In the Cocoon

In the Cocoon

The Perils and Opportunities of the Big ‘Interrupt’


The stories of our experience of what the year 2020 means to each of us will probably be as manyfold as there are people:

But what all of them have in common is that 2020 changed the world as we knew it into something completely different and our lives with it. Some of us will experience the world and lives having been put on pause, the great ‘interrupt’ of the ‘normal’ we knew….

My own experience of this last year has been multileveled, from extremely positive to quite alarming.
When everything stopped and we could no longer continue the workshop journeys we had organized and travel plans came to a halt, there was the sense that ‘now is the time’ to put things into action that I had been dreaming of for years but had not acted on because I was always in movement or planning the next journey ….

So when the movement stopped, it was a great opportunity to say. Now act on your dream! For me that was about moving onto land that I can grow roots, do the work I am called to do in co-creation with Nature, have people come to us, have a loose community of like minded people nearby and be part of a movement to revitalize soil, land, bodies, ways of living with Earth in co-creation with Nature. I acted upon this and found it. This journey I share here…

Parallel to this story of finding and creating home, community and wellbeing is another one that also wants to be shared as my observation and experience as one who does not listen to mainstream media, only keeping track of it now and then:


The Descent

In March 2020 when covid was announced by the WHO, I knew I needed to be in Portugal to be in Nature, to be with the bees…. And while I had the priviledge to be immersed in the incredible energy of spring with my bee family, I was watching carefully as to what was happening while being grounded in Nature….

Towards the middle of march I was guided to look at the UK government website, where I saw with my own eyes that the UK health council had officially downgraded  the C virus from a pandemic to a non dangerous virus. Others said they saw the same downgrade on the WHO website. The very next day lockdowns were announced and imposed all over Europe!

Alarm bells and huge questions appeared in my mind and I kept on watching carefully. Who beyond individual governments was giving those lockdown commands? I heard government officials saying one thing that seemed quite logical one day, and the next day do a complete turnaround (as if they had received orders from elsewhere…. Worldwide)

I saw many doctors, scientists and lawers from many countries speak out and ask questions about the approach to the virus and the measures imposed – suggesting other much more sensible solutions based on the science and facts available…. and I witnessed how they were not welcomed into a sensible debate – exploring the different options and possibilities, which I would have expected within a democratic system. Instead I saw one by one of these independent professionals being deplatformed, defamed, having their licenses and their jobs taken away, being threatened, their messages twisted and spun, being called ‘conspiracy theorists’ disseminating disinformation……..
Wow! Why would the professional expertise, wealth of knowhow, common sense contributions and creative inputs not be invited or even allowed?

Why do any independent voices need to be suppressed with such force, determination and brutality?

What is going on behind the scenes beyond national governments who seemed to all be coerced into taking the same stance and approach?


More alarm bells, more questions!

This reminded me of warfare, extreme censorship and a propaganda machine similar to that of the third Reich, totally and systematically undermining  free speech, freedom of choice  along with the loss of freedom of movement and the erosion of all civil rights regards taking responsibility for ones own health and wellbeing and conducting of one’s own business, moving freely and being sovereign regards ones own body.
There were voices pointing out the parallel of medical tyranny in the Third Reich with what was happening now on a worldwide basis, pointing out that Goebels had said: if you wish to control a people and get their obedience, keep them in fear for a minimum of 3 months…..

And Hitler is known to have said: ‘Create a lie so large that nobody could believe its not true’

So what is happening now – this time worldwide?


I had to ask, who runs the media of the mainstream, which all over the world seemed to say the same thing, creating a narrative and propaganda that couldn’t be contradicted or questioned without serious consequence?

This to me looked like a worldwide dictatorship take over.

How come people who have no background in health are dictating policies to do with health?

I learnt that only a handful of corporations own most main media outlets all over the world.

Wow, so who do the media work for and serve?

These seem to include big tech companies owning and controlling data and platforms of communication, the banking sector as well as those heavily invested in pharmaceuticals – namely ‘vac cines’ and have invested billions into their development and production way in advance of the so called ‘pandemic’.

I learnt that a pandemic trial run had been staged in October 2019 – ‘Event 201’…..

