Opportunity to be part of exciting Study

Opportunity to be part of exciting Study


A bold idea shared with my world wide community. –

What can be created through sound and vibration beyond what we know so far that would contribute to a world in change and crisis? ?

A Study and Enquiry Project .

Would you like to explore the exponentialization of the work and effects possible through the creation of sound vibrational fields?

What can we contribute to a world that is fastly moving into more chaos and huge change? .


As many of you know I have been working/playing with sound and vibration – weaving strands of consciousness and frequency into sound vibrational morphic fields  of new possibilities for the last 14 years and have seen some amazing things happen.

Sound Vibrational Weaving as it has evolved over these years is really a co-creative process involving a state of conscious attunement with time and space –  co-creating with the intelligence(s) of nature, the Earth and the spirits of place and time.
This also includes the alchemical work with the crafting of singingbowls, which anchors new  vibrational possibilities  into an instrument of sound.

Many of you have felt and experienced the effects of sound vibrational weaving and have told me/us about the way sound weaving can really shift things physically as well as energetically – you have spoken about alignment and coherence, pain disappearing, blocks shifting, perspective changing , and the whole field changing energetically and more.
Similarly you have reported how powerfully transformational and alchemically creative the work of the singing bowls can be.

This is also an invitation to be in active co.creation as the recipient – partnering.

I wonder what else sound vibrational fields might be able to create?
If we combine our focus and energy what is possible beyond what we might have been able to imagine so far?

In dreams and visions I have seen myself with a team and groups of people in areas of desert and devastation weaving vibrational  fields that assist regeneration, growth and life force – returning deserts and wastelands to green healthy vital places, where life could once more exist and flourish.

I have also seen sound vibrations awaken sleeping aspects in people – activating deep remembering of soul, spririt and being – often beyond this physical existence.

I wonder what sleeping parts could be awakened in humanity  to activate us as conscious galactic and earth citizens with empathic intelligence and limitless creativity contributing to the whole – creating more for all?


Before taking the application of this work out into the world more widely, I would like to substantiate the research of the effects over a period of time.

I would like to study the effects more systematically, both as they apply to places and to individuals as well as work with groups.This would be carried out over a period of time.

If this impulse inspires and resonates with you I would like to invite you to  join me  and become a creative part of this study.


 Would you like to be involved in this study and or contribute to it?




Areas of this study include:

  1. Studies of the effects of sound vibrational weaving on spaces
  2. Studies of the effects of sound vibrational weaving on individuals and groups
  3. Studies of the effects of vibrational fields of groups working together over a period of time
  4. Anything else you might come up with?


What’s involved?

1) For studies of the effects of sound vibrational weaving on spaces:

If there is an issue in your location you would like assistance with or bring attention to this would be a great way to bring energy towards it:
This could be your house, your land, your town, neighbourhood and anything you are aware of in your vicinity that you wish to bring attention to.

  • Option A)  Working with a place on location: You would host me for a sound vibrational weaving.
    (We could check in whether you would like me to come on my own or whether it would be beneficial to have 2 sound weavers, in which case Heather could join me)
    Together we would tune in with the space and co-create with the spirit(s) of  the space an intentional vibrational field through the sound vibrational weaving.
  • Option B) Working with a Place at Distance: We would do the prep talk and attunement for the place together by phone or skype and would then create the vibrational field from wherever we are at a given time.

Then you would keep a record of what happens over a period of time in relation to what we asked for and invited.(record sheets provided)



2) For Studies of the effects of sound vibrational weaving on individuals 

If you would like to bring attention to an issue that you are dealing with physically, psychologically or any other that you would like assistance with and be a part of this study:

  • Option C: In Person: You would have a one to one session with me. Through our attunement we address the issue and I co-create a sound vibrational weaving for and/or with you. You would receive a recording of the session if you would like that.
  • Option D: At distance: We would have our prep talk and attunement by phone or skype and – either create the sound vibrational weaving while we are online together
    – or I co-create the sound vibrational field at a given time with you present and attuned wherever you are and then send you the recording.

You would keep a record of what happens during the session and over a period of time in relation to what we asked for and beyond.

I am also open to working with groups. Please get in touch.


3)For Studies of the effects of vibrational fields of groups working together with sound weaving over a period of time:

We would offer a sound vibrational weaving workshop for a group teaching the basics of the creation of vibrational morphic fields through sound weaving and a group would then form to continue working together with intention and sound on a regular basis over a period of time.
the group could apply themselves to issues close by or far afield
I would mentor the group both from a distance and in person


What you get out of it:

You would receive whatever harmonization, changes and awareness we can bring and co-create for you, the land, the issue, the earth. –
A perfect way to bring energy and continued attention to a personal or environmental/land issue.

If you have a personal issue you wish to bring attention to as part of this study you would receive whatever healing, harmonizing, aligning and change we might be able to co-create.

The observing, tracking and recording of the effects brings more energy and awareness to the issue than would be available with a normal session and could exponentialize the effects.
What possibilities might open up?

What you agree to:

You would agree to:

1) write/record the initial issue brought to the session /process and your experience of the work

2) observe, track and record the effects over a period of time  (Record sheet will be provided)

3) agree to me using the data of this study publicly with or without your name/ location.
This is not a scientific clinical but an experiential study

4) Financial contribution/exchange: For the  context of this study I will make my sessions      available at a lower rate) : Applies to Options:  1) B and 2) C&D
90 min Sound vibrational Weaving session  £60  instead of  £85

study project session

(includes mp3 recording. Add £5 to receive a physical CD to work with)

(this does not apply to coming to location in person – see below)

– For option 1 A) below – in person on location.
For me To come out on location we would negotiate and see what we can create. If you wanted to be a host for land we would work it out together as to how we can make it work creatively. To raise     funds For this option you/we might consider getting a group together as in a sound weaving evening but for a very specific purpose. Everyone would be benefited by the field created and would contribute to amplify the field.
I would like to raise at least £100 plus travel expenses to come on location, so creating a group sound event would assist this. 

For option 3) Working with a group on an ongoing basis:
There would be a charge for the preparatory workshop  – a training  session in  the fundamentals of creating sound vibrational fields to get the group started and for long term mentoring. ( If you are interested please get in touch and we can negotiate time frames and rates)


If you are interested and you would like to propose a different arrangement I would also like to hear from you. please get in touch


Other ways to contribute:

If you have any other creative ideas that could contribute to this study project and/or make it work for you and more, please let me know. Bright new ideas and even way out ideas are welcome! please get in touch, I’l love to hear from you!

If you have feedback from previous sound weaving experiences or bowl making experiences you could write or speak (record) about, that could be really helpful.

If any of you have information about ways of measuring and compiling these data that could be hugely helpful ,i.e. I will investigate ways of tracking immediate effects – i.e measure bovis units of energy, Kirlian photography e.t.c.

You could make a financial contribution to support  acquiring  measuring  equipment, travel and contribute to scholarship places for people and/or places wishing to be a part of this research. (see donation button below:)


If you feel called and inspired by this opportunity, please get in touch and please don’t limit what may be possible.
What else can be created that we haven’t yet conceived?

email: gabriellasongbird@gmail.com        put ‘study project’ in the subject line
or call me on +44 7759 636803
I look forward to hearing from you and co-creating with you! Thank you !

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