Breath of the Earth


Inspirational music for meditation and healing. Sound-weaving with cello, voice and singing-bowls.

  • 47min playing time.
  • mp3 downloadable album only

For the co-operation of all beings of Earth in peace and love.a sound-weaving tapestry creating vibrations to balance polarities, revitalize and restore the Earth and ourselves.

  1. The bells calling
  2. The song of Sylva
  3. Lady of the forests healing
  4. Re-vitalizing and restoring all of Nature
  5. In honor of St Francis of Assisi
  6. Into the darkness
  7. The Owl in the night
  8. Dawn
  9. From beyond
  10. The wind
  11. Arrival
  12. Completion

This music was co-created with the invisible realms for peace, balance, restoration of Nature and remembering.

sample track:

Recorded live on the isle of Iona 2005




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