Parting the Veils


Bronze Tingsha Bells to Part the Veils of Unconsciousness

  • Material: Bonze
  • Size:Diameter 5.5cm
  • Thickness: 2mm

These powerful bells assist us to part the veils of unconsciousness, asking us to be willing to become aware and conscious even of the more uncomfortable places and be able to be present with them.

In that presence we can be the invitation, the energy, the space, consciousness and vibration that allows more possibility, clarity truthful alignment with Nature, Self and Source.

More conscious expressions and realities become possible.

Are you willing to be the catalyst?

Then these bells are your tools and helpers. Invite them to clear and open pathways to perception and awareness where it has been veiled and be the question, presence and vibration to allow new possibilites.

Thank you


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