Magic Bells


awaken magical capacities and potency

vibrations that assist to align with the laws of the universe
inviting the elemental forces to work with you in co-creation

5cm bronze bells

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Product Description

Magic Bells

These medium large powerful bronze tingsha bells were crafted to assist us to access what many of us call magic!
What enchanted world can you create?

Use to:
invite more of your capacities and potency to awaken
engage the elementals into co-creating with you
transform states, spaces and energies from density into greater consciousness and possibility
invite new possibilities you hadn’t thought of, expect them to show up and be open to receive them
facilitate enchantment
…add more…be creative…play..

metal: bronze  size 5cm diameter, 2mm thickness

side note:
What is referred to here as magic?
– the ability to play with molecules and the spaces inbetween, to access our infinite capacities of alchemy and actualization  
– through the application of the laws of the universe
– being the space of question and possibility through which things actualize ‘as if by magic’
– with total engagement with the elements and elementals that create reality

In some cultures magic is referred to as a dark art for ‘power over’ . This is not the ‘magic’ referred to here.
Magic in this context is the ability to align with the laws of the universe to invite the forces of the elements work with you and for you in co-creation – what more can we be with this alignment?


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