Dare To Care – A Love Based Economy

Dare To Care – A Love Based Economy

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What an incredible time we live in!Many people out in the streets taking a stand, which says clearly that the world, as it is, does not make sense or works!

Some of you know that I only recently returned from a month of immersing myself into an experience of living and working in a peace-ecovillage / healing biotope in Portugal (www.tamera.org), where I received tremendous inspiration and insight into how deeply we are entrenched within a matrix of separation in our ‘normal’ reality and what steps we can take to build a different reality that is reconnected and sane. This will powerfully inform my future work and teaching.

In this climate it seems like perfect timing that as we need answers to the urgent questions of how to create a different reality my friend Louis who has been a trusted companion over many years has finally written his book: ‘Dare to Care’ offering pathways perspectives and steps towards an ‘economy of love’. He has researched the depths and heights of how we can transform the current money system that creates the matrix of separation into an economy of love – remembering the principles of caring and sharing – the basic flow of the heart.

The publishers realized the urgency of this work and pushed the publication, so that it has become available just as the ’Occupy Wall Street’ movement has been moving around the world.

I feel it to have the potential to make an incredible contribution towards offering solutions to the current problems along with a huge shift in consciousness and paradigm, which is exactly what is needed at this time of fundamental change!

For those who are interested Here is the description of the book, which is now being launched by and available from Amazon and Cosimo:

It’s just been made ‘book of the month’ by Cosimo: see review: Click here

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Dare to Care

a collection of ideas and initiatives to change finance as we know it, is a platform for global citizens to work together and maneuver through the world economic and financial crisis. The ideas presented within-of changing our mindset from a money-first to a care-first attitude-are meant to stimulate thoughts about our current monetary system and economy and how we truly want them to function.

Author Louis Böhtlingk presents a workable method for us to change the way we think and feel about money, using it instead to support our fellow man, the Earth, and the gifts we all receive through each other and our planet.

Dare to Care stresses that with a care-first approach, money can support our efforts to create a better world without greed or fear of going without. Böhtlingk shares his vision for a love-based economy and a care-first world, using examples of businesses, organizations, communities, and individuals who have made this approach work for them and those they serve.

Dare to Care encourages readers to approach finance and economics from a new perspective, one which urges them to reorganize their own approach to money and empowers them to act and achieve a care-first worldview.


“In my 25 years as an entrepreneur, there has been a rule to keep one’s heart out of business decisions. Dare to Care boldly disrupts this rule with a vision of finance and economics that integrates heart and mind, left and right brain, and weaves hard economic facts with lyrical poetry. It highlights thriving businesses, banks, and non-profits which employ Care-First vs. Money-First as a long overdue pathway to true sustainability for all people of the world.” -Leslie Danziger, Co-founder and former Chairman of Solaria Corporation, USA

“Louis Böhtlingk has given us a clear way to create a renewed sense of how to assess the tools we have and our needs. The poetry of Dare to Care is a personal policy that should become the basis of a newly defined economic policy for all. How do we turn it into a new course book for candidates seeking Economic PhD degrees?” -Michaela Walsh, President/Founder of Women’s World Banking, USA

About the author

LOUIS BÖHTLINGK is a visionary who has worked as a counselor for more than 30 years. With his wife Sandra, he has created multiple platforms with which to address the money issues that individuals and companies experience. Louis is also the creator of the “Meeting the Mystery of Money” workshop, which has been held throughout the U.S., the U.K., and the Netherlands and helps individuals to reorganize their finances and lives with a care-first approach. You can learn more about the work Louis and Sandra do on their website,www.carefirstworld.com

You can contact them on daretocare@carefirstworld.com

Some quotes from the Book, including Chapter List (see attached)

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