Entrance to Shangri La


pointing to the enchanted land of possibility

as a vibrational bridge
invitation to re-calling capacities and ancient Knowing

5cm bronze bells

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Product Description

Entrance to Shangri La

These medium sized bronze bells are crafted in co-creation to invite a vibrational bridge towards an expanded reality that in many myths is referred to as Shangri La – the enchanted land, where there is more access to who we truly are in our infiniteness of being and capacities.
The masters of the Far East had and have access to this reality where changing space ,time and matter is common place.

What might these bells be able to contribute to accessing and re-calling these capacities?

Use also to:
Expand awareness and perception,
Shift from one vibrational state to a different one
uplift and bring joy,
raise frequency and open more possibilities
clear mental, emotional of energetic fog
change vibration when a change is asked for
make vibrational contribution whenever asked for
… add more….


Metal: Bronze  Size: 5cm diameter, 1.6mm thickness


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