Tone Gongs

Gongs are made to order:

Our tone-gongs are very melodic with various notes and tuneful resonance
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Gongs are known to have the greatest variety and range of harmonics – which accounts for their incredible restorative and healing properties.

In addition to these properties our tone gongs have a very clear central note, which gives them a tuneful and melodic resonance in combination with the wash of sound.

We create gongs to order as we love to make them to your specifications.

Small gongs start at 25cm diameter. Start price £500 for thin brass or copper Bronze gongs are generally a little more expensive as the metal is dearer and harder to work with.

Please listen to the multiple sound samples of various brass, bronze and copper gongs below to get an impression and enjoy

Made to order:

Our gongs are very melodic with various notes and tuneful resonance CONTACT US to start the conversation


large brass gong

small brass gong

small bronze gong

copper gong

cymbal gong

Brass Gongs small
26cm brass gong   2mm thick



26cm brass gong  2.5mm thick



30cm brass gong  2.5mm thick



Brass gongs large 
40 cm brass gong  2.5mm thick



40cm brass gong  2mm thick



50cm brass gong  2mm thick



60cm brass gong (small boss) 2mm thick



Bronze gongs small:
26 cm bronze gong   2mm thick



30 cm bronze gong  2mm thick



Copper gongs
 28 cm Copper gong   2mm thick



Some testimonials from people who have ordered gongs:

For 26cm 2mm gong:
“..The gong is wonderful.  I love her beautiful sound – strong yet soft.  We have had a very happy union – I feel so peaceful with her and am transported to another space.”
Viv, Northampton UK

For 40cm 2mm gong:
” How beautifully she sings ..I AM very happy for your energy in the Gong
It is wonderful !!! With heartfelt gratitude.” Ulla, New York


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