A 9 month journey of living in communion with the earth

A 9 month journey of living in communion with the earth


Having worked and co-created with the intelligence of nature as a gardener, musician, sound healer, facilitator and sensitive for many years I recently have become increasingly aware that the veils between the worlds are becoming thinner – giving me the experience of more access to other dimensions. It seems that our conscious involvement and responsible co-operation with this intelligence is becoming ever more important.With that awareness also comes the excitement that we are indeed being invited to extend ourselves towards Nature in a more active and conscious way and realize the incredible potential for creative solutions and quantum shifts that are accessible to us when we live and work more fully in co-creative partnerships with the Earth and all intelligent life on Earth – in truth, integrity, respect, honour and love.

In 2011 I spent some time living in Tamera – a peace community and eco village in Portugal, which rightfully calls itself a ‘healing- biotope’.  A place where humans live with respect for, and in partnership with, all life.  I experienced the practical possibility of a different way of life as a society in this current world – based on peaceful co-creation.
Upon my return I experienced the stark contrast and realization of how far the lifestyle of disconnectedness has become the norm in our western world with numbness the result.Several months later I am stirred to contribute to the reconnection of our whole culture in a more supportive and consistent way – inspiring and facilitating  people to take conscious steps in creating pathways for the collective to reconnect. 
I also feel that we need to get together in groups to learn to build new structures and support each other in the creation of ways of living that are more in harmony with the Earth, our deeper Nature and the interconnectedness of all life. 
I celebrate the many initiatives of deep change that are emerging all over the world and would like to offer this contribution – deepening my own practice and work of the last decade.

Living in Communion with the Earth and All Life

A new venture for 2012

A nine month journey from easter to winter solstice (meeting one – two days a month)

A program for living on the Earth to assist and reconnect us to the Earth and her cycles. 

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