Stripping to Core Essence, Releasing the Old & Inviting the New – Monthly Soundwand November 15th 2020


Stripping to Core Essence, Releasing the Old & Inviting the New – Monthly Soundwand November 15th 2020

Here is a sample of one of the monthly soundwand Subscription emails with the soundwand itself downloadable as a gift for you: The theme of the soundwand is: Stripping to Core Essence, Releasing the Old & Inviting the New Enjoy Blessings on this New Moon 15th November 2020  I am writing to you from our new home in the Portugese ‘mountains of the stars’ from where we receive the Dreaming of the Future;

Our experience of living here on the edge of a Portuguese village and slowly being welcomed by more and more of the villagers, we find ourselves surrounded by incredible generosity… Every few day someone shares some of their produce and harvest with us… its as if they are just happy to share… and a couple of days ago we received some goats milk from the family who has the one village goat. I made my first fresh goats cheese.

Abundance of Earth and community seems to be such a known template here from where we can regenerate and seed new realities……

We are moving through the most incredible times – with everything we knew as stable unravelling before our eyes – or behind the scenes – the world as we knew it is crumbling: ‘Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be…’

So much is being stripped, let go, purified…..

And now who are we and who can we be to be a part of the co-creation of a Future yet unknown to be birthed from the rubble of a past that no longer supports us.

What we are experiencing here in our new home that we landed in, is an incredible stillness and peace within Nature – even though we can also see and perceive the imbalances through hundreds of years of unbalanced cultivation and are being pulled to start working with the soil microorganisms starting from the ground up.

Our friends with the many rewilding projects in the area are noticing that as they are allowing the pine monoculture to die and be taken out, new young forests are emerging, many of the seeds have been in the ground waiting…. oaks chestnuts, hawthorn and many many others… are re-emerging and the humans tune in to add to the variety for the expansion of diversity and wellbeing….

So many the seeds for a new way of being are here…. waiting for their time when there is space for them to unfold…. and we are invited to add to them from our Dreaming and Perceiving of the Future….Meanwhile we are asked to energise the timeline of the greatest Future through our vibration and alignment….

Today’s supermoon when Uranus and Pluto are bringing up from the deep many things that at some point might have seemed stable and ‘a fact of life’ are now being questioned…….

The purification/ releasing is happening all around us and within us. Many are being stripped to the core….. and what an opportunity to reconnect to ‘Essence’ – what is it we can be when we vibrate and function from our core essence – aligned with our own connection to Source independent of any outer circumstances……

What is the True Vibration we can bring forward and create from at this time?

Holding a vibration that allows something completely beyond our Knowing to be emerging from a new place of alignment that arises from the gold frequency of togetherness….

What can our daily actions be to allow this to be birthed?

This soundwand is the first one to have been cocreated with the granite rocks of this land that our house is made out of – the crystal in the rock literally amplifying and empowering the sound vibrations: We were nearly blown away by our first sound experience in this house, sending the stones coming alive and joining their energies.

Allow this soundwand to assist you with the stripping/ releasing to Core Essence from where you align with your tone that rings true and you carry a frequency that co-creates with the gold frequency and all those who are also aligning with their core essence to create a Future beyond the dissolution that has a way higher vibration than what we have seen here on this planet for a long long time!!!!!Let the gold and silver assist in the new calibration.

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Sending you so many abundant blessings to see you through this next cycle of change….

Huge love and gratitude to each of you for being here at this time and co-creating the frequencies for a Future of Togetherness, Love and Joy Gabriella Pour expliquer par quel plus investisseurs aussi bien que la perspective de dépréciation nous précisons version en celui-là. Brandon Dur a été annoncé et understandably de son zig zag point de suture autour de son patrimoine.

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