Breath of the Earth


Breath of the Earth

Inspirational music for meditation and healing. Sound-weaving with cello, voice and singing-bowls.47min playing time.for the co-operation of all beings of Earth in peace and love.a sound-weaving tapestry creating vibrations to balance polarities, revitalize and restore the Earth and ourselves.

This music was co-created with the invisible realms for peace, balance, restoration of Nature and remembering.

Recorded live on the isle of Iona 2005.

listen to samples:

Breath of the Earth track 6 excerpt –
Breath of the Earth track 8 –

suggested donation for ‘Breath of the Earth’:£10

suggested donation for ‘Breath of the Earth’:£10

Feedback from listeners:

‘I wanted to share my experience Gabiella as feedback for you. In listening and moving I sound experienced an awakening in myself and a sense of the struggle of past and present wounding to people around the world, feeling the deep conflict and divisions this has created, and then the presence of a huge waterfall of light being that poured water and silver energy that ran in trickles and rivers across the lands and I felt began seeping into my toes and rising in my body. An amazing journey, a powerful sense of connection and healing, a lot of learning’.

thank you Gabriella with love Lynne

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