Resonance Room Space of Being

A Space of Being Resonance Room


Product Description

This music was created in communion with the earth and the cosmos – inviting the intelligence of the cosmos, the stars and the Earth to weave a vibrational field of possibility that invites the greatest potential of what we can collectively Be

Create a space for you and your body to receive the music and the sound vibrations as frequency transmissions – allowing a molecular and cellular shift towards greater coherence and awareness.
We invite you to drop, open, allow and receive the Space of Being.

Duration: 21 minutes

Each vibrational transmission can be experienced on its own or as part of a series of four Resonance Rooms

Room 1 Space of Communion,
Room 2 Space of Creation,
Room 3 Space of Becoming,
Room 4 Space of Being

Each Room when purchased individually £15
Buy all four for £55


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