Hmmm: If you are interested in some of the research into this see here:a-sane-persons-guidebook-to-the-global-pandemic-part-i-with-jon-rappoport/

And also an analysis of the psychological warfare that is being applied – here in this article relating to the irish , but I am observing the same worldwide:

While I am seeing governments all over world are lying, bullying, acting unlawfully and undemocratic, I am witnessing mind control being applied to populations all across the globe, people – just trying to survive or still believing that governments are acting in the best interest of the people and of all – are being lulled into the narrative as if into a hypnosis in the hope that we will get ‘back to normal’ soon by taking jabs. As if that was ‘the magic pill’.
While there is no mention of how we can improve health, resilience and wellbeing – in fact these voices are discouraged, as they would also point out that masks, lockdowns and social distancing are detrimental for health and wellbeing and that the deaths, illness, and destruction caused by the so called ‘measures to combat and control the virus’ are way higher than the threat of the virus itself.

The narrative seems to move us towards the mass injections taking place right now that include tracking possibilites able to have all our data digitally readable ….. a v.. passport that everyone has to have in order to get services, travel, have access to digital money and a total economic Reset, called ‘The Great Reset – where ‘you will own nothing and you will be happy’….. an amazingly sophisticated digitalized AI (Artificial Intelligence) surveillance society… surpassing even what Orwell predicted. This is all available information.

(Updates end of Feb: I found that it is no longer possible to find searches on google that are not ‘approved by the establishment’. Websites and organization with differing views are all shadowbanned. The so called ‘fact-checkers’ are backed by big tech to only confirm the approved narrative and discredit all other voices. If you wish to find alternative voices search through duckduckgo
There have been Court rulings like the one here in Portugal:, but worryingly these have not changed government policies or been spoken about in the media)


We often say: Follow the money. Who is benefitting from what is happening and what is their agenda?
Who benefits from most small businesses going bankrupt or going online?
And who benefits of even governments going bankrupt?
If you are interested, have a look at the interesting assessment from someone who has worked deep within the urban development, banking and financial systems, tracking large governmental and corporate money movements in terms of what she sees playing out:
Catherine Austin Fitts Full Interview Planet Lockdown

In the words of Catherine herself, I only share this because transparency can change it and assist us to make more informed choices to be a part of this transformation.


Is the picture she reveals where we wish to go?


So what actions do we each need to take to change this trajectory to something completely different?

We can only solve a ‘problem’ from a different level than the problem itself:


A different Possibility

The amazing thing is that there is so much else happening beneath the surface, within people, in the Earth, in the Solar system and in the evolution of consciousness. This is an incredible window in time!


Even though it looks very bleak right now, I know there is a whole different possibility:

So what is required for each of us to access our deeper knowing that is connected with the Earth, that is aligned with the Laws of Nature and our own Source of Knowing?

What does it take for us to stop listening to the media, stop aligning ourselves with anything that creates harm, but instead go with what feels right and true for each of us deep within our knowing, not from the cloud of fear, confusion and hypnosis?
For those wishing to educate themselves with regards Natural and constitutional Law and what you can do see
Constitutional Law Group in USA and the World Freedom Alliance in Europe.
And a fabulous woman – immunulogist who was slandered is coming up with amazing new initiatives:
You might also like to watch ‘the greater reset
and organize locally around community gardens – including greenhouses and polytunnels to provide beautiful organic food during possible food shortages and build a supportive local community to wheather the few couple of years and start building the Future:
Also see our newsletter: Stand in your Sovereign Light to connect to your Future Self that knows the amazing possibility of where we can go


A Spiritual Quantum leap opportunity

For those wishing to see and work with the spiritual and vibrational possibilities of this incredible time read on:


The events of this past  year are literally breaking down all our known ways of being, causing us to stop, evaluate and look at what of the past we would like to bring forward. What new systems want to be created that are life affirming, life sustaining, maintaining and creative in total alignment with who we wish to become and evolve into in this next expression of civilization?

Can we use this ‘interrupt’ to remember what is of essence, and what would we really like to see and create as our future with and on this planet? Not a future dictated by corporations and total surveillance, but a future of thrival in complete alignment with the laws of nature, the flow of life force in co-creation with the elements and the Earth.

There is the invitation to becoming creators of the Future from a place of alignment with what truly arises from within each of us as impulses from our inner being wishing to create more life, wellbeing and thrival for all.

