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We gather as a global community to hold a synchronized focus to create more coherence on the planet as the world goes through chaotic nodes and shifts. This is facilitated by a sound vibrational field that is co-created with the intelligence of Nature and the Earth for each specific occasion. Would you like to be a part of the co-creation?

Upcoming Global Online Sound Weaving Gatherings 2020:

If you wish to learn more about sunchronized focused global and its incredibly powerful global effects, see reports from a study taken in 1974 for your local times see: www.timeanddate.dclock/ a small taster: ‘What else is possible?’

To join us email: to get the zoom link   Previous Global online sound

next global online gathering: Friday 14th May 2020    7.30pm GMT  The Humm of Being : Staying in the humm of being  during lockdown and navigating these times of change.

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Tuesday 14thJanuary 2020 online gathering to receive, energise & embody the frequencies from the planetary healing and galactic connecting on the 12th during the pluto saturn conjunction.


2nd January 2019: Co-create with 2019

 soundweaving download link :

Feedback: A delicateness so fierce and intense; utterly attuned to vibrations we can access. A concentration/essence of care and tenderness that is heart rending, not from sorrow, but from LOVE. sacred sovreignity arising, fierce acceptance, fierce integrity, fierce perception   


Tuesday 20th March 2018  Equinox Global Online Gathering  .Beyond the extremes and polarisations occurring at this time – being the space of creation and support of the seeds and shoots, of an emerging energy  of joy-filled collaboration with nature, the earth and all of life Through a Sound Weaving we invite the sound vibrations to build a morphic field that facilitates our greatest dreams for a thriving sustainable Earth culture.

The Equinox Sound Weaving: 28mins: please keep using this soundfile as you feel moved – there is quite a lot in the introduction about the energies it can facilitate.

Suggested Contribution £9


 21st December 2017:-creating with the 100 000 year alignment of Earth with the Galactic Core. Invited contribution of an amount of your heart to support the ongoing work use this link:   Global Online Sound Weaving Gathering from the isle of Iona broadcast Friday 15th September 2017 inviting the elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air/ Wind Storm to co-create with us – increasing the coherence and possibility of conscious co-creation between all  forms of life and intelligence with respect and honouring The sound cloud link to the sound weaving recorded at St Orans Chapel: For those who weren’t there, the ‘white noise’ you hear is the wind blowing into the chapel co-creating with us Suggested Contribution for download: £9

Early on in the sound weaving I had this most beautiful experience of effortless birthing (felt deep in the pelvis with contractions and all) of the beauty of what else is possible…..oh my how glorious life upon earth can be and all within our grasp. ‘oh how more beautiful does it get! Thank you both so much for sharing, you have created and invited in such powerful energies.


 Wow, amazing. The gongs bowls chimes at the beginning sent such powerful vibrations that began to shake up and realign all the molecules and cells all around the planet and in me… the sound weaving progressed and together with your beautiful voices, my heart really expanded to receive as well as join in and give and send out healing to the planet and I saw a huge portal opening so wide enabling more giving and receiving of the healing energies to come in and be received. 


 Then I saw a ripple going over the planets surface where the cells and molecules began to shake up and realign. So so powerful. Iona has given you such a huge huge gift. I will most certainly go back and replay this many times, this is so needed right now on our planet’

Equinox Soundweaving – broadcast spring equinox 2017

We experienced it as a ‘reset’ as a creation beyond polarity, where you move out of either – or, neither – nor, ‘both and’ to create something totally new out of the polarities and everything inbetween. Someone saw water, blood and Earth being used as the building materials for a new birth. Trauma fields were tended to, soothed and healed. 


What new creations can we invite for our lives, our societies, our planet and our universe beyond what has been before? the recording here :  50 minutes ‘It really shakes up reality – the gongs are working hard and even the rain and wind picked up outside – you can hear it on the roof of the barn – adding energy to the vibrational field.’ 


If you’d like to make a contribution of an amount of your heart to support the ongoing work use this link Feedback from listeners: ‘- gently dismantling the old paradigm and breathing it away – something new stirring and growing, throughout the universe, not just on the earth – creating a new matrix, delicately and skilfully putting each new strand in place – joy – the spaciousness, calm, flowing peace and light of the new paradigm, a space of non-polarity. Happy Equinox!’ J

‘out of this world! Surely there were more than two of you?!’ D

February / March 2017 a series of online Sound Weaving Attunements

Space of Communion Space of Creation` Space of Being Space of Becoming and enter together into an attuned space. The invitation is into a greater communion with the Earth and with our own embodiment, allowing a molecular and cellular shift towards greater coherence and awareness – together creating a powerful vibrational field amplified by all of us through which more becomes possible for us and for the Earth .


