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Workshop-programs for 2020

May 2020

29th April – 5th May 2020: Sound Weaving Journey in co-creation with bees, trees, the hum of land and sea – becoming the vibration of Oneness through attuning with the hum.  A journey with Sound through Southern Portugal, Alentejo and Algarve,

It is to the bees that we will go . . .

. . From the Hum we Come . . .
A Sound Weavers tour through the south west Atlantic region of Portugal
We invite you to join us on a journey that will bring you closer to Earth and the beings that would be your co – creative partners …
the trees …
the seas …
the bees …
and more …
All brought together
with ease in the warmth of the land that is Portugal.A six day fully residential tour that invites the opening of new possibilities to knowing yourself as a vibrating living ‘acoustic’ being. Through meeting the land, the people and some of the projects that are being created through a dedicated desire to live in greater harmony with Earth we will introduce you to the south west region of the Alentejo district and the mountain area of the Algarve, Monchique.
It is from here that we will enter into the greater hum of being as one with Nature, inviting and allowing the elements to welcome us and soften the edges of regular life . . .
…so that we may practice living from the hum as a different way of living and being in greater communion with Earth.
Full details are coming together and will be posted here as soon as possible.
Please register your interest early.
This is a group of no larger than twelve people to allow for the greater ease of travel on this glorious Sound Weaving Journey! Full details here:

6-11 May 2020...Birthing the New Human & the Next Octave of Love
with Antonia Albano & the Geometries of Love,
Gabriella Kapfer, Heather Cowen & Sanne Theben Terville
Five days in the Algarve, Portugal, in residence at the beautiful and luxurious Casa Fuzetta, Olhão
“The Alchemy of Sacred Geometries of Love, a re-structuring of your energetic system, high-vibrational souls …Expect to be amazed!”
Antonia Albano has been given incredible geometries of life and evolution based on the ‘golden mean’ that she has put into form –  and also shares and teaches. Incredible frequency tools beyond what we can cognize. This is her first workshop taught in Europe – a collaboration of frequencies!

PictureA fun, informative and experiential immersion into Sacred Geometry and what is being called the Next Octave of Love, the Next Octave of Human. * What is Sacred Geometry? * What is Conscious Creation? * What are the Geometries of Love and what do these have to do with Conscious Evolution? Antonia Albano
will share the Alchemy of Sacred Geometry as pertaining to the Geometries of Love and will offer insights into the Next Octave of Human guiding us to embrace a new ‘high-tech’ energetic system capable of taking the New Human into and through this next Age.
It is our pleasure and privilege to be co-facilitating this work of love, beauty and immense finesse through the Weaving of Sound and Frequencies.
For all details and information download the file here



June 2020  Scotland


Forging, Fires and Regenerative Living  – The Open Space of Northern Skies  Picture

Resounding Earth on Orkney  
Orkney is a land asking to share it’s incredible gifts with us and with you. We will be in residence at Woodwick House at different periods over spring and summer.
Here are some of the dates lining up so far.

 June 2nd – 8th 2020A Communion of Cosmos and Earth 
Orkney Retreat: With Forge and Sound, Land and Stars in the ancient landscape of the Orkney Archipelago
A fully facillitated residential retreat in a magical and powerful land. Bringing forging and feasting and fully expansive living into a whole new meaning ..
A Journey of Forging Singing bowls as instruments of peace and transformation
– an alchemical process of co-creation with the elements, with land, sea and cosmos
We will visit some of the powerful ancient sites of the Orkney isles and enter into ceremonies with ancestors of past and future, land and sea – weaving sound vibrational fields of Peace, Healing and Possibility creating ripples going both forward and backward in time. Find details here:



12 – 14th June Forge a Singing Bowl – @ Woodwick House Orkney
A Three day non- residential workshop open to both residents and non-residential participants.
Creative Renewal through a feast of collaborative engagement
Makers Days …
By the forge …
From the kitchen …
With the Land …
From the Stars …
What does it take to create a sustainable living Earth?
We are committed to finding out through sharing our skills and gifts widely. Come and play with us while we’re on Orkney in our Summer Create Space



and the Open Space of Southern Skies!

July  2020

17 – 19July 2020 Forest Row, West SussexThe Forge @ West Sussex
Three Days to Forge a Singing Bowl
Friday 2 pm – Sunday 6pm
On the edge of the Ashdown Forest
 sits a private chapel, an orchard and an open space to forge your own singing bowl or bell.
This is offered as a non-residential workshop with the joy of also being able to offer luxury twin share bed and breakfast accommodation for anyone who would welcome it.
This is a very attractive location within easy reach of London and opens its doors to experienced makers and those who are new to the forge.£395 workshop fee includes all facilitation, tools, sound sessions, lunches, snacks 
Please note this price does not include the cost of materials usually between £15 – £45
£120 two nights Friday and Saturday B&B accommodation with optional extra night Sunday
For more about this Workshop 
For Booking and Enquiries 

