A Space of Becoming Resonance Room

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Create a space for yourself to enter into a greater communion with the Earth… with your own embodiment, allowing a molecular and cellular shift towards greater coherence and awareness.

This music was created in communion with the earth and the cosmos – inviting the intelligence of the cosmos, the stars and the Earth to weave a vibrational field of possibility that invites the greatest potential of what we can collectively become and create….

A Symphony of Becoming – A spiral Dance of Co-creation – in communion with All of Life, the Cosmos and the Earth

duration: 23 minutes

sample track:


Each vibrational transmission can be experienced on its own or as part of a series of four Resonance Rooms
Room 1 Space of Communion,
Room 2 Space of Creation,
Room 3 Space of Becoming,
Room 4 Space of Being


‘It’s so amazing the journeys you are both on and where you are taking us to!  Their are no limits. It’s quite incredible how my hearing has developed over recent months and I am now able to track the vibrations and sounds of the bells chimes and gongs way way in to the far away and beyond!’ M.T.

‘I’m awed by each one each time I listen and hear something new each time, as if a voice that I didn’t, or couldn’t, hear before is now more audible.  What wondrous magic!  Thank you.’J.G.


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