The magical journey of a high frequency bell

The magical journey of a high frequency bell

The magical journey of the birth of a new frequency / bell

A few months ago, I set out for a retreat at my favorite healing center, “Bridge Between the Worlds” in Keswick, Virginia. While this space has held vast transformational healing experiences for me, among the most memorable were the time I first met Gabriella while on retreat with my mom and sister (oh the stories she shared) and the time Mom and I had the privilege of hearing (and feeling) Gabriella and Heather weave sounds together.

Mom passed a month after that concert, the sacred vibration of the evening I believe was an invitation for her to surrender, to carry the music into the ultimate grace of Oneness.

My mom was my mirror and my microphone. I saw and heard myself through her affirmations of light and love. Now that she has crossed over, I wonder, who am I without my mom’s vision of me and what is the sound of my voice without her to hear it?

On my most recent visit to the Bridge, I sat down with Maggie, my most gifted healer, and unloaded the weight of my grief, my fear, and my hope for the next chapter of my life. On her table, Maggie’s hands peeled away the dense layers of my suffering until she reached my core. And there, unburdened by the density of living in form, I was free.

In this raw and vulnerable place, I opened to my guides’ message. Through Maggie, they explained that the human race is like a band of musicians and while I’ve often sought out to be the drummer in this life, my frequency is really that of the smallest bell. It is quiet and gentle… and oh so powerful. Maggie was guided to play this instrument, made by Gabriella, over my body and I was immediately brought Home.

Yes, that is my sound. That is my power. That is my voice.

Maggie let me borrow her bell for the length of my retreat. I played it often to remind myself of my gospel, the truth of it washing over me like a prayer and becoming deeper with each strike. While the bell may be overpowered by louder instruments, it has an ethereal magic that can break through the noise of the world and be heard by those who want to hear it. Maybe that’s what writing is for me, the mighty little bell.

Upon my return home, I reached out to Gabriella to share my experience, my revelation, and my gratitude for her part in it. And I asked if she could craft a bell just for me… what she did was more than I could have ever dreamed.

After a lengthy phone chat that included a beginner’s education on crafting sound pitch and tone, Gabriella sent me a variety of sound bites to determine which most supported my being. Together, we fell easily into the metaphor of sounds that felt most like Home and those that felt like places I might like to visit. A masterful reader of energy and vibration, Gabriella loved me through this process with deep intention and patience.

Once we identified my “home sound,” Gabriella approached its manifestation with sacred tenderness and grace. She co-created with the elements throughout the bell’s journey and sent me images of the physical process and explanations of the accompanying energetic alchemy. Instead of attempting to describe the power of her poetic interpretations, I offer a few excerpts…

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Then my awareness moves to the vibrational reathumb_img_1703_1024lity of your home star / planet place of origin….I sense your lineage and tribe, those of your vibration come close to assist and contribute. A strong yet light presence – as all the rainbow colours move over the metal – more etherial than I am used to. Pink and gold is prevalent and at some point silver – mixed in with the hues of green, purple, orange……

On the second round of hammering I sense more deeply into that frequency of your home: It feels way beyond what we here create as our reality of form and structure, in fact it feels outside of form and structure, outside linearity, concentricity and definition.

Energetically I perceive no limitation to creativity – the imagination is flying, birds and insects are flying and clouds are moving fast through the sky. The environment is a perfect match for the frequency as the soft breeze keeps everything in constant movement. Wow, what else is possible?

Then yesterday I continued with the hammering and deepening of the bell. I felt that what was being asked for was that the frequencies and vibrations that had been accessed and poured into the bell from your home planet wanted to be made available and integrated in tangible way into your life and body, so that what you can bring forward with those frequencies can create something totally new on this planet for this Earth and all beings of Earth and this universe img_1721– as you embody the frequencies

I experienced during the hammering that there was quite a bit of recalibration required. For a long time the sound was pulled in different directions while the different frequency ranges were trying to adjust to each other to create something that would be a match but not diminish and reduce anything. I asked the atoms and molecules to adjust and shift and allow a new way of vibrating….

And then a most unexpected gift… the invitation made by Heather to include Mom in the alchemy. As Mom added a “drop of elixir” to my bell, Heather and Gabriella were moved to sound, capturing their weaving for me to hear later. Oh, Mom was so alive in their vibration! Can you imagine a greater offering of Love? And the sound of the bell after that final transmission is like liquid love, a baptism of rebirth and possibility.

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Now, with great anticipation, I wait for the bell to arrive at my doorstep– just in time for my mom’s birthday. My sister and I have decided to bring our sounds to the labyrinth to honor Mom on her day. I will bring my bell and Holly will bring her drum. And we will meet each other in the space between the sounds we make. That’s where our Mom is. Reminding us of the beauty and boldness of both of our voices.

Thank you, Gabriella and Heather, for assisting me on my healing journey to wholeness.

Your Lightwork is boundless.

With infinite love and gratitude,
Nicki Peasley