August 14 – 16 three day Singing Bowl Making Workshop
A three day workshop to have an alchemical process of transformation through crafting a singing bowl or bell.
These days may be fully residential or non-residential.
Camping on the land, sleeping under starry skies close to the elemental beings that are crafting your sound instrument with you can allow a blessingfold of receiving the gifts of this venue.If you have been asking for a gong and had never known you could actually forge it yourself…you have landed on the right page! Following on from this three day process of forging a singing bowl you may be well ripened and ready to take on a larger instrument and a very different process of making,We are very excited to collaborate with the creator of these beautiful instruments and have his metal smithing mastery take you even futrther into transforming metal, meeting it as a conscious being and inviting the elements of sound to play and co-create with you.
Stay on for the following days and go further into the Alchemy of Sound as Transformer. Creator. Healer.
Tuesday 18th – Saturday 22nd August Creation of Gongs  – A Forge Your Own Gong Workshop  
Our third collaborative creation with Ton Akkermans and Carolina Schomper at a venue perfectly designed for big work in the south of England – The Clophill Centre in Bedfordshire.
Five Summer days and evenings dedicated to forging and crafting your own brass or bronze gong.
These days may be fully residential or non-residential.

large brass gong

2.-6. September 2020 The Forge @ Pohilsa House, Cornwall?
September 2nd 7.30 an evening of Opening the Heartlines – A Sound Weaving Open to All £20
This evening is included in the Singing Bowl Forging Workshop 
 3rd – 5th September Three Days to Forge a Singing Bowl 

a 3 day non residential workshop 9 30 – 5 30 each day£395 workshop fee includes all facilitation, tools, sound sessions, lunches, snacks
Please note this price does not include the cost of materials usually between £15 – £45

Sunday 6th September – Resounding and Nourishing the Heartlines with Sound
An additional day for taking the newly initiated and forged instruments out into the wider lands of Bodmin and surrounds to engage with the radiant heart and song lines of the ancient energetic centres. This day is open to people other than those who have participated in the bowl workshop and invites a wider attunement and sensing with the elements and Nature as well as a celebration of the energetic gift that sound can be that goes beyond words. This day is a collaborative day to develop and attune our individual and collective awareness for perceiving sound and nature as well as co-creating with the elementals of land, waters and ancient stone circles and honouring places.
Thank you to Debbi Walker of Suara Sound for this day of Sound Co-Creation!
The exchange for this day is £80

Forge Your Own Singing Bowl or Bell 
A Sound Healers Alchemical Journey with the Crafting of Metal
Avebury, Wiltshire,  Summer 2020, Dates to be announced
We have been invited to craft instruments specifically for those working and learning with the exciting and powerfully transforming area of Sound Healing and Transformation. These four full days  are geared towards anyone recognising the immense gift of healing available with sound, with bodies, with land, and with so much more of what alchemy offers as a transformational process!  There is no pre-requisite to being able to access your healing abilities or capacities with sound. If you are called to be with us for this workshop please know you are welcome. Get in touch and ask your questions.
For more information and to be informed when full details are available.
You can also sign up for our newsletters to receive our updates about co-creative possibilities! 




Advance Notice for May, 2021
Exploring the Beauty of Portugal’s 
Foundation Pillars with Joy, Dance and Sound 
A Special Journey and Collaboration Led by Sarah Dawkins, Gabriella Kapfer and Heather Cowen
“Through the face is revealed the beauty of the heart”
This glorious week in the Algarve is such a joy for us to be invited to collaborate with. We will be home based in a truly gorgeous restored town house that is like a fountain of wellbeing for the whole region…and as the days unfold one after teh other we will journey out into the wider lands of the beauty that is this region. With sound, with celebration, with dance and joy the days and nights of these days will surely ring on for miles and months to follow.
For early registration and interest in this second collaboration with Sarah Dawkins of The GateKeeper Trust please get in touch with us directly. More information to follow









Workshop-programs for 2018

18th – 22nd May Sound Weaving Retreat
on the coast in Donegal , Ireland
fully residential: £540.-
start time is noon on Fri 18th  end 2.30pm 22nd May 2018
Come into a Greater Communion with the Earth and with each other.

We will bring some of our favourite toolbag into action and through the days offer and create from the following
  • learn the basics about sound weaving, tuning yourself and be your unique contribution within the greater whole.
  • create circle space – listening and presence with Heart IQ
  • sound weave with each other, develop new pathways and possibilities with frequency and vibration
  • sound weave with nature and the land – applying our sound-weaving attunement
  • create space with bodies to receive and gift some beautiful energetic processes
  • create food through attunement with bodies and questions
  • include our bodies in many more of the daily considerations than any of us may be used to
  • enjoy the wider landscape for the sheer joy of exploration and embodiment!!Please get in touch for more details and to book:

1st – 11th June  The Celtic Call – Beyond Borders with Elizabeth Smith
a journey to Special Sites in Ireland – starting in Co Donegal

