Shifting Sands

Shifting Sands

Here we are halfway through this extraordinary year where the contrasts of what we can create on this Earth in terms of upliftment versus destruction seems to be getting greater.For example; How is fracking the expression of our collective consciousness? Where do we collectively destroy our very lifeblood and organism? When I did an inner questing a few days ago around this question I saw that the attitude in me that would contribute to this is the one that is based on: ‘I want. I want more, more more’ whatever the more is; it’s ’I want more for me’ versus: ” I want more for us, for the whole’. As long as I focus on my individual isolated fear based survival and accumulation, I contribute to that which takes without regard for the health and well-being of the whole.

The shift is not in putting myself in service and sacrificing self. My experience of the last months has shown me that we are in a time where the most important thing is to live in our joy, yet what I see is that the joy of who I can be gets multiplied when it is aligned with my listening to my greater self, my body, nature and to the wellbeing of the bigger organism of the Earth, the Universe and the Cosmos I am a part of. And in this it is not a joy that rejects and tries to avoid everything else that it is not; it is embracing, not polarizing.

I am learning that there is an even deeper step to take in the joyful co-creative partnership with nature, which includes my inner nature, my body and the world.My own quest and work is to deepen and expand on the questions:

How can we as individuals and collectively learn a new way of living, where we learn from nature to develop partnership with ourselves, our own bodies, others and the world at large not in a static way but in an ever evolving creative way of discovery and evolution?

I am allowing the question to guide me in my next steps of discovering what I can do and how I can facilitate experiences that enable real co-creative evolutionary living.

Thank you for being a part of this journey.
With summer blessings,