Bronze Bell


Opening the door to new possibilities sold please get in touch to order

  • Metal:Bronze Bells
  • Size:¬†7cm
  • wall thickness:2mm

Bronze Bells have a very long strong powerful ring that can open up new spaces, cut through the fog on many levels.

the first audio is the bell played softly with a suede wrapped wooden striker

The second audio is the bell played strongly first with a wooden striker and half way through with a metal wand.

This bell has been crafted with the intention to awaken us to possibilities not previously conceived of and to allow the seemingly inconceivable to become conceivable.

The bell can be struck with a wooden striker or a metal wand. The metal wand will activate the higher frequency. (See the second sound sample above). When you order this bell, please add a note when checking out which striker you would like to choose.

The bell comes with a bag and a striker of your choice.


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