In the Cocoon

The Perils and Opportunities of the Big ‘Interrupt’   The stories of our experience of what the year 2020 means to each of us will probably be as manyfold as there are people: But what all of them have in common is that 2020 changed the world as we knew it into something completely different […]

Our move to Portugal

Our move to Portugal   We had been looking for a long time for a place that would offer a different way of life; a way of life with land closer to the rhythms of nature, the Earth, the seasons, where we could live more rooted within our own beings and the Earth. For many […]

Stripping to Core Essence, Releasing the Old & Inviting the New – Monthly Soundwand November 15th 2020

Here is a sample of one of the monthly soundwand Subscription emails with the soundwand itself downloadable as a gift for you: The theme of the soundwand is: Stripping to Core Essence, Releasing the Old & Inviting the New Enjoy Blessings on this New Moon                                                                      15th November 2020 I am writing to you from our […]

From our new home in Portugal -A frequency transmission

What an extraordinary time we live in! Deeply challenging and transformational – asking us to be and create from our full potency and sovereignty! We have gone through a big transformation ourselves – moving our lives to Portugal – following a deep calling… Its been a bit of a whirlwind until we landed here and […]

Ready for Co-creation? What have we learnt/gained from the lock-down?

After the lifting of the first lockdown Co-creation and alchemy of bee wisdom   What have we learnt, created, received over the last months? Where are we? I’ve seen people remember their roots, go out on the land and grow food, connect with plants and soil, ask themselves what truly matters, what is of essence? […]

Thoughts and Resources for the times of lockdown during Corona

  During this incredible time of everyone being in a different space than ‘normal’ all over the world, where the ‘normal’ we knew may not return in the same way, what is it we are asked to be and create to allow all of us collectively to emerge into a world that is functioning more […]

Alentejo Bee Journals Spring 2020

The Alentejo Bee journals Spring 2020 1st installment mid March to mid April Dear Bee and Earth lovers   I would like to write to you from a Southwestern rural area of Portugal in the Alentejo, where I arrived to be with bees before the worldwide lockdown occurred and decided to stay while it lasted. […]

Journeys with bees

From Southern Portugal   Honey bees have called me for a long time. They seem to be alchemists of a great order. Their hum and song inspired much of my sound work – taking me to connect with the hum that is the greater deeper sound – that in some of the ancient traditions is […]

The Golden Floes – Co-creation part 2

The 2018 arch of energies   The golden Source-pools and the invitation from the islands and the west coast floes….   This is the tale of our journeys in 2018 – beginning with our attunements in late 2017 that occured in preparation for 2018. It gives a little insight into the way we work with […]

What is Co-creation?

What is co-creation?              For us co-creating means including a multitude of seen and unseen team members, forces and intelligences into any creation to get the greatest result for all involved – this can include people, land, place, time, elves and Nature spirits and other factors.   How do we […]

A grail journey of the heart

A grail journey of the heart   Many strands make up and move our lives in seen and unseen ways. One of the more hidden strands that has impulsed my journey of life on a very deep level is the myth and tale of the grail. The grail has been described as a chalice that […]

Experience our monthly soundwand meditations

A few examples of monthly Sound wand Meditations:   Soundwand Meditation from September 2018 A few days ago we tuned in with the Earth and were shown that there are huge changes happening with the electromagnetic fields of the Earth, which is bringing up a lot of discomfort for a lot of people individually and collectively. … […]

Lets re-discover our capacities of magic

Re-energize and re-discover your extra -ordinary Capacities I invite you to a magical exploration: What are the magical abilities and capacities we all knew as little children that we have buried and forgotten, that if we were to retrieve and remember them could make a huge difference to what we could change and create as this […]

The Bowl of Creation and The Creation of the Blue Earth Bowl

When the reactor at Fukushima started this ongoing catastrophe of radiation pollution on the planet, we had a very strong  question about what it was we could do to assist the Earth and the consciousness on the planet  for this dis-aster to become a contribution to the evolution. We saw that our greatest contribution at that time […]

Review Silver Threads of Starlight Sound, Elven Wisdom & Dragon Tales. Avebury

Reviews of recent events: Friday of last week 16/10/16 found Gabriella Songbird, Heather Cowen and myself preparing to open a weekend of wonders in Avebury. On the eve of World Dragon Day we invoked the creative forces to ignite fresh pathways of light for New Earth, through strands of sound and words that express the Cosmic vibrations. On Sunday Gabriella […]

The magical journey of a high frequency bell

The magical journey of the birth of a new frequency / bell   A few months ago, I set out for a retreat at my favorite healing center, “Bridge Between the Worlds” in Keswick, Virginia. While this space has held vast transformational healing experiences for me, among the most memorable were the time I first […]

Creating Coherence and Gold Consciousness at a time of breaking unions and huge change

