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Weaving with the Songlines of the Earth


Co-creating new possibilities for living with this beautiful planet

Would you like to join the co-creation with Nature and the Earth?

What life, what thriving Future with the Earth would we collectively wish to dream and co-create at this Time?

All our programs and events are designed to deepen connection with Nature, the cosmos, the earth and align with your own Essence and Source

Re-awaken your magical Capacities

Become a Conscious Co-creator of your Life and our World in partnership with Nature and All of Life

Awaken your deeper knowing, aliveness & connectedness with All of Life

We offer incredible experiences of being a co-creator with all of life – finding new perspectives, meaning and sense of contribution. Through learning attunement and co-creative principles you can

Experience yourself as a creator and co-creator with the elements – forging your own metal healing instrument at the alchemical forge

Experience magic and the joy of co-creation

Tune yourself and your environment with sound to greater coherence and harmony

Create vibrational fields of possibility that can change your reality

Enter into communion with nature and expand your perception beyond the realms of the 5 senses,

Feel the interconnectedness of all of life and access the spirit of collaboration, heightened awareness and aliveness

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Blog Posts

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  • Our move to Portugal We had been looking for a long time for a place that would offer a different way of life;

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‘Becoming a Conscious Co-creator with All Life’
An Ongoing Group of Dreamers and Co-creators of a Future of High Vibration