This journey includes a 3 day bowl workshop 1sr – 3rd june forging an instrument in co-creation with the thrum of the ancient land that we then take on the journey – visiting sites north and south of the border between Northern and Southern Ireland. We will be weaving between north and south – east and west – sounding the instruments in resonance and communion with the hum of the land. There is magic available as we open ourselves to this journey.
You can join for the west coast part of the journey until the 7th – based in Donegal –
or for the whole – including centre, north and eastern sites – until the 11th june.
for more information on this journey see:

Sound Sense and Awareness

Sound Attunement Days with Janine Greaves, Heather Cowen and Gabriella

A conversation between us, our bodies, the sounds, the instruments and space

In response to the many questions that arise following on from the making of a bowl or bowls, we are inspired to open up a series of one day workshops in which we will explore some of the many levels and possibilities of how you can work with the bowls you have made and others that you may live with – recognizing these instruments as conscious beings embodying vast vibrational realities.
Some of the areas we may explore will be 

  • The Ancient Bowls. Who are they?, where do they come from? How do we work with them?
  • Learning to read the energy of bowls – ancient and new – gaining a clearer sense of how they each can work and create with you in different ways….
  • The new Bowls – a new wave of conscious beings that call in a new vibrational reality
  • Develop an energetic communication with your own bowl and begin to tune in and translate the language of sound, giving you greater access to sensing the resonance of other instruments and energies that could include your own body, physical spaces and the wider realms of nature.
  • Is it possible for a sound instrument to lose its voice?
  • Is my bowl a healing tool?
  • My bowl seems to have changed? What’s happened?
  • How does my bowl impact the world around me?

This day opens the door to the possibilities that we are each able to become more vibrational in our sensing, our being and our bodies.
If you would like to deepen and expand your sound senses and awareness then come along.

Cost for the day £75

Arrive at 9.45am for a 10am start. Day comes to close at 5pm
Bring your own lunch.

no 2018 dates yet

Craft your own Singing Bowl workshops:

Enter the alchemical process of shaping metal into an instrument.
For  info and dates go here:


Sound – workshops: Experience Sound as a Healer and Facilitator of Transformation

Learn about tuning ourselves to become the instruments of healing sound and vibration, practicing our attunement and sensitivity
Explore our main instrument – the voice – for alignment and healing along with other sound instruments
Learn about different ways of healing through sound and vibration and practice the application

We learn to connect with our body intelligence and tune ourselves to our own true frequency in alignment with the Whole, a much needed tool for calibration throughout the many changes at this time.

We will also work with some principles of sound-healing, exploring ourselves as instruments of healing, transformation and creation. We work with our voices to explore our own inner space and the expression of inner truth through sound. Incredible insights can emerge as we allow ourselves to be sung and become the instrument. Many find unexpected openings. We can experience the alchemy of sound, healing with sound in co-creation with Nature, connecting more deeply with our nature and the Earth through the portal of sound and working with intention and the willingness to allow ourselves to becoming an instrument of life.

 Sound Weaving Workshop

Weaving consciousness through Sound .
In this workshop we are invited to use our awareness to weave strands of consciousness through the vibrational medium of sound. As we do we can experience ourselves as the instruments through which consciousness creates reality. When we engage with the sounds we experience a circle of attunment which allows us to come into resonance with ourselves with time, space and nature. In this state of resonance we are co-creators of the future world
We can tune ourselves through the voice and sound in recognition that we ourselves are the instruments through which consiousness creates. The more we are in resonance with ourselves, the clearer our creations can be.We also have the opportunity to discover parts of ourselves that are ‘out of tune’ and allow them to re-tune.

We will work with our voices and with as well as learn to work with the handmade singing-bowls and bells.

Want to host a workshop / talk  / experience?

 we can offer ‘mini workshops’ or talks: length: 2h to half day 

1) What is sound weaving?
How can we use our awareness to weave strands of consciousness through the vibrational medium of sound to co-create with Nature , the Earth, spirit of time and place?

2) Experience a Circle of attunement through sound.
drop into a heart space, allowing the sound to assist us to come into resonance with time , place, nature….. -co-creating as we become the instruments.

3) Tuning ourselves through sound:
We can tune ourselves through the voice and sound in recognition that we ourselves are the instruments through which consiousness creates. The more we are in resonance with ourselves, the clearer our creations can be.We also have the opportunity to discover parts of ourselves that are ‘out of tune’ and allow them to re-tune.
4):Sharing of the stories of our songlines journey through Brazil, South Africa and Australia. Tales of meeting the Dragons of Brazil, White Lions of Timbavati and the Dreamtime of Australia – Spirit of the Land in each continent… a journey that was crafted by following invitations and opening to both receive and attune with the frequency of Gold Consciousness. Some have described these sharings as being washed in the frequency of each place.

5) Abundance ritual :  a ceremony of manifestation and Actualization co-creating with the elementals of fire , water, earth and air with sound and frequency.

6) Introduction to the crafting of metal healing instruments as alchemical processes creating vibrational tools and sound vibrational morphic fields of possibility. Talk and demonstration.

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