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Heather’s  Zoom Room interviews ‘Meet My Friend, Meet My Friends: Facilitators of Greater Ease and Joy!’ who inspire, uplift, create change and ease and contribute to the world and the Earth has been a great success :


Published on Mar 11, 2017

Tea and Roses with Juliana Freeman and Heather Cowen
One of the conversations in a series called
Meet My Friends: Facilitators of Greater Ease and Joy!

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Published on Mar 19, 2017

Heather Cowen introduces Antoinette O’Connell of the Dragon Light Centre Sao Paolo, Brasil in which we are introduced to work that rearranges the possibilities for many to co-create with the consciousness of the new.
The visual images are poor due to limited bandwidth on the call. You are invited to listen to a story of what it takes to follow your knowing and step into the field of Knowing – and from there allow the assistance and support from a new dragon consciousness to emerge and co-create the future.


Published on Mar 23, 2017

In this conversation Gabriella Songbird Kapfer – a musician, sound weaver and alchemist, partner to nature and the many beings who co-create with her …

The conversation was rich and includes music from two of Gabriella’s recordings.
One of which is in collaboration with Heather.

The links to listen and or purchase are here
The Elf Stone from Voices of Nature…
and from
The Resonance Rooms
Space of Being…

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Part Two of Light of the Songbird


with stories about weather spirits, co-creating with nature, crafting alchemy with fire and metal and communications form the elephants


The Language of Energy with Janine Greaves

Published on Apr 6, 2017

One in a series of conversations with people who facilitate and inspire change for others – Meet My Friends with Heather Cowen.

In this conversation Janine Greaves is asked to explore what inspired and informs her ‘vocabulary’ and range of frequency translations through channeling, through sound and vibration and through the living examples of painting the language of energy. We are taken to the widest reaches of the Cosmos and the energy of a moment in which tracking the lightness facilitates choices and attention to detail beyond the norm.

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Janine is also collaborating with Heather and Gabriella Kapfer in Resounding Earth.…

Coming Face to Face with Death with Moya McGinley


Many of our cultures today see death as a taboo subject. But what would it be like to take some space to honestly and openly look at Death? What if we could develop an understanding of death that removed our fears and apprehensions of this transition for our future selves and for others? Moya McGinley is one who has lived with the energies of death close by for many years and has created a path that opens the door to a way in which it is possibe to meet death with an openness and presence. You can find out more about Moya and her path with the Soul’s Journey Home, Animal Communication, Healing and the land she stewards with love, Cosan Ciuin, here.…

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Of Mercy, Midwifery and Mission with Marie Evans

What is it that stirred me (Heather) to ask Marie more about her life before she came to craft a medicine bowl and later a singing reed? Her total and unwavering strength and dedication to truth and clarity…even if it means cleaning out the mud at the bottom of the pool. This is a listening space with Marie and Heather. We find out a little more about Marie and possibly a little more about ourselves during this fireside space of the hearth. For ways to contact Marie

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