Bronze Bowl Awakening to the Interconnectedness of All of Life


Awakening Consciousness to the Interconnectedness of All of Life     SOLD

  • Material:  Bronze
  • Diameter:  10.9cm

This bowl was crafted with the Intention to awaken our consciousness to the Interconnectedness of All of Life While I worked on it and then played it, the birds would start singing, the wind picked up and responded, the leaves started dancing as if Nature was awakening. I felt moved to share it on facebook and these are some of the comments:

‘Gabriella, when I first listened to this post of yours on speaker from my phone, it was morning in my open tent at Uluru – calm and sunny. After the bowl sounded, the wind suddenly came up in a major way and a great flock of galahs came swooping around just above my tent, calling loudly. Then a much smaller bird popped down and perched just a metre from my face, looking deeply and directly into my eyes. Not to be outdone, a second (different species) single bird did exactly the same. Thank you for the wonderful blessings you offer and know they were heard and deeply felt at the Red Centre all the way around the earth from the Moors!’

‘oooooooooh, that is quite something – that really high harmonic makes so much it ‘

‘this bowl of sounds comes into the field and collides with my soul…. How what is heard can be heard and felt sensed of all…’

See original facebook live video of the bowl’s emergence: So this bowl would love to travel and be with someone who would like to work with and spread that consciousness.

This bowl is supplied with a suede wrapped wooden wand and a silk bag

Material:  Bronze
Diameter:  10.9cm
Depth:         3.4cm
Thickness:   2mm
Weight:       195g


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