Re-Discover your hidden magical Capacities and Aspects of Being

Are you sensing there is more in you that you haven’t yet been able to tap into?

Have you made yourself wrong for qualities that you have that have been judged a weakness or wrongness when in fact, if embraced and turned around – could be a strongness, gift and capacity?

A 7 step program

This program evolved from a live 7 week exploration into re-discovering our magical capacities, which created so much that it seemed important to make it available to others.

Each step is a theme with questions to explore with a sound wand to facilitate the opening , releasing, re-calling, bringing forward and more.

Each Sound Wand (between 14- 20 mins length) is a vibrational field assisting the un-locking and energising of capacities and aspects of Being we have hidden from ourselves in various ways.

The seven steps:
Purchase each step separately for £9 each

Step 1: Opening doors behind which we may have hidden parts of ourselves and our capacities.

Step 2: Acknowledging who we are and the capacities we have, even if we have mistakenly called them wrong or turned them against ourselves, so we can receive them as the gifts and strengths they truly can be.

Step 3: Calling out aspects and capacities that we have placed in other realities of our dreams and fantasies, dimensions past present or future and making them available here and now.

Step 4: Facilitating the meeting of a future self that is living beyond our wildest dreams and bringing the energy of this into the now.

Step 5: Congruence: Identifying and energising those qualities that make us congruent with our future self .

Step 6: Creating flow where there has been stagnancy, hardening, freezing, encrustations….. in body, life and environment

Step 7: Becoming more of You; beyond definition, form, structure, control, linearity, concentricity and limitation – claiming the magical self

What others have said about this program:

It has been such an amazing experience and so much has shifted and shown up for me – so gently and spontaneously that I have to consider to acknowledge it all. It is and has been mind boggling, and such fun. Thank you so very much for the wonderful and amazing 7 weeks workshop, whose effects I am inviting to persist.


“I have been experiencing lots of growth followed by lots of “releasing” and “adjusting”.

It makes life interesting and exciting.

Some of my “forgotten” talents and abilities are so natural and much a part of me, that once they resurface they are just there and a normal part of who I be, and I sort of forget they just returned. I am just relieved. This is a quietly and wonderfully potent series !”


Listening to the sound wand I became the vibrations, everything was vibration, from all directions, multi-dimensional, and there was utter acceptance of all. I felt as if my consciousness is the fulcrum, the source of balance of the absolute is-ness of vibration. Balance emerges from total acceptance of all in continual change/adjustment. The wave function is always in flux, never fixed. I feel exhilarated and deeply alive.


Gabriella how wondrous was that, you have touched the very essence of my being . I need to listen and listen!


I have found the whole experience both expanding and restful at the same time. It has brought an immense shift in how I view many things and a huge shift in what I eat and the pattern of my eating.


For each person the shifts that have shown up are different and unique; for some it has been life changing in big ways, for others in subtle ways.

You can purchase each step as a separate unit to work with the theme and the sound wand, or you can purchase it as a whole program.

Each step with worksheet and sound wand if purchased by itself: £9
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watch video of introduction:


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