Birthing the New


A clear tone – a vibrational invitation for new possibilities and realities

  • Material:bronze bell
  • Size:large single 5.5cm

Birthing the New – Single Bell

This large single bronze bell rings with a clear tone that is a vibrational invitation for possibilities, perceptions and realities of a high clear vibration – dispelling dense and negative vibrations … opening our perception and awareness to what else might be possible beyond what we have known…. to be the invitation for change, innovation and co-creation.

It invites us to be the energy of a ray of light in the dark, a point of creation of magnitude around which wonderful things are attracted to form new ways of being with the Earth – in togetherness and co-creation with Life

Use also for

  • upliftment
  • cutting through the fog of unconsiousness
  • raising of frequency
  • clearing spaces and places of mental, emotional of energetic density to allow new possibilites
  • change of vibration when a change is asked for to allow something new
  • enjoyment
    … add more….

metal: Bronze,
size: 5.5cm


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