The Flight of the Songbirds – a Songlines Journey Australia

The Flight of the Songbirds – a Songlines Journey Australia

Australia land of the (now hidden) dreamtime.Uluru

If we thought that Africa had shown us everything about our origins on this planet, we were in for a surprise. Very soon it was shown to us that the culture of the aboriginal lineage – although not as old in time as human life on the African continent – held something very different and special for the consciousness of humanity. There is a stream of consciousness of star connection similar and different to the one we experienced in Africa with a purity that held the connection to our cosmic origin undisturbed for over 40thousand years.

We learnt of a beautiful equinox gathering of lightworkers that was happening syncronistically in Uluru at the same time that we landed in Australia, which we connected with on our journey.

We were moved deeply by the channelled messages by Kryon through Lee Carrol about the very specific and special energies and consciousness held here by the aborigines uninterrupted for ten thousands of years: If you would like to hear this very moving message, see here:


We arrived in Sydney descending into cloud and rain. Lightning and thunder were close to follow.

Temperatures much lower than what we were used to. Autumn had arrived. IMG_4767

Our first leg took us to Canberra, Australia’s Capital city – seemingly placed in the middle of nowhere. But soon we learned that this area had long been used as a site of council and gathering of elders, so the energies would be perfect for parliament and continuing council. Was the site chosen consciously?

We were welcomed by a beautiful new friend – Michael – who the next day took us to a place of gathering and council of the ancients and aborigines. A IMG_4717site of iron rocks – a small hill in a vast bowl in the landscape, where we proceeded to do our first ceremony to honour this land, the ancestors and all beings of this land.

From there we followed a beautiful invitation to a coastal area of New South Wales – the Sapphire Coast, where another new beautiful friend Sarah had extended a warm invitation to be introduced to the land that she now works with. Along yet another dirt road at the moment the sun began to set we arrived high up on a hill on land of green hills with horse and cow pastures, eucalyptus woods and beautiful views.

We had just enough daylight left to set up tent – our first time to sleep on the land. The stars were bright and autumn winds had cooled down the temperature, but what glorious joy to sleep out with the horses around the tent, the cicadas singing and the stars bright – woken by the rising sun and Australian birdsong.

Sarah had received clear guidance in night that she had to take us up the mother mountain Gulaga –IMG_2097 a major sacred site of the aborigines and ancients connected with the energies of creation itself – a major pilgrimage of 4 h ascent and 2 h descent, for which we had to get ready.

We left precariously late for the mammoth task –midday had passed – to set off towards the mountain of many legends and a sacred site of millennia  – gathering place for sacred ceremony and teacher of many tribes and ancestors current and past.

We started our pilgrimage in silence – allowing ourselves to get into the rhythm of climbing a mountain – not having done it for several years! – While enjoying the smells, sounds and sights of the forest, we were also pushed physically….

Lunch was had perched on a huge rock with views of the distant sea when we spotted a huge red-belly-black snake at the bottom of the rock. Giving thanks for the snake medicine of transformation we continued to ascend. For the last part of the ascent both Heather and me had crisis and doubt come up when we realized how far we still had to go , how late it was and that most certainly part of our descent would be after sunset.

Sarah held firm with her knowing of the guidance so we kept going – processing our doubts.

For me I was with several pilgrimages I had undertaken back in 2001 and 2002 in Scotland – climbing the mountains: Ben Hope and Ben More on my birthdays while my Mother was sick with cancer – and both times I had not made it up to the top due to circumstances of weather (mist, fog, rain … e.t.c.) and even though I had been ok with the choices I had made , when we kept pushing on beyond the point of comfort, I realized something else was happening and something else in me was activated and at that point.  I had the opportunity to feel and to let go of shame, inadequacy, regret, remorse and any sense of guilt that my turning back then might have contributed to my mum’s departure – feelings I hadn’t even known that I had. It also felt like I was releasing these for many who were carrying these feelings, emotions, thoughts and patterns…..



