Online Sound Attunements – Frequency Transmissions

Four Frequency Transmissions ……. A series of four online sound attunements

Resonance Chamber Communion with Earth (2)
A musical journey with the being of the inner earth…Songs of creation that enable the new.

In communion with the Earth – A Symphony of Creating, Being and Becoming

Many of you know that in January 2016 we spent a glorious couple of days in a recording studio on the edge of the Lancashire and Yorkshire dales. We experienced the creation of the music as a sublime co-creation with the Earth and the Cosmos, allowing it to arise in the moment – in a state of communion with All of Life.We asked this music to play us to assist both the human and the Earth’s evolution.
We then lived with this music for one year – listening while journeying and being – allowing the music to inform as as to how it would like to contribute to the Earth and be shared with the world.
We and our friends who have journeyed with this music have experienced the Earth responding to the sounds, the land itself rising to meet us and we also experienced ourselves coming into greater coherence physically molecularly as well as expanded states of consciousness and awareness.

After one year we have finally received the format through which this music as frequency transmissions would like to be shared in new ways:

We are offering 4 online sound attunement sessions, where – similar to online sound weaving – we introduce each of the Resonance Rooms and enter together into an attuned space.
The invitation is into a greater communion with the Earth and with our own embodiment, allowing a molecular and cellular shift towards greater coherence and awareness – together creating a powerful vibrational field amplified by all of us through which more becomes possible for us and for the Earth .

This Series starts on World Sound Healing Day / Valentines Day:
14th February – a Space of Communion

joining many worldwide in attunement:
and continues fortnightly:
28th February – a Space of Creation
14th March – a Space of Being
28th March – a Space of Becoming

each at 8pm GMT
You can join each attunement individually or sign up for the whole series.
We are offering the attunements for the same price as the Resonance Rooms downloads, so the attunement is our gift and you will receive the Resonance Room sound files as downloads you can keep.
If you are joining this later, all recordings are available if you wish to purchase the whole set.

Series of Sound Attunements:

£15 per frequency transmission / Resonance Room if bought individually

or £55 for the series if bought together as a bundle (if you can’t attend all of them, you can still sign up for all 4 and receive the recordings)

or email us for other payment arrangements

Once you have purchased your ‘Sound Attunement’ or the ‘Resonance Room’, we will send you the link to the Zoom Room Attunement. You will receive the recordings of the attunement and the music itself after the attunement session.

Any questions:

Alternatively if you would like to purchase the Resonance Rooms independently of the Online Sound Attunement Sessions , you can find them here:
If you choose this, you can still join us for the sound attunement sessions. Just email us letting us know that you have already purchased the Resonance Rooms.

The invitation of these attunements is to come with us into a resonance chamber where you can enter into communion with the Earth, with your own embodiment, allowing a molecular and cellular shift towards greater coherence and awareness. Together we will deepen our experience and communion with Earth and Cosmos.

“This music takes sound healing to a new level. Rather than healing this is communion and becoming – an invitation to a whole new way of being and creating with the Earth.”


One of the many awesome experiences of the Sound Attunements: 

‘The attunement session was mind boggling.  I was in a sweet space of being and so moved.
My whole live is shifting and I am changing.  I am beginning to shift things I didn’t think were possible to shift. I see things shifting in me, at a rapid rate, and see others touched.I am so very grateful.’ N