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Gabriella and Heather speak about their work of sound, alchemical instrument creating, magical unfolding and co-creating a Resounding Earth on 15th February 2017 as guests on the Canadian international Radio Show A2Zen Inspired Choices:


Collaboration with Heather and Quentin, Lina and Barry on instruments ancient and new in the beautiful Thorney Hill church

Waterscapes by Vicky Vergou: This film is a Collaboration with Vicky Vergou who created a beautiful short film about water with Gabriella’s bowls,  bells, cello and voice complementing the water sound track:

A video filmed by Marcus Bengston with music from the album Sacred Passage Track 8 by Gabriella

excerpt from Healing Fountain Blog talk radio show January 2013  : Gabriella talking about her journey and work 

During march/april 2013 Heather and Gabriella contributed to the sound track of a  new film called Fairytrails which had it’s first screening at one of the big European film festivals at the end of April 2013: See here the trailer

Cygnus review article Feb 2013:  sadly expired