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if you’d like to hear a little conversation about how this song ‘The Green Temple came into being here it is

Building a world of mutual support in co-creative partnership with nature

‘ Light of the Songbird’ Part One is part of a series of conversations hosted by Heather Cowen: Meet My Friends –  people who facilitate and inspire change for others .
This episode 1h 45 mins a conversation  with Gabriella about her journey into co-creation with nature  – includes a song from the album: ‘Voices of Nature’

F’light of the Songbird part 2 a follow up to the above by popular demand
about the alchemy of the crafting of bowls;and various episodes of singleness journeys – co-creating with the elements, the land and animals…

Co- Creating  A Resounding Earth
Gabriella and Heather featured as  guests in conversation on the Canadian based Inspired Choices Radio Show with international Show Host Christine McIver
Gabriella and Heather speak about their work of sound, alchemical instrument creating, magical unfolding and co-creating a Resounding Earth. What a beautiful weaving of gifting and receiving energies! So grateful. People in the chatroom were crying and becoming part of the magic. If you wish to listen back Enjoy! and become part of the magic! xxxxxxx

Music for Being and Dreaming: An excerpt of the Collaboration with Heather and Quentin, Lina and Barry on instruments ancient and new – live rehearsal in the beautiful Thorney Hill church, New Forest 2014

‘There are windows in the fabric of creation’ – A video based on the music of track 9: ‘Ripples’ – from the album: ‘Voices of Nature’

Waterscapes by Vicky Vergou: This film is a Collaboration with Vicky Vergou who created a beautiful short film about water with Gabriella’s bowls,  bells, cello and voice complementing the water sound track:

‘Dawn’ – A video filmed by Marcus Bengston with music from the album Sacred Passage Track 8 ‘Dawn’ by Gabriella

‘Iona’ – A video created by George Guida to the song: ‘Iona land of my Dreaming’ from the album: ‘Songs of the Dove‘

excerpt from Healing Fountain Blog talk radio show January 2013  : Gabriella talking about her journey and work 

During march/april 2013 Heather and Gabriella contributed to the sound track of a  new film called Fairytrails which had it’s first screening at one of the big European film festivals at the end of April 2013: See here the trailer

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Cygnus review article Feb 2013:  sadly expired