Songs of the Dove

Songs of the Dove


Songs of the Dove

A sound-weaving meditation live in powerful portal energy of St of Iona/Scotland. Creating the vibrations of peace and wholeness, the songs and healing sounds of the cello and voice in co-creation with the angelic realms lift the veil between the worlds, reminding and reconnecting listeners to their true purpose.

 a capella songs that lift the veil between the worlds, co-created with Nature, framed by inspirational healing cello music. 60 min.

  • Opening
  • Come with roses in your heart
  • Please come back to honour the places
  •  The Green Temple
  • Iona, land of my dreaming
  • Druidwisdom
  • The buzzard calls
  • I mould my heart
  • Love is always by your side
  • At the entrance to the garden
  • Finale

To listen to sample tracks:

Please Come Back 1st Verse –

or I Mould my Heart –

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