For Heather the process of crisis was even more dramatic, where she physically ran into a breathlessness state – gasping for breath – like in an asthma or panic attack. She took the opportunity to process some very deep patterns of family, lineage, ancestry and many more. Huge grief and rage from ages and eons…. She kept giving and surrendering it to the Mother Mountain until she was able to breathe again normally.

Shortly after we passed a major guardian stone and the rest of the ascent seemed much faster and shorter than anticipated.

But nothing prepared us for what awaited us:

Incredible rock beings – huge naturally sculpted – holding court.

Each rock had its own story in the creation of being part of the council of creators – snake stone, dolphin stone, past , present and future rocks balanced on top of each other.

In the last warmth of the late afternoon sun – just before it was preparing to set – we communed with the stones, held council, honoured the ancients and played our instruments with prayers for the Earth and all beings – honouring their rightful place within all that is…


We felt deeply honoured to be here – even though our descent was looming with the sun close to setting and a steep path ahead.

We descended the Mother mountain with gratitude in our hearts – enjoying the evening chorus, the views of the sea, the colours of the sunset and then the gloaming.

But as the light faded Heather fell badly 3 times on her knees and we invited assistance for the last part of our journey in the twilight and then dark. I made a walking stick , we slowed down rather than speed up and had our eyes and feet adapt to the dark. We made it – walking the last stretch in the dark with the stars of the southern cross getting stronger – an epic journey – welcomed but also stretched and moulded by the Mother mountain.


We slept again under the stars – deeply and well – knowing that the next day would take us on a new pilgrimage down the coast to bring Heather to the place of her ancestry and family – a long way south.

In the morning I found that in the dark the night before I had lost or left my jacket before getting into the car, so we needed to retrace our steps and head a half hour back up north. As we were there we decided to just visit the dolphin beach with view to Gulaga mountain that Sarah had highly recommended to us. We let go of the last remnants of whatever we had carried – giving thanks to the mountain when we saw the snake. Dead but incredibly beautiful at the edge of the water of a small inland lagoon between the beach and the mountain where black swans held court: A diamond back snake confirming the transformation! This gave us the blessing to continue the journey south.


Since then we have been staying close to Heather’s sister – spending holy week together – allowing hugely deep healing, opening, softening, melting of old patterns that have been carried for generations.

So here we are on Maundy Thursday preparing for the Easter transformations…

3 years ago my dad died on palm sunday the Sunday before Easter Sunday 2012 and we spent the holy week of transformation with my family in Germany. How awesome is that? Not that we usually pay much attention to this festival, but it’s a strong field in the collective consciousness that can and has been facilitateting huge shifts!


Easter Saturday – the day when the bells are silent – we went out to swim with dolphins, but they had other business to attend to, so we ended up swimming with seals, which was fabulously wonderful – watching them dance and spiral in the water, play with each other and when they swam right underneath me releasing a load of bubbles, it felt like being tickled by joyful giggles from below all along my body.

We were in the extraordinary situation of being able to see the total lunar eclipse from the front of the house we were staying in.

We held space for the duration of 3 hours while the shadow of the earth moved across the moon.

During the time when it was total  we walked down to the beach out of reach of streetlights. I felt myself joining heartflames with many beings around the globe in many dimensions – holding the Earth in a golden ball  of heartflames during the transit through  the window of dark with the prayer that the dark womb may give rise to the creative chaos of more possibility for the Good of All.

An awesome experience! The window of darkness lasted for over half an hour while the tiny sliver of light on the edge moved from one side to the other side of the moon. We were surprised when the news said the next day that this was the shortest ecplise and only lasted for 10 minutes! Where were they? Did time expand or stand still for us while the deeply internal shifts happened?

Easter Saturday is symbolically and historically celebrated as the time between death and resurrection – the time in the ‘underworld’, so what incredible timing for this event to occur?

Easter Sunday found us celebrating with a sound weaving for transformation….in a small intimate circle of family and friends.


When we left the Mornington peninsula we took in the amazing beaches, cliffs and Eucalyptus bushland as we headed west and north.  On our way we had chance encounters with people telling us the stores of the land we were moving through and we ended up as our next stop in the Geriwerd mountains sleeping at the foot of a mountain on the edge of the forest. Kangoroos greeted us in the morning just outside the front door.


