Sound and Nature Workshops

Sound and Nature Workshops


Sound workshops

Sound as a healer and transformer 

working with the voice as our main tool of healing and transformation
 other sound instruments
‘The creation of Sound is an alchemical process for which we are an instrument.
In this workshop we will learn some principles of sound-healing We will also work with our voices to explore our own inner space and the expressionof inner truth through sound individually, in relation to others and in symphony with the whole.
We will learn about the alchemy of sound, healing with sound and about the alignment to the Service of sound, working with intention and the willingness to surrender to becoming an instrument.
 We will then expand this to working with other sound-instruments such as singingbowls & gongs and others as well as the voice, creating different vibrational fields in which we experience sound as a healing and transformational force.

Dates for sound workshops: 

 13th Jan: London

 2nd Feb:  Dublin

12th April: Austria

21/22June: Yorkshire (as part of solstice celebration w/e)

there will be more sound-workshops coming up at different times during the year 

Sound and Nature Retreat:

8th –11th Feb 2008 Lundy Abbey Leicestershire , UK

Energizing, healing and aligning retreat with Sound & Nature,’
with Roz Crampton and others
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Workshops with Nature : 

Journeys into the consciousness of  Nature and into conscious partnership and co-creatorship with the Earth, with sacred sound-work building bridges between the worlds.

A journey into the world of devas and Naturespirits
Carcassonne   France 25-27April 2008
A transformational journey into partnership and healing  
Beduers     France  2- 7 May 2008

Both of these journeys will be co-facilitated with Terry Frank , who is a wonderful  healer and emissary for the Nature Kingdoms.
Together we are arranging a tour of workshops  starting with these two in France and then touring in the States(NC,VI with Margaretta McIlvaine) and Canada(BC) to raise awareness about the importance and joy to live and create in partnership with nature and offer tools and experiences  for deep inner connectedness, from which we can learn to live in harmony with our precious earth!

We are excited about these workshops , each of them will be a very unique experience as we work with the particular consciousness of the land and the beings connected to it.

so for us too it is an ever alive and evolving journey, taking us deeper into the mysteries of the Earth and  our evolutionary partnerships.

May 23rd-25th Hawkwood College, Stroud England
Workshop: working with Nature and the elements and sound.
 From unconscious creator to conscious co-creator’

Sept 7th Hawkwood College, Stroud, UK
Sacred Stone Setting’ workshop

Personal Transformation Workshop Retreats

in the Scottish Isles


with De Fano – Sacred Spiral Essences-
(vibrational Healer and Essence practitioner)
( she moves energies effortlessly before your eyes aligning your body back into flow and is also known as the ‘brat-fairy’ for good humour and love of chocolate)


In the magical wildness of the land as well as the ancient memory of the stonecircles and sacred sites – Record keepers of ancient cultures of the earth and beyond will we attune to and re-awaken the ancient Knowing inside to assist in the Earth changes.

Sept 13th  – 18th Orkney Islands of Scotland:
aligning to purpose within the celtic wheel and sacred sites:
return, remember and renew your soul’s purpose’
with De Fano

Sept 20th -25th Island of Iona, Scotland  
Beyond story into Essence‘ workshop retreat
with De Fano


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