We find ourselves in the middle of a deeply significant year and time in Earth History and the month of eclipses during June and early July seems to have brought much into focus. Here we are halfway through this year 2011 and already the amount of significant world events is staggering!

While I was traveling in America in April, several things were highlighted in attunements: It is more and more important to unplug from some of the more destructive aspects of our culture and society, letting go of some of the things we have taken for granted for many years. Personally I saw I needed to unplug from sugar and sleep out on the Earth to be more in direct contact and resonance with the energy-field of Earth.

Since then I am feeling the benefits of these changes…

If you feel a resonance here you might ask yourself as to how you could unplug from a way of life that might not be sustainable. Find one habit, that you could change, which would un-stick you and bring you into deeper resonance with your true connectedness with the Universe, Nature, Peace.

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