Recorded at:
Music Pool Studio
Volker Kascinski 
Easter 2008,  

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Inspirational Music for Meditation, Healing & Journeying  with cello, voice, gongs, singing-bowls, flutes & others. 55 min.

  Sacred Passage is a powerful healing Sound Journey, which leads the listener into the inner world of Nature to remember ever deeper our innate cellular Knowing of our origin, connectedness and soul-purpose.

It was co-created with the Intention to weave a vibrational field in which we can heal and release deep ancestral & past patternings and burdens so we can be free to remember and live our Dream of the Earth and the Family of Earth.

  1. The Call
  2. Remember the Promise
  3. Chamber of Healing
  4. Releasing
  5. The Elements
  6. Transformation
  7. The Path clears
  8. Dawn
  9. Honouring
  10. The Approach
  11. Preparation
  12. The Passage
  13. Scrying
  14. The Message
  15. The Annointing
  16. Empowerment
  17. Invitation
  18. Joining
  19. The Thrum
  20. Grace
  21. Closing the Circle

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See also tr-2 ‘remember the promise’ under sound samples on the ‘sounds page: 

As I was creating ‘Sacred Passage’ I held the intention and vibration for very powerful healing to occur. It was a very joyful and deep 3 day-experience.. as the world changed from deep winter – snow on the first day – to spring with bright warm sunshine on the last day.
 At the end of that year I had a very powerful experience with Sacred Passage, which I would like to share here:
 On December 12/ 12/ 2008 at the last glorious fullmoon of the year I suffered a raging fever, burning me up hot and cold and knocking me out of ‘ordinary functioning’.
Surrendering to it, I had an intuitive hunch to listen to my new CD ‘ Sacred Passage’ to help me move through some big stuff.
As I let myself sink down into my inner experience, accompanied and facilitated through the sound I found myself following the music into the beautiful garden of what felt like paradise, where my heart expanded and sang in harmony with life and Earth. ….‘Remembering the Promise’
In this state I found myself entering into a deep inner space, a place, where I was given the choice of alignment – either align with creation/love or destruction/fear.
Having recently finished reading the book ‘Robes – a book about the coming changes’ – by Penny Kelly,  through which I learnt that at a certain point of evolution we all need to make this choice of alignment, either consciously or by default. This will determine our individual and collective future evolution.
I wasn’t surprised that only days later I was in the situation to choose… ‘Chamber of Healing’
I chose with my whole being to align with creation and life and in doing so, I heard the fire building around me.  I began to experience the parts of me that were not in this alignment resisting and I felt engulfed by a raging battle which was transmuted by the growing fire ( sound of the gong)… ‘Releasing’
I heard and felt the presence of other elements of nature – wind & water helping me to release the grip of the old.…’Joining of the Elements’.
The sounds transformed… ‘Transformation’.
An inner voice arose from the turmoil with increasing clarity and strength. In its simplicity all fighting stopped and there was a feeling of excitement as all parts were eager to be a part of this new strength and beauty.A powerful re-orientation was beginning to happen, empowering the new alignment… ‘The Path Clears’
From the space of silence came a new sound. The flute called…’Dawn’.
I sensed myself in a new place. A new direction beckoned.I was moved to give thanks to all those who had gone before, honouring their suffering, their learning and everything that had brought me to this new state… ‘The Ancestors’
Then the flute called me to follow the new alignment… ‘The Approach’
I was received by others who were already familiar with this level or frequency and led to look deeply inside to where I needed to go… ‘Preparation’.
Once I was ready, I was accompanied and asked to speak and sing my vision and dream. Others responded and joined me, leading me deeper into the temple as we affirmed the new alignment until I was ready to come face to face with the guardian of the threshold. Here I was asked the next deeper question. My soul responded without hesitation and with jubilation. I was being welcomed on the other side… ‘The Passage
‘The journey wasn’t comlete yet. I had to prepare to go into the deepest part of my own being, so that my creations of life would be aligned with my deepest core… ‘Scrying’
.As I entered, I was reminded of the spiritual laws of this level of vibration and consciousness. With joy my soul responded singing and I was led ever deeper…’The Message’
.Coming into core alignment frequency, everything slowed down into a deep stillness and then once again I was welcomed, this time as a co-creator . …’Anointing’.
The sounds of the gong filled me with new strength and direction… ‘Empowerment’
Stabilised in frequency of co-creation, I could feel my environment responding and drawing toward me matching energies…’The Companions’
Co-creator companions arrived…’Joining’.
Together we began to sound with the heart of the Earth in a joint rhythm… ‘The Thrum’ ,
then joining as one in harmony…’Grace’
For a long time I remained in this exquisite space of grace and peace, deeply moved and changed.
Every time I hear Sacred Passage,I can come back into alignment.Heartfelt Thanks to all who co-created!!!


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