The Flight of the Songbirds – a Songlines Journey Brazil

The Flight of the Songbirds – a Songlines Journey Brazil

The Songlines journey of the Flight of the Songbirds

On the 29th December Heather and I started our Songlines journey of the flights of the Songbirds through the Southern Hemisphere.

This journey has been inspired over a couple of years , when I heard the call from the Wild on the inside and then elephants turned up in many different ways catching myattention: see my blog ‘Animal communications’ here:

Click here I heartily recommend Linda Tuckers book: ‘The Mystery of the White Lions’ ,which really is an incredibly important work for our time!

When in march 2014 I was told that my magical home of 10 years needed to be sold and the next day Heather received an invitation to fly and follow her dreams , the question stood in the space: what next? A huge opening of potential and change.

The morning after we received a message from a friend in South Africa who we met the year before inviting us to South Africa as she woke from a dream in which the land of South Africa and the animals asked for us to come here. She extended the invitation to us and offered to be our host.

This created its own momentum of YES, which resulted in the Journey of ‘The Songlines journey flight of the Songbirds’ around the Southern Hemisphere for a number of months beginning in late 2014.
3 continents extended invitations: South Africa, Australia and Brazil.
We ended up with Brazil as our starting point , continuing to South Afirca and lastly Australia/ New zealand. What follows are summaries of our travel blog:

December 2014 – May 2015

Brazil 29th Dec 2014 – 5th Feb 2015

The flight of the songbirds began on the 29th December 2014
Our journey began with an emergency closure of Gatwick airport just before we were about to board our plane due to an emergency landing, which fortunately occurred without further serious incident but left thousands of people stranded in the airport, which soon began to overflow as more and more people arrived and no-one was able to leave for hours.

Every corner of every hallway was occupied – every seat taken and floorspace along walls became popular – especially anywhere near wall sockets to charge phones or computers for the lang wait ahead. Our own airline company tried to reroute us through Stanstead and gathered us all up to be bussed to the other side of London. We were taken through the back alleys of the airport – usually only

accessed by staff – collected all our checked in bags again and stayed in a waiting line on another floor for a couple of hours. This resulted in making contact with many lovely people in the same situation – beautiful exchanges with strangers – the magic and human contact that are facilitated by situations outside the linear workings of best laid plans. We were beautifully taken care of…and ended up with a 24 hour stay in Madrid – where we were swept up in the preparations of New Years Eve celebrations and then rerouted through Salvador Bahia – being welcomed into Brazil by its northern shore of beauty and warmth.

Arrival in Brazil on New Years Eve 2014:

Being embraced by the warmth and energy of Brazil…. – we were able to let go and become like lizards drinking in the warmth of the country, the people , the sun – releasing …. letting go to join the New Years Eve celebrations at the dragon centre in Nazare Paulista.

A small town in the countryside nr Sao Paulo where our friends Ana and Antoinette have created a sanctuary of co-creation, Nazare provided us with the joys of cicadas singing through the night, rainforest birds and monkey calls lulling us to sleep and waking us in the mornings.


Eating tropical fruits fresh from the local markets enhanced our appreciation of Nature’s generosity and pharmacy. Intense heat was interrupted by massiv thunderstorms , downpours and lightnig that regularly knocked out the power supply – leaving us with candlelight and gas for cooking.

Aguas Da Prata – The Silver Waters

2 hours north of Sao Paulo we travelled to a small Spa town – a place of pilgrimage for the healing mineral springs – many different combinations of healing mineral waters that are found in and around this town of the ‘silver waters’.

Sadly Nestle /CocaCola has bought the springs and is now selling the water not in its pure natural form of the mineral combination but with additives. But many of the springs can still be accessed in their original form.We were invited to play at a ‘celtic’ brazilian wedding and christening – cocreating it with our beautiful friends Ana and Anto from the dragon light centre who officiated the ceremonies.

During the ceremony which was held under a giant grandmother mango tree who from time to time dropped beautiful yellow ripe mangoes, 2 monkeys appeared out of the forest hopped over the grass into our mango tree and started throwing mangoes to the ground like golden blessings of abundance and celebration bringing lightness to the christening. They spared us and just threw the fruit on the other side of the tree away from our crowd of 30.

Rio De Janeiro

Five days in Rio de Janeiro gave us access to life on the beach, where much of Rio Life seems to happen. Everyone appears to come to the beach at some part of the day and into the night – swimming, meeting, playing football, trading….
The greatest and most moving event on Ipanema beach is sunset when the glowing ball of light gets a round of applause as it dives red behind sea and land.

Our relationship with the sun as a benevolent being and intelligence was being acknowledged and celebrated and palpably strengthened through this brief but very moving daily practice. It was a total wonder to behold this non religious act of gratitude.

The grand statue of Corcovado – Christ the Redeemer – oversees the town – exuding an amazing energy of strength and benevolent beauty. At the top of a high pinnacle this is a gathering place for many, a place of prayer for others and a place to gain new perspective whilst overlooking the vast vista of sea and land.

Being driven in a taxi or bus through Rio we had to just surrender to the wild race and trust in angels and road spirits.
Sao Paul In Sao Paolo water shortages and days with no water have become common place. As the high plateaus of scrubland are being built up and the Amazonas rainforest is being diminuished each day,the natural cycles of rainwater and rivers that bring water towards the Sao Paulo basin has been disrupted, leaving an evergrowing population of 22million citicens with not enough water.

The water gets simply turned of on certain days to rationalize.Much of the focus of our work in Sao Paolo was with the human relationship and honouring of water: sound weavings and co-creating with water and a magnificent abundance ritual with the Dragon Light Centre. We were strengthened in our work by a gathering of sixty or more people who gathered for a monthly Abundance Ritual.

We also took part in Ana and Antoinette’s fabulous Dragon Energy Workshop – meeting many wonderful people, beings and dragons and co-creating with many energies.


Out of these new connections and meetings we received a spontaneous invitation to a weekend on a beach in the ‘Atlantic Rainforest’ where we enjoyed the incredible sound scape of birds and cicadas, the richness of the forest, the beach and the fresh waterfall pools in a Cathedral of Nature.

A sound weaving was co-created with the birds and sounds of the forest as our friends sat in the sun around a swimming pool and the giant raptors, the Urubu gathered and circled as if to take up the energy from on high.


The ‘new’ capital city of Brasil. Much anger is projected by many at this city where congress meets and government is based and where many feel the focus of corruption that pervades some of the strata of Brasil.

Brasilia’s Cathedral is an amazing archtectural work of beauty and vision. It was consistent with the open and spacious quality we experienced everywhere in this city of form and structure, light and dark ever present but with allowance somehow …all aspects represented.

Alto Paraiso

Our last week took us to Alto Paraiso – ‘High Paradise’ and yes that is what it is with its incredible richness of natural waterfalls, national park and a town where people have been drawn from all corners of the world and the market is filled with incredible food alchemists of all kinds – honouring the gifts of nature as medicine. Artisans and crafts – a thriving little community…

There is a legend about this area of the Chapada as the land of renewal from where – as the water rise and it becomes an island – a new culture will emerge.- This legend also connects to the old celtic legend of a sunken island of the westcoast of Ireland called ‘Hy Brasil’. This island , which can still be traced under the ocean is said to be the land of renewal and abundance and carries this same frequency of a thriving culture of co-operation and co-creation with all life.