Sound Weaving

Sound Weaving

Sound Weaving

 as Sound Meditations and Sound-Weaving Concerts

Sound meditations  and sound-weaving concerts are powerful gatherings of people who come together to celebrate, hold space and focus, meditate or send energy to particular causes, events, people or countries- raising the collective vibrational field. Deep inner journeying becomes possible often leading to a profound sense of stillness, peace and life-purpose alignment through the sounds and songs co-created by Gabriella and her guides together with all who are present.

The intention held by the group calls in the sounds, frequencies and vibrations relevant to the particular intention and creates a powerful vibrational energy-field in which re-alignment to the new vibrational level can take place in each individual, in the collective field and the environment.

The music and sound frequencies – often described as angelic, pure, clear and of exquisite beauty – facilitate a coherent morphic field – enabling all matter and energy, atoms and DNA to unwind  and function at its next highest level of harmony


 Applications of Sound Weaving  

  • Project initiation and facilitation: It can assist and facilitate projects coming together, with the possibility of working more deeply and consciously with the multidimensional intelligence available to co-operate with us at all times. 


  • Focalizes Seasonal Celebrations and Ceremonies to bring the energies of the time, the place and the many beings of nature together with the focussed holding of the occasion and the collective  and individual prayers of those gathered.
  •  assists in the clearing of land and houses, enabling all energies to find their rightful places within the whole.
  • facilitation of Shamanic Journeying and Healing  and Transformational Journeys
  • On Pilgrimages and in Powerplaces Sound weaving can facilitate the vibrational shift necessary for those present to access different levels and dimensional frequencies and realities.



‘From beginning to end, the experience was mind blowing. When you spoke about your connection with nature, I immediately had the sound of wind through trees ringing in my ears, and I had an image of larch trees in a small wood in a valley with white topped mountains in the distance.  The season would be late spring/very early summer.The gongs were so multilayered – I didn’t know there was so much sound possible from a piece of metal.  The cello playing was extraordinary. When you started singing, I felt as if everyone in the room was floating a few inches above the ground.  Such a lovely song about love!At the end, when you invited us all to join in with you, I had the image of the sound coming out of everyone’s mouth and then joining at a point in the middle of the room near the ceiling, then expanding again through the ceiling like a vortex’.  Sylvia Kendal,  London

‘I am still talking about my personal experience while in the audience . Thanks for a wonderful adventure.  I wrote in my Journal that you rewove my DNA. I’m in gratitude.’ L K

‘Dear Gabriella.  I want to thank you for your ministry.  I was much affected by your workshop and concert.  I feel more connected with my true self, like I am awakening from a deep sleep.  I will think of you as I continue to use music to heal.  Blessings to you.’  S. J. F. (Virginia US)

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