Voices of Nature

Voices of Nature

Voices of Nature Voices of Nature is 25 minute recording of  songs inspired by nature interwoven with meditative cello and voice improvisations. Angelic voices supported by the cello weave a tapestry of healing sounds, delivering messages and songs from and for Mother Earth, leading the listener to reconnect with Nature on a very deep level and allowing inner peace to spread.

Recorded 2002 in Scotland and Germany.Mastered by Kanter Dhaenens, Belgium 

  1. Dance of the birds (an improvisation with cello and voices)
  2. Once there was a heart of love (song – a capella voices & gong)
  3. When the shadows fall (song – a capella voices)
  4. The ruby (improvisation St Oran’s chapel)
  5. When time was plentiful (song – a capella voices & nature sounds)
  6. Morning Star (improvisation St Oran’s chapel)
  7. Butterflies (song – a capella voices)
  8. The elf-stone (song – a capella voices)
  9. Ripples (cello and voices)

listen to samples

track 1 Dance of the Birds –

track 5 When Times was Plentiful –

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