Do we create from the past, from addiction or for the future?

Do we create from the past, from addiction or for the future?

When at the end of 2013 I heard that all but one county in the UK has given the ok for fracking (hydraulic fracturing) the land, I was struck by such grief, pain and despair that my body went into a sobbing fit – shaking and burning in me.

I felt the Earth, I felt the very fabric of the land, of the crust, the delicate systems of water and life being blasted and destroyed and polluted as if it was happening in my own body.

My vision of this possible Future showed me that there was no more safe place for any life form – animal or human, no more clean pure water. Albion – the spirit of this sacred island – and the Earth as a whole organism sick to death…….

After letting this pain burn through me, I was left with the question, what does it take to change this possible Future into a different one, one where we as a collective become a caring group of stewards, one where those who are in positions of power have the long term welfare of all in their hearts and minds?
A friend recently told me that she had a conversation with a business man at an energy gathering where she pointed out the fact that the problems and destruction cause by fracking both short and long term hugely outnumber and out-weigh any benefits that may be derived from the energy gained in the very short term – leaving future generations with a legacy of destruction and and liability.

In the conversation it turned out that he didn’t want to let in her point of view because he had invested a large sum of money into the fracking companies, so wasn’t even open to hearing the quiet voice of reason, warning, conscience and truth.

I want to ask the question: where do I and where does each of us have invested energy or money or whatever else into a direction or way of life that would make me/ us close our eyes, ears and hearts to hearing the voice of the Earth, the call of Nature, the deep sound of our own soul’s knowing?
What does it take for us to wake up?

What is needed from each of us to shift the energy within our own internal ‘community’ to hear and follow that sound/ voice rather than the many strong embedded and well-known tracks, where we have invested our energy in systems and ways of living that destroy?

More awareness is trying to bubble through the cracks of the very tight matrix of our consensus reality. I see it happening everywhere.
My wish for the year 2014 is that we may individually and collectively pull back our energy ties from the investments into destructive, uncaring and life-denying habits and ways of life – even when their effects are not seen or experienced by us but by others thousands of miles away in sweatshops or destroyed landscapes e.t.c. . Can we create and live from a new place?

Rather than live and create in and from habitual past patterns can we learn to create and live from the Future and for the Future? Can we create from and for a Future of Caring for a world in mutual support and co-creative partnership with all of life? Can we create from possibility rather than limitation and destruction.

I feel moved to support movements and organisations that work on changing the framework for the values of our culture driven by the addiction to money: (see this very powerful article describing the addiction to wealth, which gives an insight into the energetic much of our society is driven by:)Click here. is a movement to acknowledge ecocide not as a normality but as a crime and give voice and status to the Earth and Nature. Click here
I also feel moved to create and join global groups who hold the focus of being in the heart and create coherent fields of love, care, possibility, non judgement , joyful co-creation and connectedness with all of life.
see here as an example the global coherence initiative: Click here and
and sacred activism prayer circles: Click here