A Symphony of Becoming – In Communion with the Earth


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A Double Album of a vibrational Soundscape that can change you and your world.

CD 1: Alchemy of Earth
CD 2: Spiral Dance of Creation

Healing and transformational music of exquisite beauty Improvised live in a studio setting with voices and a multitude of acoustic instruments.

….‘The music is totally otherworldly, elemental, magic. It’s changing me. I am different. I have been able to deal with life differently.’

…’What incredible sounds. I am transported to a primordial space’

…‘Since listening to this music I see things shifting in me, at a rapid rate, and see others touched. I am so very grateful.’

This music was created in communion with the Earth and the Cosmos to weave a vibrational field of possibility of the greatest potential of what we can collectively become . . .

‘Hear the whispers. . . the whispers of this New Earth…

Broadcast the seeds.

They are the seeds of our Becoming.’



‘Towards Union’ excerpt from track 1 DC 1



‘Allness’ excerpt from frack 2 CD 2



‘Rising from the Deep’ excerpt from track 9 CD 1


‘Alight’ track 13 CD2

In January 2016 we, Heather and Gabriella, spent a glorious couple of days in a recording studio on the edge of the Lancashire and Yorkshire dales with many of our own hand forged singing bowls, gongs, bells and tubular bells as well as cello, violin, zither, flute, kalimba sansula, drum, voices and more…. We experienced the creation of the music as a sublime co-creation with the Earth and the Cosmos, allowing it to arise in the moment – in communion with All of Life. This music is being used for Biodanza, Contact Dance, Five Rhythms Dance, Meditation, Personal and Group Journeying, Film, as inspiration and creative expansion for art and healing of all kinds.

CD 1 – Voices from a Sonic Landscape

Title Time Categories
T1: Towards Union 4.57mins violin, kalimba, voices
T2: The Whispers of Creation 4.34mins kalimba & voices
T 3 – 8: Earth Speaks 1-6, T3 Earth Speaks 1 3.48mins Cello, bell, voices
T4 Earth Speaks 2 2.23mins Singing bowls, voice
T5 Earth Speaks 3 2mins Kalimba, Gongs, voice
T6 Earth Speaks 4 3.19mins Gongs, voices
T7 Earth Speaks 5 6.21mins Drum, voices
T8 Earth Speaks 6 1.38mins Gong
T9 Rising from the Depth 4.03mins gongs cello, voice
T10 Dance of Co-Creation 3.24mins cello, voices, chimes
T11 Symphony of Being 5.13mins zither, violin, voices

CD2 – Spiral Dance of Creation

Title Time Categories
Track 1 Opening 4.20mins zither, violin, voices
Track 2 Heartening: 6.14mins Kalimba, violin voices
Track 3 Weaving Starlight 3.28mins bowls, bells voice, chimes
Track 4 Be Alchemy 5.15mins Cello, voice, bells
Track 5 Deep Space 2.01mins Bowls, fairybells & voice
Track 6 Silver Wave 4.33mins chimes, violin, kalimba, voices
Track 7 New Space of Being 2.16 mins Bowl and voice.
Track 8 Garden of Earth 3.20mins Zither gong voices chimes
Track 9 Higher Octave of the Spiral 4.06mins Kalimba and voices
Track 10 Infusion 2.11mins gong
Track 11 All-ness 1.55mins Cello and voice
Track 12 New Day 3.58mins Zither, flute , voice
Track 13 Alight 1.24mins zither, violin, voices


‘…Mind boggling. I was so moved. Since listening to this music my whole life is shifting and I am changing. I am beginning to shift things I didn’t think were possible to shift.’


‘I feel rewired, my circulation activated. Fantastic’

L. S

‘What incredible sounds. Really beautiful and transported me at the beginning to some primordial space.’


‘Since listening to this music I see things shifting in me, at a rapid rate, and see others touched. I am so very grateful.


‘The music is totally otherworldly, elemental, magic. It’s changing me. I am different. I have been able to deal with life differently.’


‘Huge gratitude for those recordings….the beings of earth and cosmos and consciousness could weave with you through the sounds. I’m awed each time I listen and hear something new each time, as if a voice that I didn’t, or couldn’t hear before is now more audible. What wondrous magic! Thank you.‘


‘This music is so powerful and so holding… full of love and sweetness’


‘OMG!! …I felt moved to paint and draw as I listened, pages of colour and movement and goodness knows what. And then I just had to stop because I felt so full of Creation it was making me laugh and cry and I could scarcely contain it.’


‘I just stopped by to say how truly moved my heart has been by the sounds offered on this Album ~ It has opened a subtle and sensuous path into the cosmic realms, where I have very much enjoyed drifting in the moment.

Blissful! Thank you! ~ With Love and Gratitude for all that you gift to the world ‘

Sue Coulson

‘Love your album I just felt i needed to write a quick message on here to say how moving your beautiful music is to listen to. it flows so smoothly its nurturing sensations brought me back to times spent with my mother. I’m deeply moved. Thank you.xx’
avid Hiscock



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