Grace – Bliss Bells


Grace – Bliss bells

A blessing of grace – allowing the heart to open- space and time expand…

Can change and lift

Size: 4.5cm

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Product Description

Grace – Bliss bells

These beautiful medium bronze bells create an opening for the energy of grace to become present.

Allow them to uplift and open, bring joy, peace and the softest touch of the blessings of seen and unseen winged ones.

These bells – especially when played softly – can open the heart and change, lift and expand the space ….

Uplifting, imbued with the vibration of gratitude, these bells can be a blessing for whatever they ‘touch’ vibrationally

Also for:
raising of frequency
change of vibration when a change is asked for
as a vibrational contribution wherever asked for
… add more….

Metal: Bronze,  Size: 2mm thick  4.5cm diameter – medium


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