Landing in New Ground


assisting with re-calibration, frequency adjustments, ease with change

6cm bronze – large

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Product Description


Landing in New Ground

These Large Bronze Tingsha Bells were crafted to assist with re-calibration and frequency adjustments, create ease with change & more

When we step out of comfort zone into stretch zone or enter into new territory, the ground can sometimes feel a little shaky / unfamiliar.

We can Invite these bells to:
– expand the range of frequency to include more
– expand allowance for new possibilities
– calibrate and align to change
– adjust to new situations
– create new openings….
– have ease with change
– meditate or shift states of consciousness
– uplift and create joy
– change vibration in spaces
– sound in nature as a contribution
….add more….


Metal: Bronze, Size: 6cm diameter, 1.6mm thickness


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