Sound Weaving began with Gabriella, the sound-weaver – also lovingly called ‘the Songbird’ by many friends – in the 90ies and evolved further when the second Songbird Heather Cowen joined Gabriella in 2009.


Sound Weaving is a modality creating vibrational fields of coherence and possibility through sound and vibration. We have repeatedly found that this work facilitates healing, change and transformation in subtle but powerful ways.


Together Gabriella and Heather make a powerful duo of Sound Weavers – birthing new vibrational possibilities, whiles travelling, giving workshops and sound concerts, trainings & sessions where invited on the ‘Flights of the Songbirds Songlines.’


Gabriella has a background in psychotherapy, gardening, farming as well as music.

passionate about teaching co-creative partnership with nature and the earth she has been co-facilitating workshops, retreats and transformational journeys and pilgrimages with sound, nature and craft for many years.

As a skilled craftswoman, experienced and deeply intuitive sound alchemist she creates alchemy with the forge, fire and metal as she smiths sounding instruments of energy and vibration. It is a dedicated work of love that contributes to the future of the planet.


She also has a background in process orientated psychology/ psychotherapy, group-work, music and working with the land/gardens in co-creative partnership, all of which comes into play through her sensitive and attuned facilitation.

She learnt the craft of metal smithing and instrument making with master coppersmith and blacksmith Ton Akkermans since 2004 and started offering workshops of singing-bowl making in 2011.
She is particularly skilled at facilitating the alchemical process with metal, fire, the elements and the vibration of conscious heartfelt connection as a way to consciously invite, birth and/or transform energies in our personal lives and in the world. As such the making of the singing bowls becomes a tool of creation way beyond the instrument itself.
Heather has a wide reaching background in facilitation,teaching and hosting. Heather empowers others to widen their lens and perceive beyond the evidence based surface. She gives people access to more of themselves through sound, music and creative mentoring, intuitive and well developed skills of deep listening as well as energy healing and one to one facilitation.
a Muse and Midwife to new Creations. She is also called upon for Doula work with those who are dying and have died.
She has a wide experience of and a wild love of intuitive cooking, co-creating meals with the plants and bodies she is feeding! Heather also offers a wide range of tools for change and living with greater ease and is a facilitator of Access Consciousness Bars and Body Processes and is always learning more about her own capacities and opening doors to others having more of their own.
See Heather’s website www.fieldsofbeing.com for more of her work.
Heather and Gabriella’s joint sound alchemy work has evolved with forge, fire, metal, sound, birthing and transformation at ResoundingEarth.org


I grew up in Germany – loving the countryside, learnt, practiced and studied farming and Agriculture for a number of years in Austria and Germany, then worked in the social field for a few years before turning to music and sound.
I am passionate about living in co-creative partnership with nature and the earth, have evolved a new modality called Sound Weaving – creating vibrational fields of coherence and possibility through sound and vibration and I create alchemy with the forge, fire and metal, smithing sound instruments of energy and vibration creating the future.

What got me on this path

I was co-running a small retreat-and healing centre in the north of Scotland for a number of years 1998-2001 where Nature encouraged and inspired me to work with sound – giving me songs and sounds way beyond what I had been able to create before. My sound weaving work developed there. (more in depth story below the videos if you are interested)

In 2002 I lived and worked on the island of Iona – an incredible portal for synchronistic happenings .I received many songs and inspirations and began to offer healing sound concerts and meditations, through which I received invitations to all over the world.

For a number of years I travelled extensively through Europe and the Americas, South Africa and Australia following invitations to bring the healing music and vibrations to different parts of the planet.

Many collaboration emerged from these travels – healing sound-weaving Concerts, workshops and retreats to co-create with the nature spirits and the land, sound-weaving and singing-bowl making workshops, vibrational healing workshops and retreats as well as transformational journeys and pilgrimages to sacred sacred sites working with sound and Nature.

Stones speak to me and ask me to stand them up and in doing so I and others experience a shift in the vibrational field of the land – a raise in vibration, so I have also worked with sacred stone setting in gardens and farms to raise the vibration and health of the landscape.

Wherever I go I love to uplift the space, create coherence and possibility, honour the Earth as a living Being, live in integrity and raise consciousness to invite the co-creation of a sustainable living Earth.