Are we being squeezed and pushed to come out of our cocoons into a greater expression of life?
Here are some people and organiazations that are taking incredibly beautiful creative steps towards creating a world where we can thrive in alignment with Natural Law and Earth wisdom.

I love these brave people’s vision of our emergence into our greater selves through facing the shadow and awakening within the dream: Into the Christed Light

Can we change the dream we are in to dream a future of beauty and wellbeing?

Years ago I heard John Perkins in ‘Confessions of an Economic hitman’ convey the message of the shamans from the cultures he had assisted to be destroyed: They asked him to assist us, in our so called ‘civilized’ culture, to change the dream we are collectively dreaming from a ‘dream of consumption’  to a ‘dream of creation of life’

It seems that now is the time to actively change our dream.

Having had this interruption of normality as we knew it, what can we dream into being?

And what are we each called to do and be?
What frequencies can we align with that bring about the change and the future we are truly desiring?

What choices can we make each day that align with life and the laws of nature?

And where do we need to unplug from institutions and narratives that cause harm, division and destruction?

Each day we are faced with these choices.


This is an extraordinary time!

The frequencies of evolution of consciousness available at this time are vast!

Is that why at the same time there is an equal force trying to stop this evolution?

I still see the image of the caterpillar who lives on the principle of consuming as much as possible. When the phase of the caterpillar comes to an end there is a cocoon stage. In this cocoon stage the structure of the body as it was known is falling apart but for a while there is a fight between the cells of the old form and those of the new form. Only when enough energy gathers to support the frequency of the new form of the butterfly emanated by the imaginal cells– can it begin to emerge….

Are we currently in the cocoon? – literally cocooned in our houses?

To focus our life energy on the emanation of something completely new?

A way of Being here on the planet that we have not yet known before?

An expression of who we truly are way beyond what we have been in the previous expression of our societies and cultures?

Is this a time to focus our vital and dream energy on the emergence of a Future that is based on togetherness, love, peace and thrival of all….?


I would like to leave you with a Sound-weaving to assist and inspire this Dreaming and Creating of a different Future:

And if you wish to join us for our regular meetings and frequency transmissions from the granit starmountains in Portugal


Other incredible creative beings and impulses to support, inspire and get incloved with , receive support from through this time of transformation:


Become part of a Magnificent New Normal  a international summit 8th-14thMarch 2021


The Blade and Chalice Podcast – Get Aligned during Turbulent Times!
with beautiful resources and worldwide initiatives


Let me introduce you to Dr Jaqueline Hobbs, who is contributing incredible frequency upgrades, called ‘purifications’ to the planetary field:

Here is a beautiful starting point: You are a Being of Love here to rewrite the Future: The first 20 mins is a silent meditation – allow yourself to drop into that beautiful silent expanded space or go straight to 20mins in when she starts to speak, more on her website:


 I’d also love to point you to Penny Kelly.

Many Years ago I read a book called ‘The robes’ – a book of the coming changes” by Penny Kelly, that deeply affected my life and my life choices to this day. Following a kundalini awakening Penny’s psychic capacities were opened and she met beings in long brown robes who she called ‘robes’ who showed up in her room wishing to show her images of the Future to assist her and all of us alive on the planet right now to grow into the task we came here for.
This book was written to navigate these times. I recommend it to anyone as a compelling read for right now!


And there are many more…..

We recently started a permaculture design course – realizing that the ethics of Premaculture express totally what we are aiming for: Care for Earth and people in a sustainable biodiverse resilient way – giving back more than we have taken!
It offers small and large scale practical solutions to food and resilience, draughts, floods , deserts, erosion and all imbalances caused by modern chemical based agriculture and industrialization through local and large scale water and soil management – creating biodiverse landscapes and habitats for all species in co-creation with Nature. Discover permaculture with Geoff Lawton
and with David Holmes


Regards the changes in the whole Solar System, I would like to point to an article by Rory Duff who has extensively researched the Geobiology of Earth energy lines and has found dramatic changes occurring since 2017.  Various Earth energy lines have expanded since 2017 and the rhythm of their individual frequencies coming into synchronized harmony with each other are extending to longer and longer periods of time. This relates to our position in the solar system, the photonbelt e.t.c., His research extrapolates that the cocoon stage of this transformation we are in will last until 2024 when all earth energy lines might join together into one coherent harmonic field.







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