Meditation Brass Singing Bowl


uplifting ,
stilling & calming

Size: 9.5 cm diameter, 2mm thick



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Product Description


The sound of this bowl is uplifting and transporting.

It lends itself to meditation, calming and stilling  the mind as it assists the consciousness to shift from the everyday , brainwaves to slow down into a deeper state of serenity – expanding the awareness to states of consciousness from where new solutions, impulses or simply Being and stillness can be found
Warm and embracing this bowl allows deepening  and invites to inner journeying, reflection & meditation.

It’s small size lends itself to take on journeys or trips.
It fits easily in a handbag as a trusted companion

Size: 9.5 cm diameter ,

2mm thickness

This bowl is supplied with a suede wrapped wooden wand and a silk bag


This bowl is currently part of an exhibition and is therefor only available at the end of the exhibition.

However if you fall in love with this particular bowl, let me know and I can exchange the exhibition bowl and send you this one.

Cheers, email:


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