Clear, Release, Purify, Change


These small bright bronze bells  facilitate clearing, releasing & purifying old patterns; they lighten, uplift & facilitate change

  • size: 4 cm diameter (medium large)

Clearing, Releasing, purifying

These potent small bronze tingsha bells were crafted with the intention to assist with clearing and dissolving density and patterns of emprisonment and limitation as they bring light and high frequency You can invite them to be change agents

While crafting them I also became aware that part of clearing is the consciousness of being a witness who recognizes and acknowledges any stuck and traumatized energies and assist them to move on and find their rightful place – allowing more coherence and  – at the same time stand up to any abusive energies that refuse to shift with a powerful ‘no’ – creating a strong blast for them to leave and go back to from whence they came where they can change.

I also became aware of a space of ‘purification’ where old enslavement patterns of limitation can dissolve

Use to

  • clear, cleanse ,
  • release old skins and patterns,
  • open , align, uplift, lighten,
  • purify, create change
  • shift states of consciousness
  • create more space
  • release patterns that keep you, families, spaces and whole nations imprisoned, unaware, stuck e.t.c…
  • change vibration when spaces of atmospheres feel heavy or stuck`
  • bring joy and lightness
  • raising of frequency
  • clearing mental, emotional of energetic fog
  • change of vibration when a change is asked for

as a vibrational contribution whenever asked for … add more….

size: 4 cm diameter 2mm bronze (medium large)


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