Alignment with Source, Peace, Oneness


These beautiful medium bronze bells can facilitate us to remember and align with our own Source connection, from where we can create the greatest expression of who we truly are – contributing to a world in harmony with Natural Law, where all can thrive,.

  • Material:bronze bells
  • Size:5cm

These bells facilitate the spark to align with and create from our Connection to Source

These medium large powerful bronze tingsha bells were crafted to assist us to access the Oneness of All that is, experiencing ourselves as one with all of creation and aligning with our Source Connection.

When we align with and create from that place of our own Source connection we can do no harm as we are part of the whole – one cell expressing the beauty of the whole – and we act on behalf of the whole and contribute to thrival and Peace.
Through the vibration of Oneness the bells invite and create Peace that is beyond polarity for our personal lives and the world at large.

Peace is sometimes defined as the opposite of war, but true peace lies beyond polarity and judgement of ‘right and wrong’ and leads back to Oneness.

Use to:

  • Uplift and align yourself and all around you to move towards resonating at their greatest vibration, purity and expression of who they truly are
  • Invite more of your capacities and potency to awaken into the vast space of Oneness from where there is no separation but each cell and being is an expression of and creates for the wholeness it is a part of
  • Engage the elementals into co-creating with you
  • Transform states, spaces and energies from density into greater consciousness and possibility
  • Invite new possibilities you hadn’t thought of, expect them to show up and be open to receive them
  • Facilitate: change, remembering belonging, oneness, connection to your own Source
  • Create a sense of wonder, listening, opening to more possibility….
  • Invite peace, clarity and stillness in the midst of whatever you find yourself in.
  • Dispell, transform energies of conflict & unconsciousness bells for meditation, deepening and change
  • Dissolve density, conflict and polarity, sense of separation and isolation
    …add more…be creative…play..

metal: bronze  size: 5cm diameter thickness: 2mm


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