In the Geriwerd mountains we learnt about the dreaming of this area – one of the creation stories, which included a giant Emu and her vast egg. The interactions of the Emu with the human braves of this land in ancient times sculpted the landscape and is still to be found in the stars. Every landscape has its own creation story, which is now still to be found in the land and the stars. It is the Dreaming of the land….  Many stories superimposed creating a living tapestry. Walking these mountains we could feel those who had populated these areas for thousands of years… They are still part of the land – even though now different races walk upon it and use the land in very different ways than has been done for many thousands of years before the last 200 when the white settlers from Europe arrived.


One of the Dreaming stories of the Adelaide landscape is about an elder who in grief carries his dead nephew across the land along the shore and everywhere he stopped and cried, a spring sprang from his tears. The sacred springs can to this day be found.


On our return to the east coast we chose an inland route through the outback – following the river Murray – one of the main arteries of this continent – as much as we could. This river highlights some of the huge issues facing Australia now. Being a main source of life to many communities, plants and animals for hundreds of miles across the south-eastern part of the continent, so many take from the river, that it is losing its lifeblood and vitality towards the end of its long journey to the extent that it is so small at its mouth that the pressure is not enough to stop the incoming sea from silting and salting up the land. We walked on the salty mud and sand – a sensation not to be forgotten, the crunch of the salt crust with every step.

Even further upstream in the middle of the low lying landscape we found vast areas of salty white planes where dead trees are the visible remnants of a once fertile landscape. The salt planes are spreading with every year as the vacuum of sweet ground water is filled by the encroaching seawater.

We saw the impact of a big dam of the river, which markedly improved the landscape upstream into a verdant fertile landscape of wine and fruit growing –creating a marked contrast to the impoverished dry and struggeling land downstream.


This formulated a very powerful question in our consciousness:

How can each person – each community use the natural resources of their environment in away that contributes to the health of the whole – not depleting the system but adding to it!

Out western approach of ‘each man for himself’ supported by the system of capitalism and competition rather than co-operation visibly depletes the natural environment allowing individuals and corporations to use resources unsustainably, leaving vast areas and the majority of the world population empoverished while the few flourish.

This contrast was made so amazingly visible and obvious by this one river and the health of the land/ population surrounding it at every point.

4 years ago We met a fantastic example of how a community can use resources sustainably –even create more for themselves and at the same time create more and add to the whole district and land around them – when we lived at Tamera Biotope peace community for a month in 2011.
Alone in their water management project the community has successfully created 3 large lakes at different levels by capturing the yearly winter rainwaterfall that used to simply run off, erode the land and flow into the sea. Those 3 lakes not only provide community of 170 heads hundreds of guests and students with all their freshwater needs throughout the year –growing food and trees but has also raised the ground water table of the whole region. It literally reversed the desertification process that had started to kill the vegetation of the land , which had progressed from the highest points on the land, the hilltops, from where plantroots could no longer reach the receding watertable and hills became bare deserts rather than the forests they had been.

Within a few years of the Tamera lakes filling up, the hilltops were able to sustain trees again and an area of many miles radius around the community revived due to more water being available and a new seepage spring feeds a brook that now runs through the year – even in the dry season.


It takes a shift of attitude from ‘I look after MY needs and MY livelihood first’ at the cost of others and the environment to: ‘How am I part of the Whole Organism that is Earth her multitudes of ecosystems and as such how can my livelyhood contribute to the Whole and increase the Wellbeing of All while also caring for me?’ allowing all to thrive.

What would it take for us to wake up to this truth that unless all cells are well in this Earth organism of ours no one can be completely well.



We had to complete the first half of our Australia journey by returning to Canberra – Australia’s city of government. We spent a night in a cabin by the river Murray and then went north. All day I felt that there were stories and the spirit of aboriginal people around us.