For 10 years I lived in an enchanted old mill cottage in Oxfordshire – co-creating with nature and since 2015 she lives in Lancashire in the middle of England where the Lancashire Dales meet the Yorkshire Moors.
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Two conversation initiated by Heather Cowen

My Story

Growing up in the 60ies and 70ies in Germany as the child of a generation who was still traumatised by the war and all its losses and destruction as well as the collective guilt carried by the national psyche laid the first seed towards my search and work for peace.
In my search for meaning upon leaving school I first entered the world of bio-dynamic farming to make a deeper relationship with the Earth, with the cycles of nature and our embeddedness in the universe in relation to planets, stars, sun and moon… and many other subtle energy factors that in modern urban life were not part of the collective consciousness.
My path then led me to England and via the exploration of the human psyche, deep emotional and psychotherapeutic healing work (through studying process orientated psychology). I came to deep insights and understanding while working within the mental health sector and continuing my own individual healing work, learning how each of us is both part of the collective ‘Dream’ and creates realities.
Looking for the creative expression of the deep insights I returned to music and yet found myself strangely ‘out of place’ at music college. Inspiration got stirred when we worked on a project to create site-specific music. I found myself drawn to sit under a big Yew tree – allowing it’s energy and spirit to play through me. That’s when I felt whole and happy.
Through several beautiful co-incidences and synchronicities which I followed beyond the boundaries of my identity (which I will elaborate at some time in a longer piece of writing) I found myself moving to Scotland in the late 90ies following an invitation to join a small initiative and community.
This move allowed me to develop and step into a new aspect of myself: My initiative was to grow and create a garden for the small retreat and healing centre in co-operation with the nature spirits and devas. This was such a joyful task – even with all the challenges it presented – and I was taught so much in this co-creative venture. I created music for the garden and the land and played some of the experiences I had when taking visitors to beautiful places.
One day we had an amazing encounter with a rainbow spirit in a waterfall who told my friend the creation story from the point of view of the nature spirits and we decided to go deeper into the experience though the sound. As I was playing, I could hear the music change and open the veils for us to move into another dimension.
We both had the sense of being welcomed and asked whether we are willing to commit to working with Nature and speaking for the Earth on an even stronger and deeper level. We both agreed.
The following day as I drove along the valley to visit the local town for provisions, one of the mountains was staring at me in such a way that I was moved to stop the car and get out. (I am so glad I did, because how often do we ignore these little nudges and brush them of in our business?). I had never before seen the mountain look at me and so – following the experience from the night before – was moved to ask: ‘What can I do for you?’ I felt the answer more than I heard it: ‘play for us’.
Not knowing whether that meant ‘now’ or’ later’ or ‘in general’, I turned around, took my cello into the woods and started playing. I felt the whole wood joining in to the sound, the music, the singing.
After this I began to receive and write songs from Nature and the Earth for us as humans to help our remembering of our connectedness with the web of life. I also found that the sounds I was playing and singing were changing – allowing more subtle dimensions to vibrate and weave through them , as the overtones increased and the voice refined. They were able to open veils and trigger deep remembering for people who heard them. Visitors started having catalytic and healing experiences facilitated by the sound.
In the beginning of the new millennium my journey took me to the Island of Iona, where my dreams showed me that all the strands of my life would join together and go out from and where I needed to share the music that was pouring through me more and more. I saw the nature spirits of the island in dreams ask me to sing the songs I had received and walk the land.
I found a way to share music that was more and more co-created with the beings of nature and the circle of all beings – as I saw that more and more wanted to contribute in the weaving of harmonies that assisted sounds and frequencies and music to be created that would not only assist humans who heard it to access a deeper part of their own remembering of their essence, Source and connectedness, but also weave vibrational fields of coherence and co-operation that allowed harmonic frequency shifts towards greater harmony to be made on many subtle levels. Only much later was I shown how much was able to happen through the weaving of those subtle vibrational fields of coherent harmonic frequency.—
This really propelled me to my next level of work and play, as from sharing my music in this special place of pilgrimage, I received invitations to many places in the world to share the songs and inspirational healing music and sounds.
I started travelling as a peace troubadour – following invitations… On my journeys I met beautiful people who invited me to collaborate and deepen the work both with the nature spirits, with healing sounds, with shifting energy fields and many other beautiful impulses, out of which many workshops, journeys to power places, pilgrimages, sound healing concerts and many more adventures have evolved and are still evolving ..
A book about the adventures of the collaboration with beings from many different subtle dimensions and the work done that way is probably waiting to be written at some future date.
Meanwhile the adventures still happen so thick and fast that writing is not the first priority.
Through the focus honing in on the forging of alchemical vessels through which the vibrational fields of new harmonious collaborations can be anchored in physical material form I am drawn back to a long held dream that we co-create land-based communities where we live in harmony and co-operation with all of life.
Having Heather join me on my journey has been a great enrichment and expansion of what is possible …