What is the true meaning of being sovereign? The UK has voted to step out of the European Union. What does this symbolise and mean to the larger picture and to many of us personally? one thing is sure; it will have huge ripple effects worldwide. Unions are dissolving into smaller units…. What are borders? and how […]

Opportunity to be part of exciting Study

A bold idea shared with my world wide community. – What can be created through sound and vibration beyond what we know so far that would contribute to a world in change and crisis? ? – A Study and Enquiry Project . Would you like to explore the exponentialization of the work and effects possible through the […]

The Flight of the Songbirds – a Songlines Journey Australia

Australia land of the (now hidden) dreamtime. If we thought that Africa had shown us everything about our origins on this planet, we were in for a surprise. Very soon it was shown to us that the culture of the aboriginal lineage – although not as old in time as human life on the African […]

The Flight of the Songbirds – a Songlines Journey South Africa

South Africa I am forever changed in my feeling of who I am on this Earth in relation to all of life through meeting  the wild animals, that I had only known from zoos, myths and picture books in their own habitats – the African bushveld. Even though these meetings have been largely reduced to […]

The Flight of the Songbirds – a Songlines Journey Brazil

The Songlines journey of the Flight of the Songbirds    On the 29th December Heather and I started our Songlines journey of the flights of the Songbirds through the Southern Hemisphere. This journey has been inspired over a couple of years , when I heard the call from the Wild on the inside and then […]

In Support of Africa’s Lions

Having had the wild animals reaching out for help in my dreams and attunements, the plea for the lions is close to my heart: GLOBAL MARCH FOR LIONS Join the United March for our Global HeritageLions are the world’s most iconic animal, King of species, directly associated with leadership, dignity, pride, and good governance. Yet […]

Animal Communications

Long Distance Visits and Messages from the Elephants The visit from the Elephants and the developing relationships with the elephants Summer Solstice 2013 The day before Solstice I was getting ready for pilgrimage. A yearly trip I take with a group of people that I guide on Pilgrim’s Path (St Jacques de Compostelle in France). […]

Do we create from the past, from addiction or for the future?

  When at the end of 2013 I heard that all but one county in the UK has given the ok for fracking (hydraulic fracturing) the land, I was struck by such grief, pain and despair that my body went into a sobbing fit – shaking and burning in me. I felt the Earth, I […]

Shifting Sands

Here we are halfway through this extraordinary year where the contrasts of what we can create on this Earth in terms of upliftment versus destruction seems to be getting greater. For example; How is fracking the expression of our collective consciousness? Where do we collectively destroy our very lifeblood and organism? When I did an […]

Exploring Shadow Lands

Shadowlands Wow February has moved with a strong energy – realigning many of us!!! We hear of the pope resigning – maybe with shadowy motives – meteor strikes and much much more … I’ve just spent a week in sickness and it’s taken me to a very deep place – slowing down, breathing with the […]

History of the bowl making project

A few years ago I had the privilege of meeting a coppersmith and singing-bowl maker Ton Akkermans from Holland who has been teaching me the art of making my own singing bowls and healing instruments which now accompany me on musical meditations, sound-weaving concerts and in sound healing sessions. Ton has worked as a copper- and blacksmith […]

New Sounds and Frequencies for a New Time

A singing-bowl for a the next frequency level The Bowl for the New Time of Emergence During December 2012 I had a strong sense that as we move through this portal in time where multiple cosmic cycles were ending – making way for the emergence of a new cycle with a new frequency, that we […]

Sapphric Gold

Celebration for the sound-weaver duo Sapphra; Heather and Gabriella Our first joint CD ‘Sapphric Gold’ has been completed  – the sound frequencies wanting to assist in this powerful time of transition, change and awakening: The name Sapphra was received in an inner experience by our friend Adam Gainsburgh – Astrologer and psychic – who saw […]

The alchemical journey of making of a singing bowl

The alchemical journey of making of a singing bowl In our practice of crafting new singingbowls for this time we reconnect to the tradition of the ancient bowl makers of Tibet who worked the bowls in meditation and prayer, infusing it with the spirit of the purpose it was made for. We perceive the process […]

A 9 month journey of living in communion with the earth

      Having worked and co-created with the intelligence of nature as a gardener, musician, sound healer, facilitator and sensitive for many years I recently have become increasingly aware that the veils between the worlds are becoming thinner – giving me the experience of more access to other dimensions. It seems that our conscious involvement and responsible […]

Bosnia 2011

Journey to Bosnia 20-27 may 2011 In may 2011 a group of 7 of us traveled to Bosnia to join a yearly peace-conference of ‘from heart to peace’, which some of the group had been supporting and attending to for 18 years since the start of the Bosnian war in 1992. This dedicated group led […]

Dare To Care – A Love Based Economy

What an incredible time we live in!Many people out in the streets taking a stand, which says clearly that the world, as it is, does not make sense or works!   Some of you know that I only recently returned from a month of immersing myself into an experience of living and working in a peace-ecovillage / […]


