Monthly Frequency Transmissions – through Times of Change – Creating the New

For The Continual Nourishment Of Your Whole Being During Momentous Change

What would your life be like with the addition of sound transmissions co-created with Nature to calibrate with the enourmous changes that are occuring and to move into resonance with Earth and Cosmos.… Frequency Transmissions to support your Life and to assist you to live in greater co-creation with Nature and All Beings.


With each sound wand you will receive the next upgrade and vibrational input during this enormous shift of the ages – while building the field globally .delivered in an email to your inbox as an easily downloadable mp3 file you will be able to work with it as you choose.

Together with a description of the energies that showed themselves during its creation.A vibrational field of support to assist any changes required is created and woven through sound in co-operation with your body intelligence and essence that creates the vibrational pathway to new possibilities for the month.


Change can show up either immediately or cumulative over time as you keep working with the soundwand

Go here to see a sample monthly email with the soundwand as a gift:

“Just checking in to say I am loving and living all the sound wands.It’s hard to put words to the feeling, it’s possibly just greater connection with the earth and a more peaceful feeling within my self.
Miracles are happening all around, and I feel privileged to simply be part of the whole shift, which is slowly taking placeJust wanted you to know how much I appreciate receiving your sounds, it feels good when they appear and the timing always feels perfect. Sometimes I listen immediately, other times I leave it until I have a quiet moment.”

Option 1

Monthly Frequency Upgrade


A potent monthly Sound Frequency Boost to support your Life and to assist you to live in greater co-creation with Nature and All Beings.

A soundweaving with an energetic update and read for the month -A recorded piece of music – co-created with Nature, the Earth and the Cosmos to bring forward a particular quality and frequency shift that can assist you in the evolutionary process of this time. Length usually 20 -25 mins with written inspirations energetic input for the time – delivered on or around the 15th of the month.

Join here to subscribe:  £9 per month

If you wish to receive a sample of a monthly frequency support/soundwand, follow the link:

Monthly Soundwand from March 2021: Unweaving the Old and Creating the New

Option 2




As collectively humanity is moving through unprecedented times of change and possibly hardship, we would like to offer what we can to assist all of us to manifest the Future that is in alignment with the thrival of this planet and all its lifeforms.

Frequency transmissions to calibrate with the fast changes occurring at this time – aligning and co-creating with Nature and the Earth

Each month you will receive 4 sound frequency transmissions/upgrades – including 1 live zoom-call, gifts from nature & the land, spontaneous and regular engagements & videos and a focused and generous co-creative space within which we co-create the Future together with Nature and Earth

from £22 per month – find out more here

Others Experiences with the Soundwands:

‘Yesterday I woke up already feeling anxious about family stuff, then I watched the headlines and began to feel overwhelmed……It seemed as if I was besieged with chaos……then I remembered the November sound wand for creating dancing polarities…….listening to it, I heard:


“the chaos that can feel as if it surrounds me on all sides is contained within my greater being. From my greater being I hold the connection to the still point of the apparent storm, the point of creation where polarities are reconciled. I hold the balance, the potential, in connection with Source.


My body, my embodied self, is a lightening rod for the golden energy of love from Source. I hold all in love. “


deep gratitude for this and all the soundwands.’ M xxxx
‘Exquisite. A soothing balm.’ V
‘Thank you so much for the monthly sound wand. It is just so beautiful and incredibly powerful, and took me on a very deep journey..’ M
‘some feedback re this amazing soundwand.


spent some time with it and experienced such a powerful impulse of gratitude and thanking the earth.
I also set the space as suggested with intent to ask the wand to release any stuck molecular patterning from the past that might be holding me back – expanded out and………wow! it unearthed something that showed me itself as it left that I had no idea had lodged and stuck …. it was a big clearing and I am feeling different again.’ L

you can unsubscribe at any time. Just take part as long as its fun and it supports you.

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