Ready for Co-creation? What have we learnt/gained from the lock-down?


Ready for Co-creation? What have we learnt/gained from the lock-down?

After the lifting of the first lockdown Co-creation and alchemy of bee wisdom

What have we learnt, created, received over the last months? Where are we?

I’ve seen people remember their roots, go out on the land and grow food, connect with plants and soil, ask themselves what truly matters, what is of essence?

Especially those with access to land, gardens and nature in any way who also reduced their media input have deepened their sense of being supported by and creating with the Earth, while those who are in cities and locked into mainstream media have suffered a lot of confusion, frustration, isolation and fear. Collectively are we moving through the eye of a needle? Into where?

What is our part in the creation of the Future? Where do we find ourselves?

In my own journey over this 4 month period I have felt so incredibly looked after…. The bees as our teachers of alchemy:

deep in the womb and the darkness of the hive – occurs the alchemical transformation of raw materials into nourishment- pollen bread and medicines- honey, propolis, venom, royal jelly and more, the creation and nurture of life and the most exquisite structure based on and making visible the sacred geometry that underlies all of life in the hexagonal structure of the waxcoombe.

Outside the dark womb – the hive – they weave and maintain the web of life, vitalize, pollinate vivvify the plants and lands…..

We worked to assist them to find homes in trees, where they are much more supported in their tasks…

See here some of the videos from our spring journey Click here or Click here

and if you’d like to read about the bee learnings from last autumn see here and from this spring: here How much can we learn from them at this time of transformation about the inner alchemy of turning what is base material within us into golden nourishment, building material and medicine for a thriving life sustaining future?

What are the dreams hopes, fears, unshed tears, traumas, griefs and potentials within each of us that want to be accessed out of locked cupboards, brought into the fermentation process, so that it can become potent energy for co-creating with our planet?

During May and June We were moved to offer an online series of ‘becoming a conscious co-creator’ which was an incredible journey initiated by the bees and deepened by the elements of fire , water, the seas, the whales and seeds. During this month the most incredible ‘co-incidences and synchronicities’ occurred for so many of us that showed us the universe as a total co-creative force with us – outside of time.

I.e. we found out afterwards that the very day when we all attuned with the oceans and whales was world ocean day! Who arranged that weeks before?

… during the fire attunement week the looting and rioting in the States started – asking us to make relationship with the fire energies on so many levels for co-creation on a deeper level.

We all felt that at this time in history it is more vital than ever to invite the co-creation of all forces of nature and all intelligent species to invite a future that includes the wellbeing and thrival of all Most of human culture is still completely human centred, but as infinite beings we have a much larger playground of co-creation that is asking to be included.

On my own journey – having now left the Alentejo in Southern Portugal a couple of weeks ago, moving me and some of the bees into central Portugal into the mountains of the Estrella….I have been experiencing the grace of landing in places that I perceived in visions 26years ago.

Wow, what alignments are possible right now at this time that if we allow ourselves to sense and move beyond the fog of fear and confusion that is being created by mainstream media, can give us have access to incredible synchronicities and opportunities way beyond what we thought might be possible?

Would you like to join us these next months to connect to the spirit of co-creation and join the circle of those who wish to bring new possibilities into this changing world?

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