at The Clophill Centre, Bedfordshire
£240 first time / £120 repeaters
To register go here or email directly.
Creating Ease with Change through Transformational and Personal Facilitation
For Heather’s awesome facilitation and/ or body work:

28th April Personal One to One Sessions are available at the Clophill Centre

28th April 7.30pm Beltane Sound Weaving at the Clophill Centre

Clophill, Bedfordshire  29th, 30th April – 1st May 
Create a Singing Bowl –The Art of Sound and Alchemy
Sound Weaving on the Friday evening 28th ( to be included for workshop participants.)
for more information seesinging-bowl workshops    or
to register for this workshop:



12th – 14th May  at Cosán Ciúin,Tranquil Paths, Fully booked
Create a Singing Bowl The Hearth of Transformation                  

 County Leitrim, Ireland
On the land of Eire, under the blessings of Brigid, Goddess of Healing, Poetry and Smithcraft, you are called to reconnect with the ancient tradition of crafting your own medicine bowl.
for more information go here:  this workshop is fully booked

19th – 21st May  at Cosán Ciúin,Tranquil Paths,
Create a Singing Bowl The Heart of Sound Alchemy
due to popular demand and with the first workshop filling up, we have opened up a second weekend at the beautiful Cosan Ciuin
The land is opening to share its heart with us. We enter more deeply into the magic of the unseen worlds as we co-create with the nature kingdoms of the green isle. This beautiful setting offers us a labyrinth and ancient caves.
for more details see here:



Monday 12th June 2017 7.30pm  Mid summer Sound Weaving
 in Whepsted nr Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk – email for directions

Tuesday 13th June  Sound Weaving Training closed group
Wednesday 14th June 10am – 4.30pm Access Body Processes: A Day to learn two powerful body processes for vision and nerve regeneration.
at Great Waldingfield, Suffolk
more info:
or please email for more details:

Thursday 15th June in person One to One Sessions available at Great Waldingfield, Suffolk

30th June – 2nd or 3rd July at Fell Edge Farm, Ilkley, North Yorkshire
The Forge on the Yorkshire Moors 
Midsummer Singingbowl Crafting Retreat – camping 

3 or 4 days camp at the edge of the beautiful Ilkley moors.
Fell Edge Farm – cradled by and looking out over the landscape of the Yorkshire moors – has opened its arms to welcome Resounding Earth to the north. Fell Edge Farm has the facility for camping on the beautiful extensive land, that invites a deeper residential retreat experience, close to the elements – with evening camp fires cooking, stories and music.
We will work in co-creation with the landscape and the elements. A glorious rainbow confirmed our agreement to bring the crafting of bowls to this land.
What vibrations can we co-create here at midsummer?
3 days of crafting your singing bowl and optional on the 4th day a walk onto the moors and local stone circles with our instruments

Investment for this workshop: £330
 includes full tuition, lunches and snacks for the 3 days Friday – sunday.
Monday extra (please enquire if interested)
A non-refundable deposit of £75* will secure your place.
Materials extra – usually between £10 – £30 based on size and type of material used
Camping contributions – Dinners will be self-organised by the campers

Camping fee £10 per night – includes use of kitchen facilities / barn.
to book please email us at:


27th – 30th July 2017 EarthDance at the Clophill Centre Bedfordshire
  Gabriella and Heather will give concerts, workshops and one to one sessions at the Earthdance festival, which is a beautiful camping retreat with amazing international artists at the lovely Clophill Centre. Follow the link above for more details.


 8th August 7 -9.30pm at The Sanctuary in Avebury
8/8 meditation with sound, stories and transmissions form the White Lions:
Many of you know that when we met them in person 2 years ago it had such a powerful effect on me. Their consciousness blasted my heart open. Looking forward to being in communion with this energy and transmitting it at Avebury on 8.8. and connecting with what they are now communicating with us for this time 2017
A contribution of £15 per person in invited to show your appreciations for the faciitation of this event.
Please contact Sue Coulson for further details here on FB or email:
See Facebook event:


13th August 2017 5 – 6.30pm Riding the Lammas Waves: Felledge Farm Ilkley Yorkshire
Sound Weaving with Labyrinth Walk
Come and join Gabriella Kapfer and Linda King in a weaving of sound and music gathering the strands of this summer, giving thanks for the fruits of the Earth.
What invitation of resonance can we be and become to actualize what we dream of?
If weather permits we can have a lammas fire in the evening – bring food to share for supper.
Contributions: £12 / £10 children free more info see:




This year’s special week long deep dive residential retreat:

Resounding Earth on Mull – with visit to Iona:

Join us in the Inner Hebrides for our special residential workshop retreats
Looking out over the Ardalanish Bay from Ardachy Hotel we will craft, we will centre, we will create a space where the song of the sea and the sound of Iona will bring us to a creation space of Resounding New Possibilities.


20th-25th August Isle of Mull, Scotland 
‘A New Beginning’
a 5 day residential singing bowl making retreat

You are invited to craft instruments for a new cycle of time.
We are happy to announce a second, fully residential, singing bowl making retreat near Ardalanish on the Ross of Mull.

In response to the demand for ever greater co-creation with the many Beings of Mull and the requests from those of you who asked… we asked and we opened to receive the response.
At first it was a whisper that came in on the winds and waves of the cosmos … we searched wide and wondered and then there, in front of us was planted a gift. A door opened wide and in came a new energy – a voice and a presence that is clear, soft, fine, generous and on time.

 It was one from the Elven race stepping forward…
find their invitation

Resounding Earth on Mull and Iona:     26th August to 2nd September Isle of Mull   this workshop is full   wait-list only

Forging Sound and Self – a communion with Earth and Cosmos
Inner Hebrides a week long residential Singing Bowl Making – a deepening and opening to the language of Energy…… fully residential for deeper immersion  on the island of Mull in the Western isles of Scotland.


8th – 15th October (or any 7 day time -frame you choose) online series:
Discover Your Magical Capacities

Sun 29th October Samhain / All Hallows Sound Weaving Celebration at Felledge Farm, Ilkley, North Yorkshire 4-6pm
Come to join us for a celebration of Thanks Giving for this year’s harvest, sowing seeds for the new season; being present with those who have transitioned and opening doorways for those who are lost by creating vibrational pathways

Wed 1st November Samhain / All Hallows /All Souls Global Online Sound Weaving Gathering Meditation 8pm London time
Thanks Giving for this year’s harvest, sowing seeds for the new season; being present with those who have transitioned and opening doorways for those who are lost by creating vibrational pathways

Tuesday 14th November 7.30pm Samhain / All Hallows Sound Weaving – in concert with all of life at Great Waldingfield/ Suffolk please RSVP

Sun 17th December Solstice Sound Weaving Celebration at Felledge Farm, Ilkley, North Yorkshire 4-6pm










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