 A musical journey with the being of the inner earth…Songs of creation that enable the New. In communion with the Earth – A Symphony of Creating, Being and Becoming. To access the recordings of this series:

1st January 2017 Online Sound Weaving Co-Creating With 2017

the sound cloud file: ‘Co-creating with the Elements of Nature’ to activate creating an energy ball: ‘Feedback Following a recent Sound Weaving ‘… we were uplifted and the energy totally changed from struggle and conflict to relaxation, bliss and new possibility’    


Samhain Global Online Sound Weaving From Beyond, Between and Within the Veils: weaving a vibrational morphic field of possibility inviting more consciousness onto the planet from beyond the veils to assist us to live in more awareness and communion with all that is, creating miracles and magic ? This particular sound weaving can really assist entities, forces  and energies to leave the planet and creating the vibrational shift for new life forms with new energetic solutions to arrive . So use it as you feel moved.


 We advise you listen to the introduction first to get the most out of the sound weaning. Intro to samhain sound weaving 15 mins Sound Weaving 25 mins If you appreciate these vibrational contributions we invite heart based financial contributions to support the work.


Please use the link below to make a financial contribution 21st September –  Equinox and World Peace Day –  2016 A Sound Weaving – Symphony for The Living Earth Comment: Wow, that was special, magical and totally new while also being strangely familiar – what a delicious mixture! Thank you, thank you to all of you

If you appreciate these vibrational contributions we invite heart based financial contributions to support the work. Please use the link below to make a financial contribution


Creating the Future in co-creation with the Earth, the elements and Nature by weaving a vibrational field of possibility and coherence…. broadcast Thursday 1st September 2016  This global Sound Weaving is an invitation to co-create both your personal future and contribute to the future of the planet in our amplified focused meditation. Introduction to the weaving audio:

Sound cloud link for the sound weaving :
In the spirit of sharing we invite heart based financial contributions to support the work.Please use the link to make a financial contribution
Feedback: ‘This sound weaving was so deep and moving that at the end I was almost stunned by it all.I was speechless and needed to simply go to bed! There is something profound about this work that goes beyond my words. And it stays in my consciousness, inexpressible and present. ‘

‘Oh wow, I am gently but powerfully lifted into another dimension!!!!
Beautiful. Absolutely stunning, heartfelt, changing me, us, so changing everything.’
So, these frequencies are needed in so many places!  Beautiful, that quantum physics can help us to know that they have already arrived!
It was a wonderful sound meditation the most powerful yet! So where will the next ones take us to???

Fri 1st July 2016 Gold Consciousness: An online focused meditation Gathering with sound weaving

 to  build coherence on the planet and amplify the vibrational reality and possibility of a consciousness of We, where the Me makes choices for the greater Good of All. We have learnt this to be the level of consciousness of the true sovereign – the consciousness of the vibration of gold. –  a gift to the Earth To listen to the gold alignment weaving:


This sound weaving was really a gold frequency transmission: An energy download more than sound. So listen between the notes, in the spaces and silences.
In case you didn’t see our newsletter where we spoke a little about the gold consciousness, here is the link :
Contributions invited:


Feedback: ‘I have just been been  listening again to the recording of the sound weaving on the frequency of gold…its so immensely powerful and its difficult to find exact words to describe the power and beauty and feeling of being cleansed by the energy and healing vibrations you create. My heart feels so open and cleansed. Thankyou. I could feel and see the gold energy vibrating in waves all round me, a huge WOW!’ M.T.


‘The global sound weaving was beautiful beyond words. I have just listened again and welcomed it again into my energy field so that the transmission can be received and sent onwards through me. 
Gabriella, your words and insight about Sovreignty impacted deeply on me. I was keeping myself in the observer role of all the miasma of anxiety that has surrounded the outcome of the referendum, knowing that a different response was needed, and there you come with such insight of how we can respond creatively and play our part responsibly. Thank you so much , it has filled me with hope and purpose.’M.B  

Friday 20th May 2016 from the island of Iona A live group call from The Iona Sound

An invitation to join us from wherever you are in the world in synchronized awareness for our third online gathering where we will drop into the Weaving of Sound with the land of Iona through a shared space. We, that is Gabriella and Heather, wove the sound in the chapel of St Oran, by the Iona Abbey.

This is a space where we experience that the stones themselves are joining in…one of the most beautiful acoustics we know. We entered the quiet small chapel in the early hours of Friday morning with a small group of 4 women who spontaneously gathered  and greeted the new dawn with our voices and instruments. We recorded it and then shared the music  later in the day as part of a joint focused meditation, co-creating vibrational fields for coherence. Find here the download links: introduction to Iona sound weaving If you’d like to make a contribution of an amount of your heart to support the ongoing work use this link

Thank you to everyone who contributed for your generosity and assistance x.

April  Fri 8th April 2016 8pm  Free Live Stream Sound Weaving  – sowing seeds for new ways of being
building coherence on the planet – adding to the field we wove at the equinox as a gift to the Earth The intention : The sound weaving : 20.3.2016 Global live stream meditation at the equinox 2016: ‘In the midst of what is occuring as wars, separation, closing borders, suffering and fear as is occuring all over, what can I / we create? Inviting you to contribute to increase the coherence on the planet by joining us in co-creating new vibrational realities. Listen to the introduction for our march 20th 2016 equinox live stream event: And the sound weaving itself here :


To register for future global online sound weavings Email: gabriellasongbird@peace For more about Sound Weaving see here: Sound Weaving

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