When we tuned in, we could feel shock and grief in relation to what had happened to the land and the original people of the land…. We felt and realized that it was different to how we often feel that souls that have died in Trauma need assistance to move on and release this plane of existence. We could sense that the aboriginal people – having lived with this land as part of this land for thousands of years undisturbed were literally part of this land and it wasn’t about moving on.. All we felt to do was to deeply honour, give respect and deepest gratitude and apologies as we stopped in the highpoint hill in the middle of a bowl surrounded by mountains at sunset near . The colours in the sky and earth displayed the aboriginal flag of red and black with the circle in the middle being the golden orb of the setting sun.


We reached Canberra in the dark and our friend Michael took us through the promenade which in the same way as in Washington DC is layed out from parlament through a layline directly to the highest point in the land…. We played the bells with a prayer and connection to the heartflames of All Beings holding the Earth in a golden ball of heartflames. Michael saw an aboriginal Elder in spirit form wave us to come to a sacred spot on the top of the mount, where we sang for the land and the Earth…

A beautiful completion of the first half of our Australian Songlines Journey.


The second half of the Australian Songlines Journey took us to Byronshire and Southern Queensland.

Byron Bay is the most easterly point on the Australian continent, where the Australian day begins when the first rays of the sun light up the tip of Wollumban (also known as Mt Warning). This mountain is another sacred mountain around which many stories and myths live in the land and the original people  – the Bundjalung far and wide within its reach. Wollumbin has more than one dreamtime legend attached to it.  Some dreamtime legends say Wollumbin means ‘cloud catcher’ or ‘weather-maker’, others say it means ‘Warrior Chief’ or ‘Turkey/ Eagle”. In the sacred traditions only initiated men in ceremony would go to the top of the mountain for ceremony with the Warrior Chief .


We experienced him as the male counterpart to the Mother mountain we were taken to in the beginning of our journey down under.  His presence can be powerfully felt and seen for many miles into the country and the coast.

When we approached him, we felt to stop and tune in a good few miles away in full view. As we opened our minds , hearts and awareness, I suddenly saw a face taking shape in the top part of the mountain and the eyes open – looking at us – to begin with seemingly serious and enquiring and over time as I introduced myself and my heartfelt wish to approach in respect and honour I perceived a smile and joy in the eyes of the mountaintop face. I felt the invitation to come and be with the heart of the mountain.

We stopped in a little town at the foot of the mountain to orient ourselves. An elder Aboriginal man greeted us and we felt moved to ask how and where best we might connect to the heart of the mountain. He seemed to read and check our energy fields for a little while and then said that we should walk into and up the mountain as far as we felt and we would know when we were connecting with the heart. We had no business at the top but we would know and feel where to be.

He also shared with us that his lineage was in part from this land – the bunjalon , which is lush and rich rainforest country– and in part from the very north of the continent – from the desert and he alternates between living here and out in the desert as he is called. We felt utterly welcomed and received by the mountain and the land through him.

Being in the rainforest on the mountain was an experience of being surrounded and bathed in the most beautiful sounds of nature, the song of the birds unlike any I had known or heard in Europe, the silences inbetween and the heart of the mountain…….


The coast and beaches of Byron are extraordinary places of beauty. We witnessed 2 pods of dolphins milling  and then surfing the waves – a display of total joy and exuberance.

New friendships evolved in this glorious part of the world.

Our last week took us north into Queensland. The glass house mountains – the inner core magma of a volcano of which the rest of the outer sandstone landscape has eroded over 25 million years, leaving only the harder magma core from inside the volcano as witnesses of a very ancient past of this planet. Each mountain has an aboriginal dreamtime story. Many of those stories connect us back to the stars.

Without conscious effort, we found ourselves again and again at places where gold or other precious metals had been found and mined connecting a large web of the fine strands of gold consciousness.


For the culmination of our songlines journey we were invited to co-create a sound weaving in Brisbane with another beautiful sound healer who opened the door to us and assisted us to allow the sound to bring together all the strands of this journey in celebration and culmination on the Beltane ‘wesak’fullmoon, weaving them together as a tapestry for a new vibrational platform of being and possibility.  Over 20 people gathered to receive the energy of all that had been a part of this journey. The message we received about this fullmoon: possibility for re-setting.

Deep gratitude






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