My Goal

My main focus and purpose has become to weave energies, vibrations and strands of consciousness into coherent fields of vibrational harmony within which everyone, every being, every atom and every cell can reach their next highest level of existence, manifestation and expression.
Through the modalities of sound weaving, sound alchemy through forging new vibrational instruments, pilgrimages into nature, facilitating co-operation and deeper connectedness with nature, the earth and the unseen realms to co-operate and co-create with them (which holds much potential for us in terms of restoring and healing the many unbalances we have created in the natural world and our own body mind systems) I hope to facilitate alignment and fine tuning to our own Source frequency. (See the work of Tom Kenyon for scientific research on the affects and potentials of vibrational field.s http://tomkenyon.com/)
Also through uprighting and setting stones , creating labyrinths that take us to our center and forging instruments, which through their alchemical creation process can anchor and ground vibrational fields of expanded and evolutionary consciousness and can assist individuals to forge their own vibrational tuning tool I hope to assist in the evoltionary process of us humans awakening to our true potential to become galactic citizens able and required to remember our responsibility and joy to step up as creators and co-creators of worlds and realities.
I wish to create a sustainable living Earth – in co-creation with all the elements and beings of nature and all who are joining this resonant field. Can we step out of judgement into the awareness of who we truly are as creators and infinite beings who create with every thought, emotion and action and embrace the joy of being magnificent beings with infinite possibilities?

Transformation of money consciousness

The community in Northern Scotland where Nature and Earth invited me into Sound Weaving in the 1990ies had started a charitable organisation ‘World finance Initiative’ with the aim to create more peace by using finance in ways that are inspired by care, love, sharing and giving to heal the wounds created by the current financial system that separates, divides and encourages destruction and exploitation of natural resources and people.
We ran the retreat centre on the principles of World Finance Initiative, inviting people to come and enjoy the gifts we were sharing and invite them to share their flow with us and care for the centre and our needs.
This was a powerful experiment with much learning, which contributed to evolve the work and vision of World Finance Initiative to become a powerful tool and creative force for social change and the finding of new solutions for a world economy based on true and sustainable values. www.yescarefist.com  

Founder and inspiritor Louis Bohtlingk developed a workshop ’ the mystery of money’, which helps people to access new places in themselves in relationship to the world of money and its true role of serving life rather than enslaving life. He also recently completed a book in co-authorship with Hazel Henderson of ‘Ethical Markets’ called ‘Daring to Care’ offering steps to solutions out of the crisis that our current financial system has moved us into. www.carefirstworld.com

Our project in Scotland which provided such wonderful training ground, found a natural end, when many of us were called to other ventures, where we each deepened and refined our individual gifts and strengths – always with the knowing that we would come back together again at the right timing for the next level of a community project. 

The aim of the charitable company called World Finance Initiative is to relieve war , hunger and pollution by using finance in a different way, through caring and sharing… allowing us to more and more give our gifts to the world in a free way and inviting the circle of loving caring sharing hearts to care in return. 

All our work serves the aim of the transformation of the consciousness around money towards energy that cares for all involved in any interaction and aims to build towards an economy of care and love: http://www.carefirstworld.com/
Current Update 2019:
In association with my collegues and friends Louis and Sandra Bohtlingk who were also a part of the scottish retreat centre in the 1990ies we are now creating a WeWideWorld platform to connect heartbased initiatives all over the globe. 
WeWorldwide – a home for heart intelligence 
“Our aim is to create a platform where initiatives and individuals living and working from the heart – creating incredible movements or small initiatives that change and enhance lives and the planet – can be represented and find each other, make connections and collaborative efforts.
We envision that being able to find, connect and collaborate across the globe through the weworldwide network could create incredibly powerful crossfertilization and empowerment of individuals and groups – creating a space and force of WE that crosses borders and cultural divisions – facilitating a sense of being global citizens that together care for the planet and the global family of earthlings we truly are.”

What others say about Gabriella

‘Through a remarkably gifted voice, stirring cello, hand-crafted singing bowls and a host of other sound tools, Gabriella meets you precisely where you are at. She welcomes you with the sweetest love and most intuitive caring into your personalized healing process’. Feedback by colleague Adam Gainsburgh – Astrologer


‘Gabriella herself is a very finely tuned instrument – she has been described as being like an ear and a voice with heart. ‘ Heather Cowen

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