We find ourselves in the middle of a deeply significant year and time in Earth History and the month of eclipses during June and early July seems to have brought much into focus. Here we are halfway through this year 2011 and already the amount of significant world events is staggering! While I was traveling […]

Guest Blog by Nita Gage: Close Encounters – Crop Circle Experiences

  Guest article by Nita Gage: Close Encounters of the Unexplainable Kind A “spiritual cathedral” was  the description of the first crop circle I was privileged to experience in the summer of 2012 in Avebury, Wiltshire, England.  “Profound, mind blowing, my view of he world is turned upside down.” Lee exclaimed as she sat mesmerized in the center of a crop circle. […]

Sound Weaving

Sound Weaving  as Sound Meditations and Sound-Weaving Concerts Sound meditations  and sound-weaving concerts are powerful gatherings of people who come together to celebrate, hold space and focus, meditate or send energy to particular causes, events, people or countries- raising the collective vibrational field. Deep inner journeying becomes possible often leading to a profound sense of stillness, peace […]

Free Sound tracks mp3s

Enjoy the free sound tracks that are my gift to the raising of frequency and  vibration to assist our remembering and alignment for this time: From ‘Sacred Passage’: From ‘Embracing Source’: From ‘Embracing Source’: From ‘Songs of the Dove’:  

Embracing Source

‘Embracing Source’: This live recording is a unique and sacred experience , a journey into our true self beyond life and death. The inspired sounds with cello, voices and singing bowls call our elements to unite with Source in realms of wholeness and bliss. “Gabriella’s voice  calls the soul, guiding, receiving, loving, caressing, creating an energy […]

Sound and Nature Workshops

Sound workshops Sound as a healer and transformer  working with the voice as our main tool of healing and transformation and  other sound instruments ‘The creation of Sound is an alchemical process for which we are an instrument. ’In this workshop we will learn some principles of sound-healing We will also work with our voices to […]


There are windows in the fabric of creation, Ripples move through what we call ‘reality’ Like wind moves through the lake’s soft undulation, Multi-facets break the surface that we see. You speak to us through every wave and layer Each ripple brings a new face to the light. Dimensions come and go with every player […]

The Elf-Stone

See the elfin-stone by the water’s edge; he is calling through the night; He has hair of moss and heather, hidden halfway from the light. “Can I come with you, can I play with you, I will teach you of my songs.” See the elfin-stone by the water’s edge as He greets you from the […]


When butterflies are playing in the arms of gentle winds Can you see the fairies faces reflected on their wings. Chorus: Everyone has a story to tell, has a secret to reveal. Everyone has a doorway to show, come and help release the seal. In the magic of each moment, in the space between the […]

When Time Was Plentiful

When time was plentiful And life full of time We danced together by the stream. The earth as our mother, The sky as our father We held each other in the Dream. Now your time is scarce And your life full of rush We no longer meet you dancing by the stream. You drive cars […]

When the shadows fall

When the shadows fall and the twilight spreads, We are speaking through the veil, Will you come with us through the portal of time To the land of evermore? As the faces speak through the rocks and stones, Through the waters and the trees. Can you hear the songs through the crack of time From […]

Once there was a heart of love

(From the CD “Voices of Nature“) Once there was a heart of love Once there was a world of peace. We are singing the world into being, We are dancing the whole night through, Dance in the sunlight, dance in the moonlight, Dance, dance, dance, we are one! We are drawing the light into shadows, […]


    Recorded at: Music Pool Studio Germany Mastering: Volker Kascinski  Easter 2008,    suggested donation for Sacred Passage £13please use the ‘Donate’ button at the bottom of the page  This CD can now also be downloaded as an mp3 album via: or via the store at the bottom of this blog  Inspirational Music for […]

Songs of the Dove

A sound-weaving meditation live in powerful portal energy of St of Iona/Scotland. Creating the vibrations of peace and wholeness, the songs and healing sounds of the cello and voice in co-creation with the angelic realms lift the veil between the worlds, reminding and reconnecting listeners to their true purpose.  a capella songs that lift the […]

Breath of the Earth

  Inspirational music for meditation and healing. Sound-weaving with cello, voice and singing-bowls.47min playing time.for the co-operation of all beings of Earth in peace and love.a sound-weaving tapestry creating vibrations to balance polarities, revitalize and restore the Earth and ourselves.  1)      The bells calling 2)+3) The song of Sylva, lady of the forests healing, re-vitalizing and restoring all of […]

Voices of Nature

Voices of Nature is 25 minute recording of  songs inspired by nature interwoven with meditative cello and voice improvisations. Angelic voices supported by the cello weave a tapestry of healing sounds, delivering messages and songs from and for Mother Earth, leading the listener to reconnect with Nature on a very deep level and allowing inner […]