brass bowl to inspire new impulses


Inspire and Initiate new ideas, impulses, initiatives, projects, seeds and possibilities

  • Material:  Brass
  • Diameter: 11.9cm

This bowl was crafted to Inspire and Initiate new ideas, impulses, initiatives, projects,seeds and possibilities in co-creation with all of life When crafting this bowl in co-creation with the elements in the alchemical forge I was aware of a new level of co-creation that is available if and when we ask the Universe to create with us lifting each player and molecule taking part into greater consciousness, creativity and potentia.

This bowl would love to live and work with someone who loves to inspire and initiate or is asking to receive that energy to be it more.

It can become your daily friend and ally as it can assist you to initialise the creative energy every time you play it.

You can use it just for yourself morning . evenings and throughout the day or with others in meetings, inviting the flow of inspiration and co-creation with ease and joy…. And more…. Of course it can also simply sound to create focus, centring, calming and alignment and whatever else you would like it to contribute to.

This bowl is supplied with a small suede wrapped wooden wand and a silk bag

Material: Brass
Diameter: 11.9cm
Depth: 3.5cm
Thickness: 2mm
Weight: 215g


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