Awaken your deeper knowing, aliveness & connectedness with All of Life

Re-awaken your magical Capacities

Become a Conscious Co-creator of your Life and our World  in partnership with Nature and All of Life

All our programs and events are designed to deepen connection with the natural world, the cosmos, the earth and tap into your own essence and purpose


Experience alchemy in action through Sound, vibration, the alchemical forge….

We offer incredible experiences of being a co-creator with all of life – finding new perspectives, meaning and sense of contribution.

Through learning attunement and co-creative principles you can
– experience yourself as a creator and co-creator with the elements – forging your own metal healing instrument at the alchemical forge
– experience magic and the joy of co-creation
– tune yourself and your environment with sound to greater coherence and harmony
– create vibrational fields of possibility that can change your reality
– enter into communion with nature and expand your perception beyond the realms of the 5 senses,
– feel the interconnectedness of all of life and access the spirit of collaboration, heightened awareness and aliveness

We offer journeys, workshops, concerts, events, online sound focused meditations, programs & One to One Sessions and More….
Enjoy the exploration!
We look forward to meeting you



Current Online Offerings during Lockdown:

‘Becoming a Conscious Co-creator with All Life’ 

4 weekly online Attunement Sessions starting 21st May 2020

What’s required to live in and from greater communion with Earth and Cosmos ?
What’s required to be ‘at home with ourselves’ to create a Future of Connectedness and Thriving?

With seas, trees, bees, seeds, fire, breeze, ease and belonging……

Becoming a Conscious Co-creator with All Life – A call series

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Music, alchemically hand crafted instruments, and one to one sessions

‘This is way beyond what I’ve ever experienced… There are no words to describe it..’ ‘I feel more connected with my true self, like I am awakening from a deep sleep’ ‘Within minutes of my time with Gabriella I opened my voice, heart and body’

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